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In which condition does BJT behave like a closed switch?
Cut off
Forward active
Reverse active
Answer: Option
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Raj said:   5 years ago
It will be cut-off.

Sephirim said:   5 years ago
The transistor acts as an open switch. In the saturation region, both the junctions are in forwarding bias, and the transistor acts as a closed switch.

Leo Lyfeld said:   10 months ago
Active Region (Amplifier)
CB: Reverse Bias.
BE: Forward Bias.

Saturation Region (Short/Closed Switch)
CB: Forward Bias.
BE: Forward Bias.

Cut-Off Region (Open Switch)
CB: Reverse Bias.
BE: Revers Bias.

Reverse Active (Impractical)
CB: Forward Bias.
BE: Reverse Bias.

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