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At what time between 9 and 10 o'clock will the hands of a watch be together?
45 min. past 9
50 min. past 9
49 1 min. past 9
48 2 min. past 9
Answer: Option

To be together between 9 and 10 o'clock, the minute hand has to gain 45 min. spaces.

55 min. spaces gained in 60 min.

45 min. spaces are gained in 60 x 45 min or 49 1 min.
55 11

The hands are together at 49 1 min. past 9.

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Sakshi said:   1 decade ago
How do we know that min? Hand has to gain 45 mins?

Yamini said:   1 decade ago
Why you take the 55 min spaces ?

Krish said:   1 decade ago

The question is between 9 and 10 both the hands must coincide,.

So for the minute hand to reach 9 it has to gain 45 minute spaces.

Vipin said:   1 decade ago
Alternative method::

Let the minutes covered when d situation occurs = x
(total degrees covered by minute hand) - (total degrees covered by hr hand)= (outer angle between 12 and 9) i.e.
6x - x/2 = 270

x=540/11 which is our ans. :)

Manish said:   1 decade ago
I don't understand this method please explain it. Why we take 55 min ?

Shree Hema said:   1 decade ago
better use this formula
if both hands coincide degree ll be 0
if both hands r in opposite direction degree will be 180
if both hands r in right angle degree will be 90
here it coincides so 0 degree
we have to find min only so keep that parameter(m) as it is, use minimum hour for hour parameter(h=9)
m=49 1/11
Got It???

Krishnadas said:   1 decade ago
@sree. Good work. But is this formula standard?

Avijeetkumar said:   1 decade ago
@shree. You are right.

Senthamizh said:   1 decade ago
@Shree: is that standard formula???

Anil said:   1 decade ago
If time is between x and y:

[x*5+angle]*(12/11) past x.

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