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A Milestone chart
shows the interdependencies of various jobs
depicts the delay of jobs, if any
points outgoing ahead of schedule of jobs, if any
none of these.
Answer: Option
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Karan said:   3 years ago
Yes, in Milestone chart,

Greenline shows Work in time.
Black- Intended work.
Red- Behind schedule work.

Also shows the completion of sub-activities hence it is more advance than Bar chart.

If none of this option is correct then what's the difference between Milestone and Bar chart?

Hence, 4th option should be All of these.

Rahul said:   5 years ago
In every activity there are certain key events which mark the completion of a certain portion of the main activity, these key events are Milestones.

Example- If construction of Footing is main activity then Excavation is the first milestone
PCC laying is 2nd.
Formwork is 3rd.
Reinforcement 4th.
Concreting is 5th.

Biyanka said:   6 years ago
It gives the status of a group of activities in a project. That means. It shows the starting date, expected completion date, rescheduled date, the actual completion date of each group of activity which is known as a milestone.

And this milestone chart is prepared in excel sheet.

V V R said:   4 years ago
In a milestone, chart milestones are generally used to show the completion of different sub-activities and also the progress of a project can be shown.

Devesh Sahu said:   4 months ago
It is a modification over the original Gantt (Bar) chart. Milestones are key events of main activities represented by the bar.

Romi said:   5 years ago
They are tools used to mark specific points along a project timeline.

MUHAMMAD NABI said:   2 years ago
All the given option is right. So the answer is All of these.

Memon said:   6 years ago
Can someone tell us the exact Answer with the explanation.

Harshit said:   8 years ago

It shows Start and end point in the project.

Aloysius k said:   7 years ago
It shows expected completion dates of specific tasks.

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