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For road pavements, the cement generally used, is
ordinary Portland cement
rapid hardening cement
low heat cement
blast furnace slag cement
none of these.
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Rakesh kumar poria said:   1 decade ago
Generally rapid hardening cement is used in repairing work, but in new construction of pavement ordinary portland is used.

Danesh said:   1 decade ago
** Low heat cement is used for massive works like dams, retaining walls, etc.

** Ordinary Portland Cement is used for general works except the area having sulphate attack(OPC is least resistant to Sulphate attack).

Aman Agrawal said:   9 years ago
Rapid hardening is used for repair work. But for new construction OPC is use.

Rohan Aaditya said:   8 years ago
For road pavement - rapid hardening cement.

For massive concrete - low heat cement.

For canal lining or sever - portland slag cement.

Rahul Kumar said:   8 years ago
In road pavement we should use rapid hardening cement because road is a very busy line and we can't free road for long time so to open road for use quickly we use rapid hardening cement.

Swapnil pokulwar said:   8 years ago
Ordinary portland cement is the correct answer.

Vivek patel said:   6 years ago
Ordinary portland cement is use to new road pavements and rapid hardening cement road repair use.

Vikram kadam said:   6 years ago
Rapid hardening is correct because the road is open to traffic in minimum days and it also have one day strength equal to 3 day strength of opc.

Sahil said:   5 years ago
What is sulphate attack and its effect?

Yoga said:   5 years ago
As per my knowledge, Opc is used.

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