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For quality control of Portland cement, the test essentially done is

[A]. setting time
[B]. soundness
[C]. tensile strength
[D]. consistency
[E]. all the above.

Answer: Option E


No answer description available for this question.

Deepak said: (Apr 16, 2013)  
All above test should be done for quality control.

M.Sajjad Ali said: (Jul 8, 2013)  
Compressive strength strength of cement is done rather than tensile strength. The compressive strength of OPC on 3rd day, 7th day is important. On 7th day, compressive strength of OPC is 19MPa.

Kumar Chandraj said: (Jul 31, 2013)  
All the above test should be done for quality control.

Zakir Hussain said: (Sep 1, 2013)  
For Concrete Tensile Strength is not much important.

Ankit Jain said: (Sep 18, 2013)  
Compressive strength test is important for concrete because it takes on compressive stress. Tensile stress are taken by steel.

Omara Emmanuel said: (Sep 19, 2013)  
Concrete is strong in compression and weak in tension.

Khurram Shehzad said: (Oct 4, 2013)  
MPA means?

Khurram Shehzad said: (Oct 4, 2013)  
Which formula we will use in steel bending. Bend at 90 degree 180 Degree ?

Madhumita said: (Oct 27, 2013)  
OPC means?

Nwosu Chukwtemeka said: (Nov 4, 2013)  
Truly, for a concrete to be attested for maximum strength all the test should be performed.

Jasim said: (Nov 14, 2013)  
OPC means ordinary portland cement.
mpa = n/mm2.

Jesurajan said: (Jan 6, 2014)  
But why the answer is all the above. I mean why we need to test tensile, soundness, ect?

Saboor said: (Jan 19, 2014)  

OPC means ordinary portland cement.

And mpa means megapascals = 1N/mm2.

RAGHAVENDRA said: (Feb 24, 2014)  
Soundness test is carried out to know the increase in volume of concrete after setting. For OPC, the maximum soundness value is 10mm.

Shekhar said: (Mar 12, 2014)  
But we are not performing tensile test on mortar cube. Other three answers are correct. I'm confused about Tensile strength.

Arulmozhiselvan said: (Mar 13, 2014)  
By which equipment, the tensile strength for concrete cube is carried out?

Bangada Mangisto Livino said: (Apr 30, 2014)  
Setting time, optimal duration for the best solidification of the cement. Soundness, ability by the cement having maximal withstanding external forces or pressure exerted on to the finished concrete. Tensile strength, its flexibility to accommodate rupturing or cracking. And consistency of the cement to show uniformity, smoothness and upholds in the particles as final concrete.

Johnson said: (Jun 2, 2014)  
Compression strength test instead of tensile strength test for concrete.

Saran said: (Jun 27, 2014)  
Compressive strength is more important than tensile strength.

K P AVULAIAH said: (Sep 12, 2014)  
Concrete is the binding material, it is essential of setting time, strength, soundness.

Mohammed Shafeef said: (Oct 9, 2014)  
For check the quality of concrete, all the mention test is essential.

NIAZ AHMAD said: (Oct 19, 2014)  
Consistency test is essential.

Sri Ram said: (Oct 28, 2014)  
By doing all these tests we can control the quality of cement thoroughly.

Usman said: (Oct 29, 2014)  
Tensile test is not done of cement.

Rohit Chhloriya said: (Nov 24, 2014)  
Tensile strength are no discuss, only compressive strength calculate, because it is 10% of compressive strength.

RAMU said: (Dec 3, 2014)  
Hi friends please explain:

1) Type of test in fresh concrete ?
2) Why concrete is segregated ?

Chris said: (Feb 8, 2015)  
Tensile strength is for steel, not cement.

Sujan Kumar said: (Mar 17, 2015)  
Tensile strength is for steel, not cement.

Compressive strength is a property of cement concrete consistence is essential.

Pooja said: (Apr 25, 2015)  
All test are essential and also compressive strength test is required.

Hemanta Das said: (Aug 3, 2015)  
Type of test is required for fresh concrete one chack its mix design, slump test, water-cement ratio.

Hemanta Das said: (Aug 3, 2015)  
Concrete is segregated due to 6 causes:-

1. Mix proportion not good.
2. Water-cement ratio not proper.
3. High work ability.
4. Time of mixing.
5. Storage period of cement.
6. Important of fall of height.

Mahi said: (Aug 11, 2015)  
What is segregated?

ADEEL said: (Aug 27, 2015)  
All of test of cement setting.

Medo said: (Sep 4, 2015)  
Tensile strength isn't even needed.

P.manoj said: (Sep 28, 2015)  
What is concrete?

Imran Salem Civel Bnu said: (Oct 23, 2015)  
Concrete cement become stronger after 7 days ago by taking throughout water on them.

Venkatesh said: (Dec 14, 2015)  
Separation of ingredients of concrete.

Pavan Langote said: (Jan 20, 2016)  
How to test for cement soundness?

Sawant Chaitan said: (Feb 9, 2016)  
Tensile test for cement is not important.

Ken said: (Feb 20, 2016)  
What is the setting time for concrete?

What types of curing can I use?

Vijay said: (Feb 28, 2016)  
What is Fiber reinforced concrete?

Muhammad Asif said: (Mar 24, 2016)  
1 - First of all raw material will be as per design (good quality).
2 - Concrete mixing is important.
3 - Slump test.
4 - Water Cement Ratio.
5 - Carry out the machine to place.
6 - Placing and vibrator.
7 - Time sitting.
8 - Curing.
9 - Compression test.
10 - Fall of height.
11 - Cube or cylindrical test.
12 - Consistency.

Shakeel said: (May 11, 2016)  
Can anyone tell me the ratio of concrete class A1 & A2?

Ram Chandra said: (Jun 14, 2016)  
Tensile strength does not consider at concreting member design.

S.hari Nath Gupta said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
All the above.

Because the setting time, soundness is very important.

Chandrabose said: (Jul 31, 2016)  
In basic think, cement should have a binding property, so the quality control depends upon the compressive strength only. So, the compression test is enough.

Taha said: (Aug 18, 2016)  
As per design. Usually the class of A1 is 1500 psi and A2 is 2500psi.

Gowtham Vijay Kanuri said: (Dec 13, 2016)  
To prepare concrete with portland cement we must know the characteristic compressive strength within the span of 7days and 28 day curing.

Ademola said: (Jan 11, 2017)  
What is bleeding in concrete?

Vishnu said: (Jan 22, 2017)  
At the time of bleeding, water comes out of the surface of concrete being lowest specific gravity among all other ingredients.

Shamsher Thakur said: (Feb 16, 2017)  
Thank you all for the explanation.

Tadesse Gobezayehu said: (Mar 3, 2017)  
For Concrete, Tensile Strength is not much important.

Kondareddy said: (Jun 23, 2017)  
What is 1500psi?

Mohammed Y Ahmed said: (Jul 16, 2017)  
Here, psi means pounds per sq inch.

Shashikant Suman said: (Jul 17, 2017)  
All the above test should be done for quality control. Because the setting time, soundness is very important.

Sushree said: (Jul 19, 2017)  
How to test soundness of cement?

Pankaj said: (Aug 5, 2017)  
What is the Initial setting time of concrete?

Makoo said: (Nov 2, 2017)  
How soundness and consistence test for concrete are being conducted?

Tamil said: (Nov 29, 2017)  
Compressive strength test is very important for concrete.

Chhotu Kumar said: (Jan 24, 2018)  
30 sec initial setting time of cement.

Jenge Grifins Oloo said: (Jun 27, 2018)  
Concrete plays a major role in all design works, therefore, any important reaction should be brought on board.

Thanks for such clarification.

Alka Gautam said: (Jul 17, 2018)  
30 minute initial setting time of ordinary portland cement and final 10 hours.

Sai Reddy said: (Dec 3, 2018)  
These are the essential basic tests to determine quality of cement.

Parthiban said: (Dec 4, 2019)  
The consistency test is more enough to know the quality of cement.

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