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Sands of zone I are
medium to fine
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Tanaji said:   6 years ago
Zone I - Coarse Sand.
Zone II - Normal Sand.
Zone III - Fine Sand.
Zone IV - Very Fine Sand.

Ahsen Hamid said:   7 years ago
Can anyone please tell what are the different sand zones?

Charan.P said:   7 years ago
Zone-I represents the coarse sand and zone-IV represents the finer sand in all the four zones.

Vikash kushvaha said:   7 years ago
These specifications do not specify any limit for fineness modulus to be used in concrete. It divides the sand in four zones i.e. from Zone I to Zone IV. Zone I"Sand being very coarse and Zone 4 sand is very fine. It is generally recommended by code to use sands of zones I to Zone III for Structural concrete works.

Krishan said:   5 years ago
Why zone 1 is coarse. Max w/c ratio is max for zone 1.

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