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The difference of heights of the tunnels above rail tops of BG and MG tracks is kept

[A]. 0.30 m
[B]. 0.45 m
[C]. 0.60 m
[D]. 0.75 m

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Wiaam Muhsin said: (Apr 21, 2016)  
What the meaning and full form of BG and MG?

Priyanka Patil said: (Jul 21, 2016)  
@Wiaam Muhsin.

Broad Guage.

Meter Guage.

Kishor Wali said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
@Wiaam Muhsin.

BG - Broad gauge.
MG - Meter gauge.

Sharru said: (Dec 8, 2016)  
Can anyone explain the Solution, clearly?

Annie Patil said: (Feb 6, 2017)  
You are right @Priyanka.

Renuka Kurepatil said: (Apr 16, 2018)  
Please explain the answer.

Ashwani Bhandari said: (Aug 9, 2019)  
BG = 1.676m.
MG = 1.000m.
The difference of height = 1.676 - 1.000 = 0.676m.

Mohan Kumar said: (Dec 3, 2019)  
BG = Broad gauge (gauge length-1.676m).
MG = Meter gauge (gauge length -1.0m).

In India, BG is commonly used. and mg is rarely used.

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