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For an n-channel enhancement type MOSFET, if the source is connected at a higher potential than that of the bulk (VSB > 0), the threshold voltage VT of the MOSFET will
remain unchanged
change Polarity
Answer: Option

VT depends upon MOSFET construction, hence it will Independent from MOSFET parameters.

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Rohith said:   3 years ago
Vth depends on;

1. VSB( source to body voltage)
2. Oxide thickness (tox)
3. Doping Concentrations.

Vth is directly proportional to all these 3 factors, so the answer is (d).

Venstesh said:   6 years ago
Threshold voltage increase due to body effect.

Bhanu said:   6 years ago
Yes, Option D is the correct answer.

Vedant said:   6 years ago
Agree @Manikumar.

The correct answer is (D).

Manikumar said:   8 years ago
Vt of FET depends on Vsb Vt = Vt0+[sqrt(2Qf+Vsb)-sqrt(2Qf)].

So Vt increases.

Neeraj said:   8 years ago
Yes. Threshold voltage depend on the polarization voltage VSB.

Pushpakant yadav said:   9 years ago
Threshold voltage depend on the polarization voltage VSB, for which results the higher values of the threshold voltage for higher value of VSB in comparison with Vt0.

So I think option (D) is right answer.

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