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In a mortar, the binding material is
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A mortar is a mixture of binding material, water, and fine aggregate (such as sand or surkhi). The binding material is typically cement, which is a powder made of a mixture of calcined limestone and clay. When mixed with water, cement forms a paste that hardens over time to bind the aggregate together and create a strong and durable building material. Sand and surkhi are both types of fine aggregate that are often used in mortars, and cinder is a type of coarse aggregate that is not typically used in mortars.
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Yousuf Saeed said:   2 years ago
The cement produces a cementing gell which acts as a binding material in mortars.

KHALISTANI SINGH said:   2 years ago
Yes, the cement is binding material in mortar & sand is a filling material.

Jaswinder JE said:   9 months ago
Cement has cohesive and adhesive properties in the presence of water.

Anil Kumar said:   3 years ago
By human test, cement is cool & soft felling.

When Cement & water mixing then water density less than cement. That's my point.

Rajesh said:   2 years ago
Mortar : Application.

1) Binder material for bricks, stone masonry courses as wall as flooring bed.
2) Plastering :
6mm for the ceiling.
12-15mm for internal.
18mm for external.

Furat Abdullah said:   1 year ago
Yes, cement is a binding material.

Rabindra said:   6 years ago
Cement: Cement is binding material for all the ingredients in concrete.

Surkhi is an artificial pozzolanic material made by powdering bricks or burnt clay balls. Surkhi : ( a) It is used for making waterproof cement mortars and concrete.
(b) They also make the concrete more resistant to alkalis and salt solutions.

Cinder : (a) Cinders have been used on track surfaces and roads to provide additional traction in winter conditions.
(b) Cinders are also employed as inorganic mulch in xeriscaping, because of excellent drainage properties and erosion resistance. In this context, they are referred to frequently with the name " lava rock".

Sand: I think sand is far matchable answer to the above question.

Dinesh said:   6 years ago
Cement is the answer.

TAJBAHADUR YADAV said:   5 years ago
Cement is the correct answer. I agree with the given answer.

Niva said:   4 years ago
Yes, Cement is the binding material.

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