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Three times the first of three consecutive odd integers is 3 more than twice the third. The third integer is:
Answer: Option

Let the three integers be x, x + 2 and x + 4.

Then, 3x = 2(x + 4) + 3      x = 11.

Third integer = x + 4 = 15.

Video Explanation: https://youtu.be/_77C9YE321Y

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Srinu said:   1 decade ago
I don't understand this problem. Can any one explain this problm please.

Shivaraj said:   1 decade ago
Explain this problm please.

Virendra said:   1 decade ago
Forget everything just go option wise then answer should be 9 or 15.

Utkarsh said:   1 decade ago
If we put x=1,then three consecutive no's x,x+2,x+4 gets an odd no.

Namrata said:   1 decade ago
Zero is neither odd nor even number.

Prerak said:   1 decade ago
Hey can anyone explain this problem? I don't understand these "odd integers is 3 more than twice the third".

Satish said:   1 decade ago
Hi all,
1> See it is said that first of 3 consecutive odd no is 3.
2> It is said 3 times the first no means i.e. 3*3 = 9.
3> It is also said that 3rd no is 3 more or twice the first i.e. 6.
4> That's how we get the answer 9+6=15.

Keerthi said:   1 decade ago
How we take x, x+2, x+4 are odd integers if we take x=2 then it become even can any one clear this doubt ?

Sukruthi said:   1 decade ago
As they hav given 3 consecutive odd integers then that 3 can be assumed as 2x+1,2x+3,2x+5 ...
because x,x+2,x+4 wont give us odd values if v substitute any positive integers. then the values which i have assumed can satisfy all consecutive odd integers so now
1st of 3 consecutive integers is 2x+1
so now 3*(2x+1)=3+(2*(2x+5)
=> 6x+3=4x+13
=> x=5
now 3rd integer is
=> 2(5)+5=15.

Rashmi said:   1 decade ago

Consecutive nos are x, x+2, x+4. If we add 1 to these nos we get odd consecutive nos.
So read the question neatly.
3 times the first of three consecutive nos it means first consecutive no is x. 3 times means 3x.
So answer is 15.

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