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In a database, data is stored in spreadsheets which have rows and columns.
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Chris said:   10 years ago
The database is in fact an interactive or alive spreadsheet from the computer component perspective. If you look at how all data is processed in a computer, there is a spreadsheet like grid at the root level.

I disagree with the idea that there is a huge difference between a spreadsheet and a table.

The spreadsheet and the table are for all purposes the same.

Whenever attempting to explain what a database IS, to naive persons, I liken it to a spreadsheet, and explain that the rows are records, tuples, and the columns are fields.

Invariably, I explain that the spreadsheet was never intended for data storage use, but rather it was intended to calculate.

The fact is that wherever a database is needed, you'll see a spreadsheet or millions of them populating like rabbits in a computer.

We should just differentiate - a spreadsheet is a FLAT FILE, and a database is generally a layered and connected set of spreadsheets.

Adil Nafees said:   6 months ago
While spreadsheets also have rows and columns and can be used to organize and store data, databases typically refer to a more specialized system designed for efficient data storage, retrieval, and management.

In a database, data is organized into tables, which consist of rows and columns. Each row represents a record, and each column represents a specific attribute or field of that record.

Jayna said:   9 years ago
Database is a table which the relationship between the row and a column because of it data, so it can't be considered as a spreadsheet. But it set a connection between a row and a column because of it's data which has been stored in it. And moreover spreadsheet can't store the data in it.

Shivakumara T said:   1 decade ago
Database table has the constraints for each cell (row or column) so, it is restricted to store the data in the database, where as in the spreadsheet no constraints are applicable, you can enter any character it accepts.

Manche Shekhar said:   1 decade ago
In database the data stored in tables not in spreadsheets. The table is a combination of rows and columns. The intersection of row and column is known as cell. The actual data stored in cell.

Swati said:   1 decade ago
In database we usally create table (relations) which shows the interrelation between the data. The table consist of tuple and fields.

Vikash Mishra said:   10 years ago
Database contains spreadsheets and spreadsheets contain table.

Further tables contain rows and columns where data is stored.

Roopa said:   1 decade ago
Spread sheet contain rows and columns but Table it contained all these Table is the suitable for that.

Kisan g Dolare said:   10 years ago
Data is stored in tables which contains rows and columns, while data is not stored in spreadsheet.

Soujanya said:   1 decade ago
In the Database datastored in the form of rows and columns is called table, Not a spreadsheet.

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