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Which is almost absent in crude petroleum?
Answer: Option
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Suvamoy Ghosh said:   3 years ago
I don't think Olefin will be the right answer. In NHDT (Naptha Hydrotreater) diolefins are converted to olefins 1st and then olefins are transformed into straight-chain paraffin. It is then going to Isomerisation process. So, there are a lot of olefins in crude and it produces gum also.

Abhishek Mishra said:   4 years ago
We know that alkenes are mostly not present in crude petroleum. And olefin is a type of alkene. So the right answer is A, not B.

DEVDUTT said:   5 years ago
Olefin is the right answer.

Vivek Shukla said:   5 years ago
I think, the correct answer is Olefin.

Richmond FOFIE said:   6 years ago
Mercaptan is correct as olefin which seems to be the correct answer is absent and not almost absent.

Mercaptans which have on average 1-3% wt fraction of petroleum.

From the given option, Mercaptan is the right answer.

Shivam singh said:   6 years ago
Olefins is the true answer.

Vinay kumar singh said:   7 years ago
Olefins is the right answer.

Golu said:   7 years ago
Yes, I agree to all of you, olefins are intermitted product.

Tenendra patle said:   7 years ago
Yes, I also agree because olefins are intermitted product during cracking process.

Aniket said:   7 years ago
I also agree the answer is option A.

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