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Current flows in a circuit when
a switch is opened
a switch is closed
the switch is either open or closed
there is no voltage
Answer: Option
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Anower said:   2 years ago
No, the Current dose not flow in an open circuit.

Manish Vishwakarma said:   5 years ago
Current flow always in a closed circuit.

For eg:

If you have two Wire and a lamp.
Then both wire first terminal you connect to the lamp and second terminal you connect only one wire. Then the lamp can't blow.

The reason is the circuit is not complete.
And again we connected both wires then lamp give light.

So the flow of current is important to close the circuit.

Krishna said:   7 years ago
Plesae give me the answer.

Nisar ahmad ganai said:   8 years ago
Current always flows, when there is some closed system.

Sasanka said:   8 years ago
A switch is open means circuit not completed. So, current not flow the circuit. But, the switch is close means circuit complete. So, current flow easily the circuit. So answer option B.

DCS said:   9 years ago
Open circuit - Voltage will occurred.

Close circuit - Current will occurred,

Shivam Sharma said:   9 years ago
When circuit is open then we can say the wire of system is cut at anywhere so there is no voltage transfer here so option B is correct answer.

Madhusmita said:   9 years ago
Switch is open means the circuit incomplete. Switch is close means the circuit complete and the current always flow in a close path/circuit.

So option B is the answer.

Prakash gayen said:   9 years ago
We know v=ir, if v=0 [as per question] then definitely i=0. i.e no current flow through circuit.

Secondly if we consider this is a circuit which is closed i.e. [] then current will flow.

But if we consider circuit is open i.e [ ] no current flow.

So option B will be answer.

Ashutosh jena said:   9 years ago
Current only flow on short circuit only it will be work on closed circuit.

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