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The product kT (where k is Boltzmann's constant and T is absolute temperature) at room temperature is about
0.051 eV
0.026 eV
0.01 eV
0.001 eV
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GLENNFREY SID said:   4 years ago
KT/q= 1.38x10^23 (273+25) /1.61x10^-19 =0.0256 eV.

Jason said:   5 years ago
k = 1.38x10^-23 electron charge = 1.6x10^-19.
(1.38x10^-23)(273)/(1.6x10^-19) = 0.02.

Daniel said:   6 years ago

What is 1.602x10^-19?

Gab said:   6 years ago

It is the standard room temp for electronics.

Shadan said:   6 years ago

How 25 came?

Akitete said:   6 years ago

= 0.26.

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