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In a database, data is stored in spreadsheets which have rows and columns.
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Roopa said:   1 decade ago
Spread sheet contain rows and columns but Table it contained all these Table is the suitable for that.

Desi said:   1 decade ago
Any data in the database it will be stored in the table not in the spreadsheet.

Shivakumara T said:   1 decade ago
Database table has the constraints for each cell (row or column) so, it is restricted to store the data in the database, where as in the spreadsheet no constraints are applicable, you can enter any character it accepts.

Harishreddy said:   1 decade ago
What is the meaning of spreadsheet?

Swati said:   1 decade ago
In database we usally create table (relations) which shows the interrelation between the data. The table consist of tuple and fields.

Manche Shekhar said:   1 decade ago
In database the data stored in tables not in spreadsheets. The table is a combination of rows and columns. The intersection of row and column is known as cell. The actual data stored in cell.

Rajan said:   1 decade ago
It is stored in tables with tuples and columns.

Nandu said:   1 decade ago
In generally DBMS, data is stored in tables which contains tuples and columns.

Balu said:   1 decade ago
Yes it's correct.

Pooja said:   1 decade ago
Data stored into the table which is a collection of rows and columns.

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