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As per Facebook Economist Intelligence Unit Study, what is India's rank in Internet inclusion and gender inequality in accessing the World Wide Web?

A. 51st
B. 49th
C. 55th
D. 42nd

Answer: Option B


Even though India has the cheapest data plans, and nearly 700 million internet users, the country is at a dismal 49th spot globally when it comes to internet inclusion and gender equality in accessing the world wide web, according to a Facebook-Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) study.


What is the theme of World Heritage Day 2021?

A. Rural Landscapes amid Pandemic
B. Shared Culture, Shared heritage
C. Complex Pasts: Diverse Futures
D. Heritage for Generations

Answer: Option C


The theme of the World Heritage Day 2021 is Complex Pasts: Diverse Futures.


The Inclusive Internet Index 2021 is released annually by Facebook in collaboration with which organization?

A. Economist Intelligence Unit(EIU)
B. International Monetary Fund (IMF)
C. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
D. Transparency International (TI)

Answer: Option A


The Economist Intelligence Unit(EIU), in partnership with Facebook, has released the Inclusive Internet Index 2021, which measure the extent to which internet is available and affordable by region.


What is the rank of India in the 2021 'Inclusive Internet Index'?

A. 25
B. 35
C. 49
D. 50

Answer: Option C


The India has been ranked at 49th spot globally. It shares its rank with Thailand. The 'Inclusive Internet Index' surveyed 120 countries.


Which country has topped the Inclusive Internet Index 2021?

A. Sweden
B. Australia
C. Norway
D. China

Answer: Option A


The Sweden has topped the Inclusive Internet Index 2021.