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If a rectangular beam measuring 10 x 18 x 400 cm carries a unformly distributed load such that the bending stress developed is 100 kg/cm2. The intensity of the load per metre length, is
240 kg
250 kg
260 kg
270 kg
280 kg.
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Tanmoy Ghosh said:   2 years ago
Z = I/Y.
Z called section modulus.
F = M/Z.
Z =(BD^2/6)=540.
M = WL^2/8,
W = 540 * 8/4^2,
W = 270KG,
W = 540 * 8.

SHUBHAM said:   4 years ago
270 kg is the correct answer.

Rahul said:   4 years ago
Thanks for the answer.

Deepak said:   5 years ago
Why you takes length in meters? All dimension take into cm than the answer is different.

Satish said:   5 years ago
W=270 is right.

Bibek said:   5 years ago
D. 270 is the answer I think.

Shahsi Ranjan said:   5 years ago
Every time, assume SSB if there is not any information about support.

Sai madhav said:   6 years ago
In question there is no information about beam type.

Ranjit said:   6 years ago
But the type of beam is not given here then how can we use simply supported condition?

Krishna said:   7 years ago
F= My/I.
M = (WL^2) /8.
M = fI/y = wl^2/8.
I = bh^3/12.
Y = h/2.

F and l are known, then we get,

W= 270 kg.

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