Should the public sector be privatized?

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Adhip said: (Mon, Apr 11, 2016 06:42:13 PM)    
I know it sounds weird, but doing this will eventually cause companies to state terms and conditions, which is not correct and should be allowed. Looking at developed countries yes the service is great but once the government loses control then it is very difficult to make private company public.

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Joseph Kakari said: (Fri, Mar 4, 2016 12:53:49 PM)    
Privatization good because the public businesses might not have all the resources in running the business, so if It's been privatized there will be enough good and services through the introduction of more shares.

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Ksharma said: (Mon, Feb 22, 2016 06:26:10 PM)    
Of course there is a need for public sector to protect the interest of the poor people. They aim at social welfare. Their aim will always be to promote welfare. But nowadays private firms are also promoting social welfare. They want customer satisfaction.

They can never only focus on profit. After all these days we can see how marketing factors involve social welfare. The government has taken good decisions. It has neither given the whole control to private sector nor to itself. So I support the policies our government has taken. The mixed economy is the best.

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Mahesh said: (Wed, Jan 27, 2016 07:05:29 PM)    
In country like India which socio ethical country it should not happen, because privatization leads wider gap between rich and poor, rich becomes richer poor become poorer. India is a country with complex situation, when rich become richer and talents come forward.

Yes of course economy will improve, what what happens to HDI index India is country with larger poor population they need to come up in life if privatization happen this will never happen which in turn makes India a low rate income country, just analyse it in wider, don't just talk from what you see the situation in metropolitan cities, metropolitan cities contribute just 10 to 15% of population.

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Shikha Nair said: (Mon, Jan 4, 2016 08:54:45 PM)    
In my opinion privatization is good because privatization indeed is beneficial for the growth. And sustainability of the state-owned enterprises.

The advantages of privatization can be perceived from both microeconomics and macroeconomic impacts that privatization exerts.

Microeconomics advantages:

State owned enterprises usually are outdone by the private enterprises competitively. When compared the latter show better results in terms of revenues and efficiency and productivity. Hence privatization can provide the necessary impetus to the under performing PSUs.

Privatization brings about radical structural.

Changes providing momentum in the competitive sectors

Privatization leads to adoption of the global best.

Practices along with management and motivation of the best human talent to foster sustainable.

Competitive advantage and improvised management of resources.

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Rahul Rai said: (Sun, Dec 13, 2015 04:37:26 PM)    
Hello friend.

If any government company is not functioning well then privatization is not the solution, government need to overhaul the government body. Overhauling include selling half share of the company in private hand, end corruption, choose best talent for the company, tighten guideline for the company, use latest technology, improve service.

I support public private partnership model. It deliver good service to the customer at a reasonable cost. The example of public private partnership model are banking sector, coal mine sector, oil companies etc.

In these companies government have more than a half of a share and rest shares are handle by the private body. These company functioning well as compare to those companies in which government have a 100% share.

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Bisal said: (Mon, Nov 16, 2015 03:32:22 PM)    
How a government which can not run a PSU effectively run a government? If PSUs having problems government should rectify them i.e the duty of government. If profit making is the issue why government selling shares of PSU's that making crores as profit. Trade unions and strikes are there in developed world also.

Monopoly of private sector will create bonded labour, high prices, unsafe working conditions, pure distribution of money etc. What is the gain for general public by sending black money to outside banks?

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Reema Subair said: (Thu, Nov 5, 2015 11:32:57 PM)    
In my opinion private is best because public servants or employees are inefficiency, poor in generate income, unskilled labors are allowed, output level decrease, raw material quality low and etc., so public organisation must be privatized.

And a simple question, if public sector is best why they cannot run the business instead of selling it to private. Answer is because of inefficiency. So always private organisation is best.

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Rajendra said: (Mon, Nov 2, 2015 06:27:54 PM)    
The central govt must transfer the control of CPSE to respective states for better control and appoint IAS officers as finance controllers to better manage and increase profitability, the process of purchasing and marketing must be done directly with supplier and customers and avoid agents to curb corruption. Merging loss making PSU with profit making PSU can also reduce govt burden.

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Hertha Ambambi said: (Tue, Oct 6, 2015 12:22:15 PM)    
I think privatizing public sectors leads to monopoly and is not good for everyone, for instance the air line in my country is in the hands of the government hands but still citizens are not affording using the air line.

So privatization of public services will really bring even a high rate of poverty and unemployment since private sectors are motivated by profit so they will need highly educated people who can produce productive outputs.

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Sharmistha said: (Tue, Sep 29, 2015 10:11:16 AM)    

According to me complete privatization of banks is not the solution. In our country there is a there is a higher degree of income inequality. The rich is getting rich and the poor is getting poor. Its true that private banks can bring economic growth in the banking sector at a faster pace. But we cannot ignore the fact that these private banks operate with the sole motive of profit maximization. Its unlikely that they will cater to the needs of the poor.

Secondly, the private banks are hesitant to invest in infrastructure of the country. This role has been played by the PSU's since its inception. And most of the loans advanced for this purpose turn into NPA's too.

We should obtain a balance. There should not be complete privatization but at the same time the banks should be given sufficient autonomy to operate without much gov interference.

Thank you.

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P Ravi said: (Tue, Sep 8, 2015 08:47:10 AM)    
Hello friends,

The need for privatization is the functioning of the organisation and political interference in administration. The government has spoiled the working culture through trade union and privileges to certain people. Now the govt is not able to withdraw it such as maternity and parental leave of 8 months to ladies and 15 days for males. We have to contain the population explosion but the government is promoting the population growth.

The privileges to a certain class of people as a vote bank and they think that they are born to enjoy the benefits and not to work. For example if a driver works in private firm he is sincere and hardworking irrespective of timings. If the same person gets the job in government organisation his full attitude changes of started taking rules in hands and becomes lazy and fat bellied. There are so many examples. Compare road transport, telephones, schools and colleges etc.

But in every department too many private organisations should be allowed. Otherwise the services will only be commercial with poor quality. So healthy competition is a must in every field. Naturally our country will emerge as a super power. So hurry up in privileging with multiple competitors.

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P Ravi said: (Sun, Sep 6, 2015 09:08:00 PM)    
The main failure of the public sector is too many officers in administration which spoils in decision making. Innovative methods of incentive systems linked with out-turn by workers with limited salary is imposed. Too many privileges are given to public servants by the politicians for their publicity.

Now in road transport both private and public transport compete with each other. In that aspect KSRTS and MSRTC are doing well in pare with private operators. BSNL versus other private networks are welcome. The government staff are lethargic and easy going on their duties because of governments third rated policies. , If they come out of it differently public sector will also emerge as tough competitor like BHEL, BEML etc,.

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Anonymous said: (Mon, Aug 24, 2015 08:54:52 AM)    
Core and strategic industries should never be privatized. Research organisation for advancement in technology and modification in every core sector to keep pace with new scenario should be established. Private healthcare facilities who write bad economic stories of its clients should be marginalized by dispersing and opening of public healthcare facilities within every five kilometer radius. Intake of one doctor and three nurses per thousand population should be done.

Moreover, medicine-making industries should be made public higher education should not be made a private product that sells with a price tag. Lastly, the considered disposable income drained by private hospitals and educational institutions can be wiped out by low salary and more employment of its people. In these ways we may maintain the public spirit of the constitution and freedom fighters.

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Ike Cj said: (Sun, Aug 16, 2015 04:44:46 PM)    
Yes, is good to have private and public sector in any economy of a country, you can kill public for private to take fully place or to kill private for public to take fully place. Talking about P & P, those need any establishment but needs innovation for them to grow for enhancement thing in that particular country.

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Srishti Jain said: (Sat, Aug 15, 2015 05:16:23 PM)    
Hello guys,

At the time of Independence, our economy was backward & stagnant. At that time there was no infrastructural base & also, there was lack of capital & incentive among private entrepreneurs for privatization. Therefore, direct intervention of the state was considered essential. But later in this sector corruption, case of pilferage & leakage is increasing day by day.

Therefore, since today we have infrastructural base as well as private enterprises who want to invest their capital for privatization. From my point of view privatization is the only way for development & growth of country. Privatization is not only beneficial for rich but as well as for poor, for instance, poor will make efforts for their own development & growth. They will become independent & will do some work for their better future. They will not dependent on government polices or scholarships. It will help them or give a reason for living.

Also privatization will foster development of our country. As we know that in 2015, till our country is backward compare to others.

Thanks for paying attention.

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Amarjit said: (Sun, Aug 2, 2015 10:33:04 PM)    
Hi, everybody.

Well we are all concern about the impact that may come after privatisation of the public sector for the economically weak families of our country. But if we change little of our mindset public sector will continue to exist and progress with better pace.

Firstly almost all public sector employees say no matter we work or not, our salaries will be credited at the end of every month. So almost zero output which led to the option to privatise public sector.

Secondly private sectors employed the best, likewise leaving nepotism and money power behind public sector too should employ young, dynamic, creative, and innovative employees.

If these are fulfilled we wouldn't need private sector and poor's would not suffer. So both govt and people have to change first.

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Chhitij P Singh said: (Thu, Jun 11, 2015 11:38:06 AM)    
Hello everybody,

In my opinion our economy, The Mixed is best one, where both private and gov sectors are parallel players. It gives consumers a large vivid options to get served as per his own needs. For eg, in telecom sector, we have large number of options, if you priority is low cost go for BSNL, if your priority is fast services go for rest of networks.

So in my view, public sectors should not be converted in private but private players should be allowed to invest in public sector, What is the problem if on tracks of Indian railway few more trains of Tata and Amabani will run? Let customers decide whether they have to go on government trains or private.

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Suman said: (Sat, May 23, 2015 08:30:50 PM)    
Hey all,

I think its easy to say that changes should be made and all but ground reality is worse. Have you considered reason why the public sector was introduced?

The object was to maintain economic equality and equal distribution and providing opportunities to all. The purpose we elect our government is because of these reasons right? so now, if our government does not work well for us what we do, we throw them out and elect a new government but the basic process of election, the system and the functions remain same.

We expect the new government to do better for us and fulfill those reasons for which we have elected them, with their improved plans, policies and budgets. So, basically we improve when there is a problem. We cannot say that all the governments we elected have failed or are not capable so lets not have a government.

Similarly, privatization is not a solution, because the aim remains the same. I admit that private sector is active and provides best of facilities but think who all can afford those expensive facilities. We may be in good financial conditions, so we can afford but what about those who cannot imagine sending their kids to private institutions for studies in private institutes. Things will become so expensive for people who survive on the subsidies by government. There are many disadvantages.

What I suggest is government should inculcate the best features of private sector. (for which they are considered better) and implement them in public sector. It is difficult to start off with but it is not impossible.

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Sreenath said: (Thu, May 14, 2015 06:25:58 PM)    
Hello friends.

Every work can't be carried by government every work can't be done by private so they have to split but regulatory authorities should regulate all the sectors sectors like railways water supply defense etc, has to be looked by government directly apart from that other sector has to be looked by private with regulations of regulatory bodies most of tax money is wasted because of the public sector undertakings example if air India, BSNL faces loss we have bear that government will use our tax and instead they can provide scholarships, funds etc.

Based upon income every one is entitled for the basic things by this our tax money will be saved and it leads to development of all individuals sectors like education, banking, airways, etc has to be privatized because of the competition customers can avail the service at affordable or even may be at cheaper cost those who can't afford government can support that individual regularities like RBI, train are performing well all the universities has to be privatized but main important thing government should monitor everything through its agencies as per my understanding government should hold these sectors fully deference, police, judiciary, railways, electricity, roadways, (for electricity government should encourage self dependency like they should productive own electricity by solar or what ever possible means).

And friends don't think about job security these public sector undertakings have been established for benefit of public not only to create job to ensure job security in private parliament can amend civil rights laws in the beginning it will be hard for us but in future we can make things possible think from all aspects please I am just posted my personal opinion.

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Chika said: (Wed, Apr 15, 2015 02:49:04 PM)    
Dear friends,

I believe from my own view and from all investigation gathered, and from what you guys have just said, I could say unequivocally that privatization of public sector is best solution to the problem of Nigeria economy, the high rate of corruption would never allow the private sector to operate effectively, I know that the private sector is more costly, but we need to get best quality, at the right time to satisfy our needs, the private can do this under some hours because they will like to maintain that business relationship with their customers, but in public is not so.

Example: If you are feeling feverish and you go to public hospital, you must like up to 3-4 hours before you can see the doctor, but try that in private and see the way they will attend to you, very fast, another thing is the private believe on what you can offer as an individual, while public believes on god fathers, lastly, there are much nepotism, discrimination in public while private is not much, eg. Isoko will like to favour Isoko alone. I will rest my support private here.

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Gaurav Sharma said: (Tue, Apr 14, 2015 07:15:34 PM)    
Hi friends.

Private sector has its own advantage in terms of higher productivity, deliverable beyond expectation and usage of updated technology. We all needs this and which is quite justified.
But one simple question. Why do we need to privatize public sector for the same?

Why can't we make these resources available in the public sector which positively differentiates the private sector.

We need to start think on resource allocation rather than conversion.

I feel the below needs to be started immediately :-

1. Good talent hiring mechanism.

2. Procurement of better technologies.

3. Additional reward for employee on achieving the KRA.

4. Customer concentric work culture driven through leadership (Secretary or Chairman etc).

We want to protect the right of consumers by providing quality goods/services at affordable and reasonable rates and with an ease. So up-gradation of public sector with enhanced resources is a better option than conversion into private.

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Vignesh V said: (Mon, Apr 6, 2015 05:37:46 PM)    
Hello friends.

A good topic that we are dealing every year. Privatization has many advantages and disadvantages also. We have to extract the advantages and apply it to the public sector. I'm mainly pointing out the services that are done by the PSU are worthwhile. For example corporate social responsibility.

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Anurag Gupta said: (Thu, Mar 26, 2015 11:36:31 PM)    
As my point of view, a semi government PSU sectors are more beneficial rather than fully privatization. Except some defense, research PSU. Due to this type project the small attention of our government will provide on private sector activities and problem of jobs and other issue not create.

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Vivek said: (Mon, Mar 23, 2015 05:49:13 PM)    
Hello everyone !

Privatization as it denotes is something which makes any organization or sector independent of government interference, liability and control. Given the recent trends where many governmental or public sector undertakings are not performing well or we may say. Are not in pink of their health. Were in the consideration of the government to privatize them. Although its obvious that a sense of competition always leads to the evolution of something better.

Likewise is the work ethics of most of the private organizations. But what I think, is, that losing the control over the organization only looking at its financial aspect, overlooking the organizations employees future over it, is not something worth risking. As it is understood private players has to award their share holders.

So the profit is the priority and they may end up cutting some corners, that is, the jobs and the main motive of public service is never achieved, and creating jobless population is something a developing economy shouldn't look up-to. Cost goes up, as a tax payer one has to pay tax to utilize governmental facilities but for the private facilities its extra besides the regular tax thereby increasing the burden.

Being a non governmental body it is not easy to held them accountable for any wrong doings. Full autonomy is a double edged sword in this context. Might work wonders or might ruin it all. Still many governmental organizations are partly privatized like 75:25 government to private or 51:49 and more but yes the government always has the upper hand in it so it alienates the apprehensions of all those privatization omens and the sense of security is always maintained.

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Manish Yadav said: (Tue, Mar 10, 2015 01:04:06 AM)    
According to me some public sectors should need to be privatized.

Because we all have an experience of the private services and the government services.

For example. If you talk about the healthcare which is a public sector.

And if we compare the conditions of a government hospital and a private hospital, we will definitely get a lots of differences between the services they are providing. etc

I don't know about the other cities but. Whenever I got the chance to read newspaper sometimes I see the news of such type like there is no machine for X-rays. etc. In the biggest government hospital in my city and people are obliged to go to the private clinics for those check ups.

Also I have an experience of doing training in a government industry where I see that according to the time schedule employees need to work for 8 hours but they make their own schedules and work only for 3 hours which is really bad.

That is why I am agreeing with that point, that some public sectors need to be privatized.

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Msridhar said: (Wed, Mar 4, 2015 11:16:15 AM)    
The role of public sector in India is enormous. The private sector is born out of public sector. Any leading private sector company when they are starting they have a man from public sector working for them. They recognize the enormous experience the manager has do not write off public sector employees.

There are people who are as talented or may be more talented than private sector. Due to archaic systems the performance levels may be but low.

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Salil Ostwal said: (Sun, Mar 1, 2015 01:35:18 PM)    
We should do away with socialist mindsets. PSU's should be sold off before they come to a state when no private player will want to buy them. It will fetch government a hefty 2-4 Cr rupees government has no business doing business. It should rather use that money to expedite all it's development projects.

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Ritesh Maurya said: (Tue, Feb 24, 2015 11:45:02 PM)    
Hello friends.

In my opinion the government Should promote the privatization but it should not be in all sector, because there are some sectors are present that can be affected by the privatization.

E.g. Defense ministry.

So here we can say that the privatization must be done in a limit no.of sector that may provides help to our life not affect to our country secrecy.

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Arpit Agarwal said: (Fri, Feb 13, 2015 07:11:48 AM)    
Hi friends.

The need of time is to change yourself as with the technology. But our Indian PSU's are far away from the latest technology changes. So if both private and public sectors come forward to take it as a challenge the days are not far when we will become independent of more and more imports. This will also led to the control on prices in market and also development of economy.

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Arthika said: (Thu, Feb 12, 2015 11:22:56 AM)    
Hi friends, our government runs because of public sector and if it is privatized then there will be no government in India. You all said that public sector people is so lazy and corrupting people.

Why should not we fight against corruption in India? Try to change our government. If public sector privatized then.

1) All our daily needs will become more expensive.

2) The people who are dreaming to work in the public sector their dreams get shattered.

3) The public sector worker will get pf, pensions etc, which will be useful for their future.

Hence, try to change India as a good working government.

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Vyshnavi said: (Wed, Feb 4, 2015 03:49:23 PM)    
I don't think that public sector should be privatized because private sector main intention is profit making whereas public sector concentrates on services to the economy along with profit making.

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Pragya Agarwal said: (Sun, Feb 1, 2015 01:03:24 PM)    
Hello my friends.

I read all points mentioned above. Only one thought striking my mind that every one was saying that public sector employees are lazy, corrupt, inefficient so agreed to change public to private sector not thinking of our poor brothers and sister who would not be able to afford private sector services. In present scenario max youth is joining public sector (reason could be job security). So stop blaming others but put your best and change this mindset that government employees are lazy and inefficient.

And at the end I would only say that it is not the matter of private or public, it depends on person to person ethics. If you are a dedicated person towards your work you would work whether you are in public sector or in private sectors.

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K.K.Joshi said: (Mon, Dec 29, 2014 10:56:13 AM)    
On this blog who are support to privatization of public sectors give me the answer of this question: are you read the article of worse effect of privatization? One example bolivia the american state which suffer the very high hike in price of water delivery charge. After that you will think and give the answer.

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Pankaj Singh said: (Tue, Dec 2, 2014 01:47:27 AM)    
Hello to everyone.

We all very well aware about Indian economy and I want to add some points we have two model one in communist and second capitalism. One is great example is China another is America.

Recent scenario clarified we are going towards capitalism. Capitalism supports to privatization. If we talk about poor people Chinese have free medical, free education with highest no.of institution and America also provides all these facility.

The problem of India is mixed economy bureaucracy and private can not walk together, so India should have to make a clear vision about policy.

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Rajni Ravinder Kumar Bala said: (Tue, Sep 16, 2014 12:36:01 PM)    
Yes its true that privatisation is a need of hour. But the question is full or partial, according to my point of view partial. As our economy is a mixed economy, only privates and only public can't do well. As private banks were introduced to bring competetion in banking sector. In the same way it can be done with other sectors, keep it under Goverment's control upto a limit and further leave it on market forces, let them compete and exist. It will increase productivity, efficiency, cut costs, increase profits and provide better service.

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Sree Varshini Jala said: (Tue, Sep 16, 2014 10:25:22 AM)    
Hi friends,

In my point of view, both public and private sectors playing an important role in the economic and social development of our country. But their approach differs. Private sectors are mainly concentrated on profit making where as public sectors are service oriented along with profit making.

All that we need to do is to adapt the quality of work, importance to customer service and technology from private sector organisations. In my point of view, privatization of public sector should not be done. If privatization takes place the trust and sense of belongingness of public which public sector has developed all these years will be in doubt.

Thank you.

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Amar Ravi said: (Sat, Aug 30, 2014 11:38:20 AM)    
Hello everyone.

No doubt everyone wants a public sector job but according to my point of view there is a huge difference in public sector and privet sector, in public sector basically they have no fixed target, actually they have fixed target but no one is exactly responsible for failure in incomplete of target, for example a company name as HINDUSTAN PAPER CORPORATION this company is in the loss of almost 7,00,00,000 every year from 2008 to till 2014 but this company is still working so, that means no work pressure on the employes of public sector and also because they have fixed salary, but employes of private sector have a workload because if they do not do their work they may lose there job, so for overcoming on such types of problem I think private sector is far far better than public sector for both self and INDIA development.

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Ashmeet said: (Sat, Aug 23, 2014 08:29:03 PM)    
It's good to see that many of us think about the our country India. I read the discussion which was left open, and I respect every point discussed over here, but I personally feel that if the Government of India goes for Partial Privatization in the sectors like Indian Railways, our railways system can grow much better then is is right now; full privatization will lead to monopoly of the private players in the market which will lead to hike in prices for the customers, we say 80% of India's GDP comes from the 20% customer then by privatizing we are neglecting those 20% customers or the citizens of India.

Let's go for the partial privatization or for the outsourcing of the product(s). As we all know the IRCTC is already been passed to Google to handle, Jindal steel is providing the best of the railways tracks.

If not Privatization, then we do have another option to increase the rail(s) for the cargo industry rather than increasing in the passenger. I'm not saying no to increase in train for passenger but after some period of time when the Railways get in to some good profits.

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Arijit said: (Fri, Jul 4, 2014 03:20:33 PM)    
Other sectors I do not know of much but mostly railways needs privatisation right now in India. It's not feasible for such a big and full of prospects industry is being wasted in such a shameful manner. It's such a service which never has been unused for a day! And yet has been running in dreadful losses from we do not know when! Indian economy in my opinion (which may be wrong too! I'm not perfect) can gain a lot from this industry. Yes there should be a controlling boards just like there is in telecom (i.e. TRAI) which will keep a bar over the prices so it won't be unreasonably high!

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Rohit said: (Wed, May 21, 2014 08:26:18 PM)    
Someone here posted about corruption in public sector. It doesn't mean that private sector is free from corruption scams like Satyam has costed a lot of people. So privatization is not panacea to all Problems, If That would be USA wouldn't have faced such a worst economical slowdown.

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Amit said: (Sun, May 4, 2014 07:59:58 PM)    
We are all aware that Private Companies work Only for One Purpose i.e. PROFIT, Nothing Else, Railways is Asset of the Nation this is true that there are many challenges before Railways Poor Sanitation and Frequent Accidents are few of them. Yet These issues need to be addressed within Government Domain, Apart from being Lifeline of Nation, Railways is quite Sensitive even from the perspective of national security, What can be done is lot of other works can be Outsourced to other Private Players, so that Railways may focus on its core issues.

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Raj said: (Fri, May 2, 2014 01:28:00 AM)    
Public sectors shouldn't be privatized because the sectors like education, health, transport, Oil & Gas, are serving the poor people a lot. If these sectors are privatized the poor people cannot afford the prices of private sector.

And some say, public sector should be privatized as government is not efficient, and also, is embroiled in corruption in nearly every department, whether it education coalfields, sports, telecommunication, railways etc. And also many of these departments are under heavy losses.

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Shomeet said: (Sat, Mar 29, 2014 01:08:02 PM)    
Hello friends,

I think private sectors provide good services with high prices and public sectors provide low services with low prices, here we have two options either improve efficiency.

Of public sector by providing them more job responsibility and put strict control on their work activities in order to that transparency and work efficiency will improved or second option is reduce the prices of private sector by controlling over the prices by government.

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Deepak Jain said: (Sat, Mar 22, 2014 08:49:24 AM)    
Hello everyone.

In favour of - public sector is good for all class of people. Just govt should take a note of d employers to how much extend they are working for people in less time and try to work efficiently for d customer. If there is no complain with the public sector than why to make it private.

In against of-there is more corruption in public sector. And they are not working in a efficient manner. If people will not work in a private company they will thrown out the company. So many of the public sector which are less efficient can be privatised.

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Dipak said: (Sat, Mar 15, 2014 12:23:55 AM)    
Hello Friends,

From my points of view, we can't say directly that public sector should be privatized or not. The reason is if you compared it from private on the basis of money, public sector gives services on low prices and it is taken by all the citizen of India. But on the basis of facility, quality private sector comes upon public sector.

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Akshada said: (Fri, Mar 14, 2014 06:43:09 PM)    
Hello Friends,

As per the view of all my friends stated above, it is true that privatization of public sectors will lead in high prices for all things and ultimately middle class (common man) has to repay for it heavily.

As per my view, instead of making public sectors totally private, we should adopt the methodology of private sector that in public places. For eg: In Govt. hospitals there should be a keen watch on activities of the workers and doctors. Timelines and targets should be set for everyone. Regular feedbacks from patients should be taken. In this case it might be possible that sometimes public may also misuse the liberation. At that time the case should be verified and necessary actions must be taken.

The very basic thing of public sector that needs to be changed is the way they interact with the common man. If politeness is taught to every public sector employee most of the work will be simplified. Rudeness, irate, arrogance is the main symbol of public places, due to which most of the people prefer private hospitals etc. If this picture is changed, there are good hopes. Similarly, Govt. should start taking hold of private sector, as though they provide good facility, common man is deprived of all the facilities due to money.

India is a developing country. And if Govt. does not take necessary actions for solving basic needs of Indians, poor will remain poor and will have no chance for further development.

Afterall, Govt. of India levy's heavy taxes in all the sectors and thus is liable to provide good facilities as per the money paid by common man.

Equality, politeness, humble-service, co-operativeness are the things that needs to be nurtured for India to grow at faster rate.

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Partha Pratim Sahoo said: (Wed, Mar 12, 2014 08:01:04 AM)    
According to me, public sectors excluding defense should be privatized with some obligations towards social responsibility imposed on it. Public sector employees having been secured about their job do not get pressure and do not give 100% of their efforts to maximize wealth in most cases. With the intention to earn more giving less effort paves the way of bribery as well as corruption. Now-a-days it took a awful shape in this sector. So this should be put to an end. So finally, public sectors are required to be privatized with some responsibility towards society to secure a better world.

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Abhishek said: (Tue, Mar 11, 2014 04:03:57 PM)    
Friends privatisation of all public sector companies is definitely not the solution to our problems. Privatisation can avail good facilities to us upto certain extent but the cost and factors like security will suffer. As we all know private electrical companies deliver good power but at a much higher price. So we should try to improve the public sector rather than privatising all the public sector.

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Unni said: (Mon, Mar 10, 2014 08:02:04 PM)    
I think now the situation is changed. There is biometric attendance system is introduced in public sector institutions. And bribery can be effectively controlled vigilance. Privatization is not possible in some areas where govt's direct contribution is required.

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Gopal said: (Sun, Mar 2, 2014 11:55:51 PM)    
I think public sector should be privatized because we don't need to give much explanation about it. We know the conditions of public sectors bribery, less working these are some agendas of public sectors. So, for betterment our country it should be done.

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Aviisinha said: (Sun, Mar 2, 2014 09:00:16 AM)    
Respected All friends,

This is just a matter of discussion that which one is better. Public or Private. Should we privatise all public sectors of country like India. We all knows that there are always Pros and cons in each and every sector.

In my opinion we should not to change public into private. Rather think about eradication of existing cons of Public sector. We have to take step to rethink our mindset that we personally like to work in Public sector and want facility from Pvt sectors. This is only because our mind set is like getting a comfortable job. With good salary, working condition and less responsibility is key aim of our life.

Dear friends. Corruption is everywhere private or Public is not a matter of talk that corruption is more in Public sector. We observe that in day to day cases of Corruption is increasing in every sector. We should rather think about changing of our mind set and rather ourself to unite both sectors as a holistic view of PPP (Public private partnership) with all good things together.

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Arun said: (Fri, Feb 28, 2014 08:35:48 PM)    
Public should be privatized because firstly it will decrease the corruption in our country and second is employee in the private sector to provide better condition and reliability comparison to public sector.

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Jayaraman Thiyagarajan said: (Thu, Feb 27, 2014 08:02:05 PM)    
Gone are those days when Public sector employees/executives used to relax and work according to their whims and fancies. But today the scenario has changed. Most of the public sectors are competing with pvt sectors in a better way. Even the Executives pay packages are linked to their Performance. The PSU Industry has undergone a sea change after 1991.

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Manogya said: (Thu, Feb 27, 2014 07:11:06 PM)    
I agree that privatization of any sector increases competition thus promotes better customer sanctification and better services, but there are certain sector which can't be privatized. Like can we privatize defense sector or water supply department?If we privatize water supply each competitor will establish its own pipeline and customer will be distributed and definitely price will increase. So lot of infrastructural issues and other problems which will impact us by emptying our pocket. So we can't privatize every sector and so government has to keep certain powers in their hands so as to keeping the inflation in control.

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Viswanath said: (Thu, Feb 27, 2014 03:30:08 PM)    
Yes I agree with you you all, in Public sector Organizations workers have a fixed job and get a fixed salary. Also they having some allowances with it. The reason for Public sector should privatized because by having a few reasons such as lack of Skilled Management, improper Vision on Production and lack of quality I their work, without having a good vigilance network on their activities it leads to corruption.

By doing privatization we can have good trained employees we can utilized them in proper way, prevention of corruption and doing fair business and without having obstacles on decision making and implementation of new ideas. etc..

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Lalit Soni said: (Tue, Feb 25, 2014 11:37:20 PM)    
According to me, public sector should be privatized. Because we all know that salary of workers in public sectors are fixed. Company's turnover does not affect the salary of individual. They do not get under pressurized. So they don't give 100% efforts. But in private sector job is not secure. Workers have to give 100% efforts because of competition. Thus private sectors grows very well than public sectors.

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Lakshmi said: (Tue, Feb 25, 2014 09:34:07 AM)    
Hi to all,

I think there is no need for privatizing the public sector. Because, it's not the problem with private & public, it's with the people who are working in those. So, what I mean to say is the attitude of the people has to change. It's the only problem in our country. Thank you.

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Shivangi said: (Sun, Feb 23, 2014 12:13:55 PM)    
Hello friends.

I believe both public and private sectors have their own pros and cons for instance red tap-ism, lack of interest and dedication are few against public sector yet there is a brighter side to it like they really do have a very systematic approach (though not functioning at par now) they are more concerned about public welfare (that is the basic underlying principle and the reason behind their nomenclature) unlike private where the basic principle is profit maximization. Public sector even after so many stigmas attached to their very existence caters more public and have highest beneficiaries under their umbrella.

Needless to redundant that private sector have a very dedicated and highly motivated staff, negligible corruption etc. But we must not forget the fact that we live in a nation where majority is combating the battlefield for survival where still people are starving and can not fetch even the basic amenities. So in a nation like this we can not afford to think like an American we have to think like an Indian.

So my friends I believe that rather than debating which is better public or private or should we privatize the public sector (presuming that private sector is better) we really need to think for a sustainable and holistic approach which in my opinion is PPP (public private partnership). PPP should combine the goodness of both and eliminate the cons.

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Dilip Sahu said: (Sun, Feb 23, 2014 11:06:31 AM)    
Hello friends,

My opinion is that government must bring privatization in public sector. It eradicate monopoly from the market and spread the competition in market and open the door for those who want to start venture. Apart from the all government should focus on those area which private sector is not able to run. India is now became a third largest economy in asia because of privatization brought in 1991.

So I think government should take further step to convert public sector into private sector. Now a day we can see a big stagnation in several PSU's such as railway, gov. Hospital, gov. School etc.

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Thiyagachozhan said: (Sun, Feb 16, 2014 12:50:10 PM)    
Hi each and everyone,

First of all why the Public sector should not to be privatized?

The absence of private sector in many departments makes the public sector so lazy. The people working in the public sector is as not so informative to the people as the people working in the private sector. The one and only reason for this fact is that mostly the one who works in the private sector is not an permanent one but the one who is in the public sector is so. It is the major reason which makes them more lazy.

The second thing is that the higher officials of the private sectors are more strict than than an public one because there are under the compulsion to finish the work at the fixed time and in the fixed manner. But the higher officials in the public sector due to political reasons and many there are not as strict as in the private sectors.

I have many reasons for why the public sector to be privatized. They are:

1. Private sectors avail the same facility as that of the public sector in the low cost.

2. Private sectors is more customer friendly than the Public sector.

3. Private sector finishes the job more faster than the Public sector.

4. Negligible amount of corruption in the Private sector. But the Public sector is full of corruption.

5. Private sector people fears on the customers. But the customers fears on the public sector.

We can come to the conclusion easily by seeing the following details:.

The public sector is for people but mostly the people is not preferring the public sector. The ticket fare of the Government express bus is higher than the Private Express bus. Though it is not safe the people prefer the Private Bank than the Government Bank because of the worst service of the Banker in the Government Bank. Likewise there are many reasons why public sector to be privatized.

The Private sector is more customer friendly than the Public sector. So the Public sector should be privatized for the best results.

The Private sector can bring Wealth and Prosperity to any of the nation.

Be corruptless.

Work for the nation.

Jai Hind.

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Priyanka Gupta said: (Thu, Feb 13, 2014 01:59:00 PM)    
Hi to all!

From my point of view rather to get the public converted to private the environment and the way of working should be like private. Today the people who are employed in the public sector have become lethargic as they take their duty for granted. Whereas, in the public sector there is nothing like discipline and creativity. So as per my opinion there should be strictness and target oriented as that in the private sector then only the economic growth will increase.

Further, people think that being in public sector there is no one who can kick them out from their job that is why they do whatever they want. Today the private sector is giving fruitful results just because the employees are always in fear of losing their job so for their own sake they try harder and harder to get established in that company.

So in conclusion, rather than privatization there is a need for proper and strict administration and the promotion should be on the basis of employee achievement and veterans rather than the number of year.

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Amelia said: (Sat, Feb 8, 2014 12:26:48 PM)    
Hello Friends,

Our topic of discussion is public sectors be privatized. In my opinion it should not be done. I don't believe that there is no corruption in private sectors and 'Private means more quality'. As we all know both has +ves and -ves. What should be done is try to implement the positives of private sector in public.

In private sector employment is given on basis of talent and salary is paid on the work done. That policy should be acquired in public sector too. Employees of public sector may be talented, but once they gain a job in public sector, they have a feel that they are safe, and will be employed till 58/60 years regardless of their work. That attitude should be changed by implementing an organisation to keenly monitor their activities and action should be taken against such employees. This will solve the issue of delay and less quality in public sectors.

Reason am saying privatization should not be done is, more than 50% of Indian population is still living below poverty line. Privatization will make life uneasy for them, as there is chance for increase in cost of goods n services. Also its a false belief that corruption doesn't prevail in private sectors. Though it prevails in public sec too, at least we have the right to question it. But in Private sec, we will be given no choice, other than keep mum.

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Varun Singh said: (Sat, Feb 8, 2014 12:28:17 AM)    
HELLO Friends I want to share my views with you. During independence all the powers are in government hands there are no such thing like private sectors even its quite difficult to open up a new private organization due to strict legal measures. But when public sectors privatized there was drastic change occurred in progress, development, innovation, competition, quality of products.

Like if we take an example of Indian banks before privatization, employees like women working there seem to be doing their own work like knitting etc. They were less interested in doing their work properly but after privatization huge change occurs they seem to be focussed in their job because of less security and competition. So to make our nation a developed from developing this could be a one method but also completely making all the public sectors privatized would also deviate from its goal. Because they more involved in money making processes.

And now some public sectors are doing well but in some sectors there is a need of change.


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Upendra.Sangeeta said: (Sat, Feb 1, 2014 02:31:07 PM)    
Hello friends,

In my point of view public sectors should be privatised. Because,

1. The work efficiency of employees of private sector is much more high than that of public sector organisations.

2. Government Is trying to minimize the corruption. But it is just for a shouting. Practically too much corruption is there in public sector. But in private sector the organization is very much conscious about corruption. So it will be minimized.

3. The private organization are more eager to implement the advance technologies and trying to increase product value larger.

4. The employee who is loyal and efficient gets more scopes and rewards in private sector.

5. Private sector creates the environment such that the employ learning capacity improves, laziness of employ decreases. So private sector employ become more efficient than public sector. In public sector the good employs learn laziness and become less efficient.

6. Package of employee of skilled persons are too much in private sector.

7. Moreover for the same investment private sector earns more profit.

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Sudhakar Anand said: (Sun, Jan 26, 2014 12:36:02 PM)    
Hello friends, I would like to suggest my points. I appreciate all the points mentioned.


The government's main goal is to satisfy it's citizens in a variety of different ways: better transportation, better national security, better education, as well as allowing for citizens to keep more of their well-earned money. With that said, sometimes the only way to satisfy all these different societal values is to privatize.


Private-means more effort and sincerity, punctuality, money based on work done. It doesn't provide life security. Good quality at relatively cheaper price. Manufacturing of goods and services will be on time.


I think public and private sectors are necessary for India because improving in economics. Improves the GDP.

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Udit S said: (Mon, Jan 20, 2014 11:34:09 AM)    
When we speak of bringing privatization, we expect the notion to bring along efficiency, completion of a task within scheduled dead line, establishment of liabilities on those who are expected to deliver services, better service experience for those who avail it and all these into an already malfunctioned govt system that is alleged of corruption, delayed performance and in-efficiency.

But privatization also brings along profit driven approach that somehow compensates the very ideology of delivering services to public at minimum cost.

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Mandar said: (Wed, Jan 15, 2014 01:30:08 AM)    
I appreciate all the points mentioned.

Friends, we see aesthetic buildings constructed around us at the same time we are moving on the roads with potholes and the interesting point is that both are constructed by private companies.

Private sector not only constitutes of companies like TATA, Infosys, L&T etc but their are companies like satyam too.

Since, we are working under public sector, we are finding flaws in it but, when we start working under private sector we will come to know its flaws and we won't be able to even complain about it.

So, for a better society it is necessary to take a stand against the flaws of public sector and work upon it.

Exactly the way AAP is working.

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Neeraj Singh said: (Tue, Jan 14, 2014 04:39:59 PM)    
In my point of view both private sector and public sector should work parallel.

I always heard about public sector that when we go for any service the officers denied to do it and ask for bribe. If you don't pay them they ask to next day, again next day or ask different types of documents even unnecessary documents.

So, my suggestion is that people should aware for all service those are provided by public sector. Whats documents are needed, application fee, how long it will take to complete and finally what is process. If any officer denied to serve you take legal action against him and show them whats are public (peoples) rights.

In private sector all things are pre-compromised they serve according what price you have paid them but here also you need to aware about current market price of particular service.

Never compromise with bad service irrespective of public or private sector, always take legal action against them. Be aware for everything and wipe-out corruption from country.

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Sivateja said: (Thu, Jan 9, 2014 07:47:46 PM)    
Hello friends,

After going through the discussion most of the people quoted that privatization is an necessary evil because in privatization decision are spontaneous but one must must think is the decision taken by the private management will be in favor of the public. Second point to be noted is services offered by will be wider extent ? thirdly regarding corruption as it is like virus it can be observed in wide section of working sectors. We can't give assurance that only private sector will make things possible for us but the fact is the private management creates sensation but not services which cannot be afford wide section of people.

Instead of privatization government needed to take certain steps or should adopt certain guide lines which satisfies public.

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Ajay said: (Wed, Jan 8, 2014 08:12:30 PM)    
Hello, friends!

From my point of view when I heard public and private, thoughts that come in my mind are:

1) Public-means 'less effort and sincerity, careless, not punctuality, more money and corruption (black money).

2) Private-means 'more effort and sincerity, punctuality, money based on work done.

Only pros of public sector is that minority (i.e. SC/ST).

In private sector only talented persons will get the job.

Privatization is incomplete solution until its is controlled by an third trusted party.

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Apoorv Tiwari said: (Tue, Jan 7, 2014 06:35:14 PM)    
Hey everybody,

Hmmm. All of you guys are hovering around the points like.

Speed, and.


In privatization, and Corruption in public sector.

As far as the speed and quality is concerned, yes, private sector wins, but the virus of corruption exists therein as well, it is behind the curtain just because common janta of India is not au fait with the private world. And most important, there is no check on the private system so there would be tremendous hike in charges that you people are charged now. In competition there would be reduction in cost though, however we can't be so sure of that.

Now coming to public sector,

We need a stern system to look after the employees. No doubt that most of the population of India is below poverty line and subsidies given to them by public sector relieves their wounds.

Things like corruption, speed can be brought in a day in public system. Why change the window when changing curtains is more than enough.

The best example to illustrate here is AAP's work in Delhi.

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Balaji said: (Thu, Jan 2, 2014 10:56:50 PM)    
I just want to share my recent incident, The Guy who is come for taking unit reading for electricity meter has advance the reading upto 2000 from the meter, and according to them I have to pay Rs - 10,000. While I paid my elec. Bill in advance & I have to pay only for 40 units, I went to electricity office several times but they people always denied to process my request, and they asked me to give him 4000 bugs to make them correct.

After roaming 4 months they did not update my correct bill & disconnect my connection. I spend 2 weeks without electricity in my home. And on every day I went to office but they always said bring this & bring that. Means I can not do anything and ultimately I have to spend 2000 bucks to restore my connection. So my opinion is PUBLIC sector should be PRIVATE. That is more helpful for common man (MANGO PEOPLE).

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Jeet said: (Sat, Dec 28, 2013 10:48:18 PM)    
Hi everyone, since we know that the public sector is full of corruption but still there is some useful things are like in public sector there is reservation for SC/ST etc which helps them to improve. Public sector is only meant for service to citizen. But in private sector the main aim is to maximize profit and all the funds go to the owner of organization. So according to me the public sector shouldn't be privatized.

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Swastika said: (Wed, Dec 25, 2013 08:27:27 PM)    
Hi everyone! we are talking only about corruption in public sector. But in real just think about our government. In private sector only the talented people are getting their job, but in public sector only who giving corruption will get their job. No matter is they really talented, they have capacity to work or not. Only money speaks. At-least people who really have their talents will get benefits by private sector.

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Jaleel said: (Wed, Dec 25, 2013 12:36:25 PM)    
Today peoples also like privatisation because in public sector employers are not do their duty and not properly respond to peoples. Control corruption in privatisation who make mistake they will severely punish and they are properly answer to the peoples. In public sector they are not maintain punctuality The employers will come any time no one can ask them.

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Kishor said: (Mon, Dec 23, 2013 07:22:28 PM)    
When we are discussing about privatisation it is important to understand its benefits and drawback, benefits like efficiency and control over corruption and drawbacks like "risk to poor people" and after analyzing both if benefits are overdoing to drawback, and if there are solution for drawback then we should go for privatisation.

Let's take example of aviation industry after privatisation because of cut throat competition and other factor all of them went into a loss but if we could put some governing body over them who will govern them partly then this issues can be solved and we can relish benefits of privatization without getting affected by its drawbacks.

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K Mohan Reddy said: (Thu, Dec 19, 2013 11:42:52 PM)    
Hello one and all.

The proposition given for discussion is "should the public sector be privatized".

All of we know that public sector means the sectors which having more than 50% sharing by government itself whereas in case of private sectors more than 50% sharing by some individual or some individual organisations.

To me public sectors should not be privatized there should be put strong legislation to minimize corruption in these sector.

No.1 - Strong actions should taken against the employees those who do mistakes.

No.2 - A proper agenda should be maintain.

No.3 - Complain facility must be taken into consideration.

If public sectors are privatized government should keep an eye on these sectors to maintain the cost of products because as we know that private sectors are profit oriented so there may be maximum chances increase in cost to increase their profit those may effects on poor or middle class people.

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Preethi said: (Tue, Dec 17, 2013 03:14:44 PM)    

I wish to appreciate everyone's thought. In my point of public sector can't be privatized and shouldn't too. We all know the fact that each coin has two sides. Like that taking everything it has both advantages and disadvantages. Why don't we take everything in a positive manner?

All are mostly speaking about corruption. But why don't we take a step to avoid it?did you think about that?all of us are related with public sector. Everyone are responsible for our government. There is no need of privatization if public sector will do their work in a proper manner.

Have a pleasant evening. !

Thank you.

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Vinay Sankar said: (Mon, Dec 16, 2013 03:55:29 PM)    
Hello friends !

Public sector should be privatized. It is obvious that corruption is showering on people of India because of the drunken public sector, by introducing the schemes which benefit them rather than common people.

It is always true that private sector seek for profits, but it is a single organizations profit. But in public sector every political leader tries to get profit, creating large body to be profited. Hence, controlled private sector is always far better than a public sector.

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Vijay said: (Tue, Dec 10, 2013 01:34:22 AM)    
Hallo friends.

According to me there is no need to make convert government entities into private sector because corruption is mainly due to one inner instinct and the culture of the organization best example to quote is Gujrat state all the government owned departments are free from corruption and setting new benchmark in following time lines also and all developed countries such as USA, France, Australia government owned co there is no sign of corruption.

For eradication of corruption people should stop giving its a kind of vicious circle we have created for ourselves and get trap our self so in my opinion so should blame our self rather than changing the structure of organization.

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Sumit Singh said: (Fri, Dec 6, 2013 11:11:52 PM)    
Yes, I think public sector must be privatized. Because in public sector corruption is flowing like a river. People involved in public sector think they got their position, this is end, no one can terminate them. They ignore their work, their responsibilities. It effects our system badly. They are pushing us in backward direction. They don't understand the value of time, responsibilities, human value. In private sector people always care for their work because they are always monitored by the higher authorities. They get their salary for their job not for their position.

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Ashish said: (Thu, Dec 5, 2013 08:37:01 PM)    
Hello Everyone,

I support privatization of public banks as privatization will increase competition and due to it, banks will try to focus more on the developing and more they develop, economy will get benefited sideways.

The matter of face some people are telling that poor might be ignored in that race, people we have regulators like RBI present to stop that, they can or rather they have made it mandatory to give or lend some percentage of money to the sectors and people who are in real need of money.

Corruption to the matter of fact will go if we will stop it which is quite a task in a developing nation like ours to stop but slowly and gradually we are improving on that front also.

Employees should get the benefit of government perks even in private sector, something like that should come up to secure there JOBS, so that they can work there minds, heart and soul out for the Employer.

For welfare of society RBI should regulate terms, rest let the private sector come in and make benefit we will be benefited in the end.

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Mahadevan said: (Thu, Dec 5, 2013 02:58:15 PM)    
Corruption is mixed in the blood of Indians, only way to tackle in some extend is Privatisation. TATA, Reliance, Infosys and so many others are doing extremely well in India and carried out lots of charity works in India. You people should realise the loss of nation in 2G and Cole-gate scandal and the culprits are roaming free without any guilty. Conversion of public sector into private is my prayer to God.

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Purti said: (Sun, Nov 24, 2013 04:35:22 PM)    
Hello friends.

I appreciate to all of you what you all said, but according to me it is not necessary to make public sector as a private because doing so it harm many departments. Public sector is backbone of our economic and social welfare and I don't mean that private sector is bad. Somewhere private sector is fulfill their employees need by providing them good salary but it doesn't provide life security. But rather than it Public sector provides life security, job security and providing some type of life insurance which help the employees at their unfortunate condition.

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Guddu Kumar said: (Tue, Nov 19, 2013 07:33:55 PM)    
I think we do not have to do so if we can improve in our current condition of public sector like restrict the corruption because this the reason due to which we do not believe in public sector. And due to which unemployment is increasing and getting cheaper quality of goods. Thanks.

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Manu said: (Wed, Nov 13, 2013 08:47:40 PM)    
Hello dear I am Manu,

Privatization and public sector both play a important role to grow up the nation but privatization is more effective in India because India is a developing country where corruption rate is very High. Privatization tends to create a competition by the help of competition it will be better for public, it means they will use good services with limit price.

Privatization have following Advantage.

- It pay high tax to government.
- High quality product.
- It provide effective service.

In India corruption rate are really very high especially in Government office so I am always in the favor of privatization specially in India.

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Latika said: (Thu, Nov 7, 2013 09:51:07 PM)    
Hello All,

In my opinion, public sector should be privatized. I understood the concerns of people saying about the poor people that because private sector is meant for profit it will not concern the general public. But friends, we are ignoring some major points. If they are meant for profit they will also bring revenue to the country, more people will be employed. Think for a instance if a new manufacturing plant is set up, would not that need labour.

We talk about government schools providing education, there are not even chairs and notebooks for students. Take the example of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, that have the minimum fare of Rs 8, comparing DTC buses charging 5, in 3 Rs we are ignoring the comfort, ease the person has, and it can be afforded by poor people. At last I would like to say, that privatization should be done and it should start as early asap, at least let economy grow rather than these politicians.


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Krishnb said: (Tue, Nov 5, 2013 10:12:21 PM)    
Its a long discussion. But there is a very basic question we must answer before we go ahead. -"whether India is ready for complete privatization ". There are certain advantages and disadvantages of both. I would like to point out some of the concerns regarding privatization at this juncture-.

1. A huge part of India is still undeveloped and in spite of Government subsidies and tax benefits private players are not eager to tap those markets. The very structure of Public-private existence is necessary until those areas develop to an optimum level so attract private companies.

2. Regulatory clearance is a major hurdle in India as of now. And no private sector is making any advance in mastering that. 300 coal mines were allotted to private sector since 1993. Only a few of them (around 30) is producing coal today at a capacity which is mere 10% of their total potential. Whatever coal is produced in India today that is from CIL (a PSU) mining fields. And if you people are following news and recent CAG report, you would know, how many big private homes are named in the Coal scam. So, in no way one can buy the theory of "privatization means more productivity and less corruption".

3. Whereas private companies have more access to external capital markets and funds, this factor at the same time creates vulnerability in terms of job security in Indian market. With dollar or euro getting a bit up or down can create lots of job cuts and salary underpayment. You must follow the global economic trend and FDI s & FII s moving in and out of Indian market. So there is a serious concern about "Liability" of private firms at present time.

4. Particularly, in manufacturing sector-with privatization of major equipment manufacturer's and power sector giants- Indian market will fill up with Chinese machines. Chinese manufacturers have certain cost advantage over Indian manufacturers-first -they enjoy substantial government subsidy from their government. The structure of their financing is based on cheap state loans-unlike India where companies are dependent on equity and debt market for investments. Moreover China has a current capacity over-addition and they are looking for emerging countries to export their products. This will kill Indian industries. So in future if china fails to deliver, we no longer will have an industry in our country to look up to.

5. Although health care is grossly under developed in India, privatization of this sector is a big no. I don't need to elaborate much on this, as I am sure many of you are following "obama care" and recent US government Shutdown. With 30% of its population living below poverty line, India can't afford a health care industry modeled on health insurance policies.

These were jut some of my concerns. I can go on and on. But before that, I would like too have your opinion.

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Raj Sharma said: (Sat, Oct 26, 2013 06:11:55 PM)    
Public should be privatized but up to certain limit. Under private control there is no corruption and no time delay in working process while this all are there in public sector. And it may be possible that due to privatization cost may be increased because it is profit oriented sector. And process like compensation in government service like providing job to son of person who died during his job, I am not against the compensation provided but compensation in term of job, this must not be there. If a person who is more qualified for that job, give it to him/her rather than giving like compensation. So losses will be low, more economy, more growth etc.

Rate this:   +21   -3

Naveen Pushpak said: (Sat, Oct 26, 2013 01:44:20 AM)    
I think this can happen.


The efficiency of every worker will increase tremendously.

The GDP will increase.

Good quality at relatively cheaper price (more competition).

More jobs offering (creation of more sub companies).

Manufacturing of goods and services will be on time.

-ve points.

High price of some essential items on which Government provides subsidy (like fertilizer, oil, petrol, water).

The poorer will become more poor (no subsidy scheme for them, no employment since they lack education).

Rate this:   +18   -7

Simmi Saxena said: (Thu, Oct 24, 2013 08:49:30 PM)    
I think we should look on both side i.e. towards the development of the country and also towards the welfare of general public. There is a need to privatize some sectors like electricity because this sector is going under huge losses because illegal light connections and also education system because I don't think government school students have self confident in them or they prepared themselves as per the need of today's competitive world. The mind set up of these sector people should be in this way so that they can help in economic development of India as well as keep in mind that poor people can also live in better way in a developing India.

Rate this:   +5   -7

Rahul Chadha said: (Tue, Oct 22, 2013 11:22:35 AM)    
From my point of view privatization of PSU companies shouldn't be done because development aspect would get buried under profit making aspects. Facilities like medical, education, transport etc would become costlier. No doubt that private companies.

1). Make more profit than government companies.
2). Salaries of worker are high.

But the expenditure is equally high.

Private company provides:

1). No medical facilities.
2). No education facilities.
3). No job security.
4). If your father/son died during job family would get nothing on other hand PSU provides some relieving facilities.
5). Same product same price but weight get reduced. Ever viewed surf excel or RIN weight printed.

So I think privatization shouldn't be done.

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Ankit said: (Sat, Oct 19, 2013 05:27:29 PM)    
In my opinion, private sectors are well managed and cost effective. Government sectors have applied so many policies but they are not able to execute them properly which not only affects the customer experience but makes it also unprofitable for government too. So privatization can result in very cost effective policies, well management and satisfactory customer experience.

Many have been saying that private sector will emphasize on making more and more profit, and that can be true too. But with transparency and proper co-ordination with government (like subsidies) , services can also be made affordable to poor people.

SO ultimately, it will have a very good impact on our economy.

Rate this:   +12   -1

Mohit Sorari said: (Fri, Oct 18, 2013 10:55:32 PM)    
As the name public sector speaks itself this sector is for benefit of general public whereas private sector is for profit for either an individual or for a group of individuals. Privatizing public sector will result in transforming this sector into a profit making organisation rather than working for the growth of the country. Moreover privatizing is not the only solution to eradicate growing corruption in public sector.

Indeed private sector feels like a blessing in disguise but you need to take into account both the negative and positive aspects.

But still some of the Public sector sections like transport, education etc. Can be privatized but an eye must be kept over them. Its not the public sector we need to change but we need to change the mindsets of the people running these sectors.

Rate this:   +8   -5

Anu said: (Fri, Oct 18, 2013 04:16:16 PM)    
According to me public sector like transport should be privatized. Because public sector undergoes lot of corruption. They are not working properly. The vehicles are not maintained properly.

Rate this:   +12   -9

Ravi said: (Wed, Oct 16, 2013 10:44:42 PM)    
According to me the money in the world is not equally distributed among all. Those people who have more money can make use of private resources but others are not they have to use on public resources which is somewhat at low cost & this case happens in every field i.e. from from education to all aspect of life.

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Prateek said: (Tue, Oct 15, 2013 01:22:48 AM)    
According to my opinion Public Sector should not be Privatized as we all know that the main aim of the Private company is to make profit so if Public sector go in their hand they can increase the price of the service. And also our Public sector like NTPC is doing their job Perfectly and which should not be disturbed.

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Aditya said: (Fri, Oct 11, 2013 11:00:31 PM)    
According to me privatization is not imposed on every government sector but there is some other sector like electricity should be privatized means there is some sector where we need to make it private but education like sector is not privatized because poor people unable to get benefit of low cost education and low cost health facilities.

Rate this:   +20   -3

Adithya said: (Fri, Oct 4, 2013 07:54:06 AM)    
Hello friends,

According to my opinion public sectors shouldn't privatized because the sectors like education, health, transport there serving the poor people a lot. If these sectors are privatized the poor people cannot afford the prices of private sector. And more over the public sector employees are more educated and talented but the thing is they are not working properly. By making stringent rules we can make them more efficient.

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