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At what time between 9 and 10 o'clock will the hands of a watch be together?
45 min. past 9
50 min. past 9
49 1 min. past 9
48 2 min. past 9
Answer: Option

To be together between 9 and 10 o'clock, the minute hand has to gain 45 min. spaces.

55 min. spaces gained in 60 min.

45 min. spaces are gained in 60 x 45 min or 49 1 min.
55 11

The hands are together at 49 1 min. past 9.

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Akhilesh said:   7 years ago
My solution is:

Both the hands will meet somewhere between 9 and 10 i.e after the minute hand has reached 9 ( after 45 minutes). In these 45 mins the hour hand must also have traveled forward by some angle.

The angles covered by the hour hand in 45 mins will be 22.5. (how? in one min it covers 1/2 that's why!).

Now, let's suppose it takes another x mins for both of them to reach the point where they will coincide.
The angle traveled by hour hand will be x/2 and by the minute hand will be 6x.

Now in order to coincide with the hour hand, the minute hand has to cover the total angle the hour hand has moved forward.

So, 6x = x/2 + 22.5.

Rohit@ said:   7 years ago
I think it has gained 50 min space.

Sank said:   7 years ago
We can solve this question as a speed - time question.

Initially at 9'o clock hour hand will be at 9 and minute hand will be at 12.

In 12 hour a hour hand gains angle = 360 degree.

So speed of hour hand will be 0.5 deg/min.

In 60 minutes a minute hand gains = 360 degree.

So speed of hour hand will be 6 deg/min.

Let after hour hand covers angle x both the hands coincide.

So angle covered by hour hand = x and by minute hand = 270+x.

x/0.5= (270+x)/6 (as time taken by both will be same).

x = 270/11.

As 1 min = 6 degrees, so we can convert above angle(x) in degree to minute.

So in minute it will be (270/11)/6 = 45/11.

So the time when both of the clock hands will coincide is 49 1/11.

Laxmi said:   7 years ago
Hello guys.

In previous question one member said that for angle formula.

Less 6 clock use formula theta = 11/2*M-(30*H).

And above 6 clock use formula theta = (30*H)-11/2*M.

This question this above 6.

But @Pradeep use formula is less 6.

I totally confused which one is correct formula in this question.

And when we use angle both the formulas. Any one please explain.

Sree said:   7 years ago
Can any one say how we can say that 49 1/11 = past 9?

Rohan said:   7 years ago
Let QH and QM be angular speed of hour and minute hand respectively.

QH = 360/720 = 0.5 (degree/minute) QM = 360/60 = 6 (degree/minute).

Relative angular speed (QM-QH) = 11/2 = 5.5.

Now at 9:45 angle between minute and hour hand will be = 22.5 deg.

Time taken for minute hand to coincide hour hand = 22.5/5.5 = 45/11.

= 45/11 = 4+1/11.

Hence time at which hour and minute hand coincide is:

Hour = 9 minute = 45+4+1/11 = 49+1/11 or 45 1/11 past 9.

Bhavesh Kirange said:   7 years ago
I don't understand the concept here you are assuming. In question from 9 to 10 o'clock the hands should be meet each other on 9.50 o'clock in real situation by watch.

But how could you say here they are meeting on 9.45 o'clock means we are suppose to assume hour hand at stable position?

Sonam said:   8 years ago
When asking will the hands of a watch be together?

Use (60/11)h.

= 60*9/11.
= 540/11.
= 49 1/11.

Smita said:   8 years ago
Past 9n means?

Abhishek said:   8 years ago

Awesome man done in the most basic way manner as possible. Really appreciate your work.

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