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If the whole circle bearing of a line is 270°, its reduced bearing is
N 90° W
S 90° W
W 90°
90° W.
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Kajack said:   4 years ago
The whole circle nearing of a line is 300 degree. It's Quadrantal bearing, right?

Mohammad said:   4 years ago
Thank you so much @Jayraj.

Suresh Yadav said:   4 years ago
Jayraj you are right bro.

Venkat said:   5 years ago
Correct @Jayraj.

Because in reduced bearings are done by surveyor compass.

S = 0.
W = 90.
N = 0.
E = 90.

Binesh said:   5 years ago
You are right, thanks @Jayraj.

Gorishankar said:   5 years ago
N90W and S90W both are correct.

Abu said:   5 years ago
A is the right answer.

Jayraj Khatri said:   6 years ago
Answer is C

If you see from both references N and S than it is same so confusion occurs.
If you write 90 W then it will be same as showing declination.
Due to this, all reason at this point answer is W 90.

0° = N 0,
180° = S 0,
90° = E 90,
270° = W 90.

Narayan said:   6 years ago
The answer will be 90° west.

Surojit said:   6 years ago

359°= N1°W.
And 181°=S1°W.

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