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Single-element semiconductors are characterized by atoms with ____ valence electrons.
none of the above
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Habib said:   2 years ago
The Single Element means Made by only Si or Ge. Not Combined.

Sagar Shukla said:   5 years ago
If we are considering only the single element semiconductor it means we are talking about the Intrinsic Semiconductor like Silicon(covalent bonding), Germanium(covalent bonding), gallium arsenide (ionic + covalent bonding),etc. These type of elements have 4 electrons in the outer most orbital.

1) silicon:
atomic number =14;.
electronic configuration = 2/8/4.

atomic number =32.
electronic configuration = 2/8/18/4.

Ramya said:   6 years ago
Boron and phosphorus are impurity substances which are used to made extrinsic semiconductors, so we are considering si, ge. Please tell is this correct.

Nirmal Pauly said:   7 years ago
4 it is!
Here single element semiconductor means pure semiconductor.

Zia said:   8 years ago
There octet is completed.

Deepak said:   9 years ago
Semiconductor material which comes in 4th group of periodic table i.e. have 4 free (valance) electron.

Vivek said:   1 decade ago
Since, silicon and germanium are single element semiconductors, they have an outermost electrons of 4.

Surya said:   1 decade ago
Based on electronic configuration. Silicon - 1s2.2s2.2p6.3s2.3p2.

From this no.of valence electrons is 4.

Joysly said:   1 decade ago
For silicon and germanium, the outermost electrons are 4.

Vaishnavi said:   1 decade ago
Single element semiconductors means pure semi conductors. Thats why we are considering Ge and Ssi instead of phosprus and boron.

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