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The performance of a specific task in CPM, is known
Answer: Option
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Sajid Aziz said:   2 years ago
The beginning and end of a job, are called events.

The performance of the specific task in CPM is called activity.

Lal babu yadav said:   8 years ago
CPM is the activity oriented.

Hesham bendary said:   8 years ago
CPM : Critical Path Method.

Har said:   6 years ago
A PERT chart is a project management tool used to schedule, organize, and coordinate tasks within a project. PERT stands for Program Evaluation Review Technique, a methodology developed by the US Navy in the 1950s to manage the Polaris submarine missile program. A similar methodology, the Critical Path Method (CPM) was developed for project management in the private sector at about the same time.

The performance of a specific task in PERT, is known EVENT.

Awais Ali said:   3 years ago
Event is the right answer.

Gurjant Singh said:   3 years ago
Yes, event is the right answer.

Sahil Chavda said:   2 years ago
Given options is correct.

Tahoor hamid said:   1 year ago
PERT is event oriented.

CPM is activity oriented.

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