Data Interpretation - Bar Charts - Discussion

Study the following bar chart and answer the questions carefully.

Sales Turnover of 5 Companies (in Rs. crores)


What should have been the sales turnover of GM in 2002 - 2003 to have shown an excess of the same quantum over 2001 - 2002 as shown by the sales turnover of Maruti ?

[A]. 953.76
[B]. 963.76
[C]. 952.76
[D]. 962.76

Answer: Option D


GM should have increased its sales turnover by Rs.49.13 crore. Hence, the answer is 913.63 + 49.13 = 962.76.

Shay said: (Sep 22, 2012)  
Can someone please explain how you can get to an accuracy of one digit when the grpah is so vague?

How was 49.13 calculated? And how was 913.63?

Chetan said: (Nov 20, 2013)  
Seriously? How did you get such decimal number accuracy through that graph? Please don't scare us that answer expected from us will also be expected to such accuracy. And I am perplexed as to how you derived to the solution.

Devansh said: (Dec 28, 2013)  
I didn't get the above question so kindly explain from where we get the value 913.63.

Garima said: (Jun 23, 2014)  
Exactly just the difference 1 pt. In this vague graph plus the explanation is also not clear.

Deepak said: (Oct 8, 2014)  
Can any body explain this question more clearly?

Alok Rai said: (Nov 21, 2014)  
The exact value of turnover of the companies are not given so it is impossible to solve this problem, But here the turnover of GM is taken as 913.63 and the turnover of Maruti in year 2001-2002 is 681.98 and for year 2002-2003 is 731.11,

Now we can calculate the difference of turnover of Maruti in two years which is(731.11-681.98) 49.13,now we can add this amount in turnover of GM in 2002-2003 to find the final result.

The result is 913.63+49.13 = 962.76.

Bharati said: (Aug 17, 2018)  
GM 950 2001-2002, 0.13 % growth maruti (650-750/750=0.13).
950 + 0.13% = 962.35.

Arushi said: (Sep 10, 2018)  
How 950 and how come 913.63?

Please answer.

Lucky said: (Jul 17, 2019)  
Quantum means diff between turn over in years so we have to subtract 731.11 with 681.98 and it gives 49.13.

After we have to add up 913.63 with 49.13 to get the answer.

Humera said: (Mar 13, 2020)  
How did the 731.110 get exact from the graph?

Deepu said: (Mar 15, 2020)  
All of you are giving the wrong answers how did you taking numbers in decimals like 731.11, 913.63,49.13 you bluffing the answers. I think all the options are wrong I am getting a different answer

Kunsel said: (Sep 24, 2020)  
How come 731.110 and 913.63?

Please, explain it clearly.

Kunsel said: (Oct 14, 2020)  
How to calculate the turnover of the GM in 2002-2003? Please explain me.

Phuntsho said: (Oct 14, 2020)  
What is mean by same Quantum?

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