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The most commonly used semiconductor material is
mixture of silicon and germanium
none of the above
Answer: Option

Germanium is rarely used.

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Somya said:   6 years ago
Si is preferred over Ge due to the more thermal stability of si as compared to Ge because of the more forbidden energy gap in Si as compared to Ge.

Ashwini said:   3 years ago
Si is mostly used because.

1) si available in large quantity in the form of sand or silica.
2) si device can be operated over a void range of temperature.
3) si device has a smaller leakage current.
4) si easier to form SiO2 which makes fabrication simpler.

Gangadhar said:   6 years ago
Silicon in the pure form is a semiconductor and it is less expensive then other Semiconductors that's why silicon is mostly used.

Ajay p roy said:   8 years ago
I agree with Korada Prudhvi Raj.

Siva said:   5 years ago
The main reason is silicon draws low current compares to Germanium.

M.Muthumari said:   7 years ago
Silicon is preferred over germanium because,
Silicon has
1.Fewer free electrons than germanium
2.Less collector cut off current
3.Operate upto 150 degree Celsius.So Silicon can not damagrd easily.(germanium operate at 70 degree celsius it can be destroyed at 100 degree celsius.

Disadvantage of silicon is higher bias voltage is required to cause current flow in a circuit.

Shiva said:   8 years ago
Silicon has band gap 0.7 with compared to germanium 0.3 so that it's more stable than germanium.

Ramakrishna said:   8 years ago
Why not it should be a Germanium?

PRABIR said:   8 years ago
The si can easily convert to silicon dioxide by oxidation. So that in making electronic devices it uses as insulator between terminal.

Nandini said:   1 decade ago
Silicon is used mostly because of its presence in abundance.

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