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A molecular technique in which DNA sequences between two oligonucleotide primers can be amplified is known as
southern blotting
northern blotting
polymerase chain reaction
DNA replication
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Kavita sharma said:   1 decade ago
PCR is worked like photostat machine and generate millions DNA xerox in some hours. This method is developed by Kary Mullis in 1985.

Ankita Banerjee said:   1 decade ago
PCR is used to amplify a specific region of a DNA strand. Its amplify DNA fragments of between 0.1 and 10 kilo base pairs (kb), although some techniques allow for amplification of fragments up to 40 kb in size.

Keshav Bhardwaj said:   1 decade ago
In the PCR techniques when we are making a rxn mix we are adding primers they helps to amplify the our DNA sequence by generating the nucleotides and adding those at a specific position, thats why we are getting the millions of copies of DNA by these oligonucleotide primer sequences.

JEAN BOSCO nkurikiyumukiza said:   1 decade ago
The PCR is used to magnify/amplify a target DNA. See Forensic applications.

Afshan said:   1 decade ago
PCR is used for amplyfing DNA, it can be done using single or two or random primers depending on particular requirement.

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