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The Thevenin equivalent voltage is

[A]. equal to the source voltage
[B]. the same as the load voltage
[C]. the open circuit voltage
[D]. none of the above

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Prabhpreet Batish said: (Jul 5, 2013)  
Should it not be equivalent to load voltage? as it comes across the load?

Ahmadnour said: (May 29, 2019)  
When we need to be applied Thevenin we take the load out the circuit and consider two terminal a And B (Rth, Vth).

Rth = the total input impedance in the circuit and we can apply it in two cases.

case 1: if they do not have to depend on the source we turn off all independent source Voltage source (Short Circuit) Current source ( open circuit).

case 2: if has a depend on the source we consider Voc = 1 v between terminal a and b or io = 1 A.

Rth = Vo/io.
Vth => Voc between two terminal.

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