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As per I.S. 456 - 1978, the pH value of water shall be
less than 6
equal to 6
not less than 6
equal to 7
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Ahmad Reshad said:   1 decade ago
Water used for mixing and curing shall be clean and free from injurious amounts of oils, acids, alkalis, salts, sugar, organic materials or other substances that may be deleterious to concrete or steel.

Sharvari said:   1 decade ago
The Water used for the construction activity should be free from acids, and the pH below 7 indicates presence of acids in the water, Thus, it won't be fitful for the construction activity.

Basically the pH value should be maintained nearly by 7.

Harshdeepsingh said:   1 decade ago
Because the water which pH value is less 7is basis water more or equal its a acidic or presence of alkali or organic matter and minerals so maintain the pH value nearly equal to 7 for construction economy.

Rishabh said:   10 years ago
Acidic and basic content of water is harmful for the structure. So we can use water with ph value 7.

D.GMurthy said:   10 years ago
Yes water shall be free from bases and acids so ph = 7.

Prakash said:   10 years ago
We can easily say that acidity of water organic matters is to known the under less than 7.

Bikash said:   9 years ago
But IS 446:2000, Clause 5.4.2 (the pH value of water shall be not less then 6). So the correct answer is C.

Bikash said:   9 years ago
But we use IS 456:2000 code book, (the pH value of water shall be not less than 6). So the answer is C.

Suryateja said:   9 years ago
Because beyond 6 (i.e <6) the water become acidic which deteriorates the cement or concrete.

Amaran Radha said:   9 years ago
Can anyone say the maximum permissible ph of water used for construction activity?

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