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In a database, data is stored in spreadsheets which have rows and columns.
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Adil Nafees said:   6 months ago
While spreadsheets also have rows and columns and can be used to organize and store data, databases typically refer to a more specialized system designed for efficient data storage, retrieval, and management.

In a database, data is organized into tables, which consist of rows and columns. Each row represents a record, and each column represents a specific attribute or field of that record.

Devi said:   7 years ago
Data is store in terms of rows and columns in table.

Vijay said:   8 years ago
Data is stored in terms of rows and columns called as table and not spreadsheet.

Rajesh maharana said:   8 years ago
Data is stored in terms of rows and columns called result sets.

Jayna said:   9 years ago
Database is a table which the relationship between the row and a column because of it data, so it can't be considered as a spreadsheet. But it set a connection between a row and a column because of it's data which has been stored in it. And moreover spreadsheet can't store the data in it.

Vikash Mishra said:   10 years ago
Database contains spreadsheets and spreadsheets contain table.

Further tables contain rows and columns where data is stored.

Kisan g Dolare said:   10 years ago
Data is stored in tables which contains rows and columns, while data is not stored in spreadsheet.

Chris said:   10 years ago
The database is in fact an interactive or alive spreadsheet from the computer component perspective. If you look at how all data is processed in a computer, there is a spreadsheet like grid at the root level.

I disagree with the idea that there is a huge difference between a spreadsheet and a table.

The spreadsheet and the table are for all purposes the same.

Whenever attempting to explain what a database IS, to naive persons, I liken it to a spreadsheet, and explain that the rows are records, tuples, and the columns are fields.

Invariably, I explain that the spreadsheet was never intended for data storage use, but rather it was intended to calculate.

The fact is that wherever a database is needed, you'll see a spreadsheet or millions of them populating like rabbits in a computer.

We should just differentiate - a spreadsheet is a FLAT FILE, and a database is generally a layered and connected set of spreadsheets.

Kumari said:   1 decade ago
Table have some restrictions to store data. But spreadsheet not have restrictions.

Akshata said:   1 decade ago
What is difference between spreadsheet and table?

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