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The intercept of a staff
is maximum if the staff is held truly normal to the line of sight.
is minimum if the staff is held truly normal to the line of sight.
decreases if the staff is tilted away from normal
increases if the staff is tilted towards normal.
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Prit said:   3 years ago
If staff is not vertical, the reading will be too great. If staff is normal to the line of sight the value will be minimum or accurate. It will not be maximum. The intercept of staff increases when it is tilted away from normal and decreases or gets minimum when moved towards normal.

Diya said:   4 years ago
Staff intercept is the difference in reading between top and bottom cross hairs. If the staff is tilted forward or backward from normal, the staff intercept will increase. It is minimum when staff is truly vertical.

Saipoojith said:   3 years ago
Thanks all for explaining the answer.

SUMON PAUL said:   5 years ago
Reading will increase in both cases, if tilted away or towards. Because it's minimum when staff held normal. So you can't go below the minimum. So answer D is also correct but B is more logical.

Waqar said:   5 years ago
Thanks @Aman and @Jeevitha.

Lokesh said:   6 years ago
How to define interception?

RAVI KUMAR SAHU said:   6 years ago
Good explanations, thank you all.

Santhosh C said:   6 years ago
If the staff is tilted away from the instrument intercept will be more n if staff is tilted towards the instrument the staff intercept will be minimum.

Pankaj yadav said:   6 years ago
I think in both condition, value increase if staff tilted.

Sahil said:   6 years ago
Since, staff is held inclined, cross hairs will intercept more readings than that of a vertically held staff in vertical direction.

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