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Name the SuperComputer that was unveiled in IIT-BHU by Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

A. Param Shivay
B. Aaditya
C. SahasraT
D. Param Yuva 2

Answer: Option A


PM Narendra Modi inaugurated supercomputer 'Param Shivay' at IIT-BHU.The supercomputer of 833 teraflop capacity built at the cost of Rs 32.5 crore. Additional Information: India's first supercomputer called PARAM 8000 was launched in 1991. He released commemorative postage stamp on completion of 100 Years of IIT BHU.


AntBot is the first walking robot to have navigational capabilities without GPS or mapping. Who designed it?

C. University of Hertfordshire's Adaptive Systems Research Group
D. The University of Tokyo

Answer: Option B


AntBot is the first walking robot to have navigational capabilities without GPS or mapping. It has been designed by French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and Aix-Marseille University researchers at ISM, on lines similar to desert ants who use polarised lights and UV radiation to navigate in space. It consists of an optical compass which determines its movements by the help of a polarised light. An optical movement sensor directed to the sun is used to measure the distance covered. It provides a precision of up to 1 cm after covering a total distance of 14 metres. It has six feet to enhance mobility and facilitate movements in complex environments. Celestial compass is used to measure its heading with precision by cloudy or clear weather.


US-based virtual search start-up acquired by Facebook to boost AI capabilities is?

A. Balsamiq
B. Buffer
C. GrokStyle
D. Avocent

Answer: Option C


In an attempt to enable users shop better using Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, Facebook has acquired US-based virtual search start-up, GrokStyle, at an undisclosed amount. GrokStyle was founded in 2015 and is based in San Francisco, USA.


Scientists Develop Artificial Pancreas Smartphone app for whom?

A. Liver Disease
B. Heart Patients
C. Diabetics
D. Cancer

Answer: Option C


Scientists have developed an artificial pancreas smartphone app that will help in regulating blood sugar levels in diabetes patients. This app is capable of interfacing wirelessly with glucose monitors, insulin pump devices, and decision-making algorithms. A clinical trial showed that the artificial pancreas system (iAPS) app is safe. The app is effective in regulating glucose levels under challenging conditions and is suitable for use in unconstrained environments.


Who introduced a road safety robot named ROADEO?

A. Hyderabad Traffic Police
B. Delhi Traffic Police
C. Bengaluru Traffic Police
D. Chennai Traffic Police

Answer: Option D


The Chennai Traffic Police introduced a road safety robot named ROADEO, to help in traffic management and assist citizens. With this, Chennai became the second city after Mumbai to induct robots in traffic management. The robots would be integrated with traffic signals and could be managed manually via Bluetooth devices. The robot has been developed by schoolchildren of a private robotics lab.