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Researchers of which institute has designed a paper-based sensor to detect the quality of milk?

A. IIT Hyderabad
B. IIT Bombay
C. IIT Guwahati
D. IIT Delhi

Answer: Option C


Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati researchers have developed a paper-based sensor that can make an assessment of the freshness of milk by a simple and instantaneous method.


Which hospital has set Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of cardiac surgery patients at one place?

A. Ramesh Hospitals, Vijayawada
B. Star Hospitals, Hyderabad
C. Max Healthcare, Gurgaon
D. Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur

Answer: Option A


Ramesh Hospitals Vijayawada, a group hospital of Aster DM Healthcare, one of the largest integrated healthcare service networks in the GCC and the third largest healthcare company in India, achieved a milestone by setting a Guinness World Record for holding the 'largest gathering of cardiac surgery patients at one place'.


ISRO has plans to set up India's own space station by ________.

A. 2025
B. 2026
C. 2030
D. 2032

Answer: Option C


ISRO has plans to set up India's own space station by 2030. It is the extension of the ambitious project Gaganyaan mission.


What is the name of audio guide facility app launched by Ministry of Tourism?

A. Audio Odigos
B. Radio Guide
C. Mobile Guide
D. Guide to Ride

Answer: Option A


The audio guide app 'Audio Odigos' launched for 12 states of India by the Ministry of Tourism. Now, tourists can look at the historical insights of the iconic monuments of India. It will provide inbuilt site map and navigation facility to the tourists.


What is the name of the space docking experiment that ISRO has planned to carry out in 2020?

A. Vikram
B. Spadex
C. Dock-Tech
D. Unix

Answer: Option B


ISRO has revealed its plan to carry out a space docking experiment, Spadex, in 2020. The announcement was made by ISRO Chairman K Sivan. Two experimental modules will be sent into space, on board a PSLV rocket, and two will be docked with each other.