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In a mortar, the binding material is
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A mortar is a mixture of binding material, water, and fine aggregate (such as sand or surkhi). The binding material is typically cement, which is a powder made of a mixture of calcined limestone and clay. When mixed with water, cement forms a paste that hardens over time to bind the aggregate together and create a strong and durable building material. Sand and surkhi are both types of fine aggregate that are often used in mortars, and cinder is a type of coarse aggregate that is not typically used in mortars.
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Shilpi singh rajpoot said:   1 decade ago
Mortar is the mixture of cement, sand. Aggregate and water. It may be in different-2 ratios. The setting time of cement is minimum in all those of aggregates and that is 30 minutes. So thats why, in mortar cement is the binding material.

Sivasankar said:   1 decade ago
Cement is mainly a binding medium which when hardened with the other materials in a concrete produces a homogeneous mass. Sand is used to fill the voids between the Coarse aggregate in which cement is used to bind these two together.

(MANUU) Md sanauar ansari said:   9 years ago
As you know that, good a binding material. But When the pasts prepared by mixing cement, sand, fine and course aggregates in suitable proportion and addition to water is called concrete used for R.C.C works.

Shujaath said:   8 years ago
In a mortar the cement is absolute binding material because it has the aggregates gives the strength and sand are used for the filling of the gap between empty space so by this it gives the better finishing.

Siva krishna said:   9 years ago

Mortar means mixture of sand, cement and water.

But somebody explains that, mortar means[mixture of sand, cement, coarse agregate, water]. Which one is correct please explain sir.

Atiq Ahmad said:   1 decade ago
Mortar which is usually called refers to the mixture of cement sand and water whereas lime mortar refers to the mixture of lime sand and water but both are used as a binding material.

Rajesh said:   2 years ago
Mortar : Application.

1) Binder material for bricks, stone masonry courses as wall as flooring bed.
2) Plastering :
6mm for the ceiling.
12-15mm for internal.
18mm for external.

Nita Singh said:   4 years ago
Mortar is a mixture of binding material, such as cement, sand & water. It's used to building construction, & it is the most important material for building construction.

Jamil khan said:   1 decade ago
Mortar is consists of binding material, sand, and water. So we use cement mostly for paste. Because cement have cementitious property and it tightly bind aggregates.

Lakshmi said:   1 decade ago
Mortar is mix of cement, sand and water. Cement plays a role of binder by its slurry nature due presents of minerals like Al, S, ash etc while mixing with water.

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