Should India break Diplomatic Ties with Pakistan?

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Subhi Tomar said: (Tue, Sep 29, 2015 09:31:10 PM)    
Hello everyone.

According to my point of view we should break the diplomatic ties with Pakistan they always cheat us. Whenever we put the friendship hand towards the Pakistan they always provide the irrespective to our country. In 1999 we offers the friendship & piece for Pakistan at that time, what they gave us? Nothing only cheat.

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M G Singhal said: (Mon, Aug 17, 2015 08:58:35 AM)    
The experience of India in the last 67 years with Pakistan has amply made it very clear to every one that any effort by India to build good neighborly relations, is not going to work. We have been doing it since beginning and the result is known to all of us. The basic reason behind this is that the ruling elite in Pakistan including primarily its military, has a very deep rooted hatred for India and any thing Indian, for historical reasons. Their polices with respect to India are based on this.

They would never stop their games even if, Kashmir issue is settled in their favor, since the basic cause that is, their hatred for India and its success story will still remain. In spite of all the terror they have unleashed on India in the last more than 20 years and four wars, breaking diplomatic relations with them is not the answer. We need to have a presence in Islamabad to continue to know what all new games they are planning against us and what all is happening in that country.

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Rhythm Singla said: (Sun, Jul 19, 2015 02:11:01 PM)    
Truly speaking, not only India but the world even cannot believe Pakistani rulers. Public may not be that much bad. But looking at the past and browsing history regarding Pakistani rulers, they have always been treacherous and deceivers. While dealing with Pakistan, India must analyse the history of Bharat since the rule of invader devil Babur.

In Bharat, the Mughals have never been humans and Pakistani being their offspring and fellow beings can not in any matter or front be believed or relied. There are many things negative and devilish in Pakistan coincided in the above facts, but cannot be narrated here. Once one will analyse the above facts, he will get the answer of the question being raised.

Pakistan has fought four wars with India and has been consistently sponsoring terrorist organisations to spread hatred between communities through terrorist activities in India. Pakistan has always opposed India in international forums and has always made sure to keep the lip service going.

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Eaton Mapedze said: (Thu, May 7, 2015 06:33:59 PM)    
Diplomacy in the modern era is the only way to go forward. War at this time not a far game. Even though there is a strong feeling that one party is benefiting than the other. If you are not supporting peaceful resolutions what can be the alternative.

What would be its implications to the majority of the people. Taking example of what is happening in Israel - Palestinian war thousands of people if not millions are displaced.

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Prakash said: (Wed, Nov 26, 2014 12:06:40 PM)    
Truly speaking, not only India but the world even cannot believe Pakistani rulers. Public may not be that much bad. But looking at the past and browsing history regarding Pakistani rulers, they have always been treacherous and deceivers. While dealing with Pakistan, India must analyse the history of Bharat since the rule of invader devil Babur.

In Bharat, the Mughals have never been humans and Pakistani being their offspring and fellow beings can not in any matter or front be believed or relied. There are many things negative and devilish in Pakistan coincided in the above facts, but cannot be narrated here. Once one will analyse the above facts, he will get the answer of the question being raised.

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Pratyush Raj said: (Tue, Nov 11, 2014 11:20:05 PM)    
This is a hot topic and can have people getting emotional and speaking in favour of the idea right from the start. However there are a lot of points that one can put forward against the idea of scrapping all diplomatic ties with Pakistan and these points can actually help a candidate get some good brownie points for thinking practically and not emotionally.

First the obvious reasons for scrapping diplomatic ties with Pakistan.

Pakistan has fought four wars with India and has been consistently sponsoring terrorist organisations to spread hatred between communities through terrorist activities in India.

Since the time of independence Pakistan has back stabbed India on numerous counts " funding terrorist activities, violating ceasefire norms. The recent beheading of Indian soldiers is one such example, countless others can be given for this point.

Pakistan has also held for over 60 years what is rightfully Indian territory " Pakistan occupied Kashmir. India has been a sizeable amount of defence funds every year to safeguard its territory and prevent any further intrusion by Pakistan.

Pakistan has taken India for granted and inspite of all efforts to maintain cordial diplomatic ties Pakistan has been the initiator of aggression.

Pakistan is a fragmented state and its governance and administration is in tatters. It does not make sense for India to make efforts for diplomatic ties with Pakistan when it might not gain anything out of it.

Pakistan has always opposed India in international forums and has always made sure to keep the lip service going.

Scrapping all diplomatic ties with Pakistan also has a lot of disadvantages.

Trade and Commerce: Pakistan is a major trade partner for India and imports a lot of Indian manufactured goods. Scrapping of diplomatic ties would hence mean loss of trade for India (no matter how small).

This would also mean that the situation between India and Pakistan would become increasingly tense in the future. This means that any situation can potentially spark of aggression from either side and India would always have to be on the guard and spruce up its defences.

Regional stability: Pakistan is a strong neighbour of India and maintaining cordial ties with Pakistan is very important for India to preserve regional peace. Any kind of aggression, conflict, battle can lead to disturbance in the region of Southeast Asia affecting investment and trade and commerce in both the countries.

Since Pakistan is a fragmented state now, it is quite a possibility that certain forces in Pakistan might be trying to sabotage the peace process and derailment of the peace process with only serve the vested interest is these forces.

Hence it is important to keep the peace process for various reasons. At the same time it can very well be argued that India should take a strong stand and let go of its image of being a soft state.

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Rohit Sharma said: (Tue, Aug 26, 2014 11:52:25 AM)    
Definitely. There is no harm breaking diplomatic ties with Pakistan. It's much better to have no relationship with such country than a disguised one. The people of India should understand the gravity of situation that's Gandhian attitude isn't going to win the Pakistani's heart especially when the life of our innocent soldiers are not stake.

Sometime it becomes necessary to take rigorous action. India should make inroads in its border issue and invade Pakistan before it gets too late. It's better to go for a big fight rather than these skirmishes and ceasefire violations intermittently by Pakistani army and not to mention civilian casualty claimed in this process too. The time has come for India to take bold decision and change its policies toward Pakistan.

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Priya said: (Tue, Jul 29, 2014 07:05:59 PM)    
According to me diplomatic ties should not be broken with Pakistan.

I do have strong points to say this,

First of all we have to understand, Pakistan is one of our neighboring countries to break.

Of ties means to give birth to another kargil war, though India have major economy than Pakistan. War is something which is not entertained by any countries, common people doesn't want war, as whenever their is war it is the jawans, soldiers, common.

People who have to give their life, and it doesn't bring to any solution, rather it becomes a root cause to another war, and we will lose our economy also,

Then we have to then give more importance to the defense and not to the developing and manufacturing sector, so its well clear that War is not the ultimate solution.

Pakistan is a country which is controlled by the militants and armies and we are making ties to the political parties,

So therefore we can see no such solution coming up, and we find we are betrayed each and every time. We have no other way, its better to make friends than to Make enemies. Terrorism in Pakistan can be reduced to an extent, as we have to understand Pakistan supports terrorism as they get money by supporting that,

Now if we strengthen our economic ties if we support them more economically.

If Pakistan gets financially sound by our help they will not go in wrong path.

India being a country followers of mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, we are the followers of non-violence, and in that way we can strengthen our power over country Like Pakistan. Its time for our nation to become a developed nation by giving a helping hands to our neighboring countries, not to Get into some conflicts.

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Harsha Subbaiah said: (Mon, Apr 7, 2014 01:49:21 PM)    
Hi all,

About the Friendship part of it, all that I wanna comment is that they are our neighbors now, and its close to impossible to wish away your neighbor.

Pakistan has been a pain for us and strangely for its on inhabitants. Yes, we have suffered losses uncountable times, but severing ties won't do no good. This is not a fight or a confrontation between two individuals, but between two of the world's most populous countries with varied mind sets. So if one peace process or one shake hand gets slapped back or ignored I don't think either of us should take the road of derailment.

Personally we are intertwined through culture and mannerisms, its just a bad incident rather more have caused us to throw bricks at each other. I mean if we keep doing this forever, we reaching no where.

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Nikhil Goyal said: (Mon, Mar 31, 2014 12:00:11 PM)    
According to me India should break diplomatic ties with pak. Because every time when India put the friendship hand towards the pakistan India had paid for this. Pak always betrayed India. Last year at the border we see that Indian army had killed by pakistan soldiers. And our government do thing and again after 2 days 4 Indian army had killed again and then Indian government remain quiet. And there are many example like pak. Do terrorist attack on Indian innocent people. But India always forget this all thing and make a friendship hand toward them, . But acc. To me its the time to show India. India shows its power not to do fight but just have cut off all the relation with pak so that they get to know what is India. Fight is not the solution because we know that if fight is to be started in both countries India definately win. But the Indian soldiers and the people will die in that fight also a lot of money is wasted in this. And it is not the time to lose the money. So I think India have to break the diplomatic ties with the pakistan but without any fight.

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Ravi Saharanpur said: (Wed, Mar 5, 2014 01:15:55 AM)    
Don't know why Indian government and its policies are so flexible for Pakistan. Are we not strong enough to take away four heads if they took two? And why we always go to UN for complaining anything related Indo Pak. I am at confusion that either our Government do not understand or do not want to understand that UN also wants the same thing that Pak army do. So not only to teach a lesson to Pakistan but also to prove strong and self dependent in front of UN like organisation, it is very necessary to break all diplomatic ties with Pakistan.

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Naman Nischal said: (Sat, Jan 25, 2014 01:21:32 AM)    
Hello friends,

I think that something which comes into world due to hatred, can't be good for anyone.

Pakistan has taken birth by a futile violence and riots. It is the enemy of India from our very first Independence day. And in 67 years of our independence, Pakistan has given innumerable proofs that it doesn't deserve the friendship of India. So Indian government should also just discard Pakistan. And I think that, it may sounds ironical, but it can also avoid wars with Pakistan because a war only happens if there is some sort of conflict, some sort of strife is present in between the nation. And conflict arises if you communicate with them. But if India just part its way from Pakistan and breaks all the relationship, whether it is good or bad, both nation I think will be in peace because the best way to resolve enmity is to just discard all the relationship with your foe.

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Dhruv said: (Tue, Jan 21, 2014 12:06:59 PM)    
Hello Friends,

In my opinion, We shouldn't be friend with Pakistan because of the following reasons:-

1. Our Financial capital Mumbai was terrorized by the terrorist who killed 200 people on July 11, 2006. Investigations told that they were backed by the ISI but Pakistan as always refused and even after they were given proofs no actions have been taken till now.

2. Who can forget the 26/11. 10 terrorist killed 173 people and wounded 310 in Mumbai. Whenever we ask Mr. Shariff where the case stands no comments is the answer.

3. ISI offered $15, 000-30, 000 dollars to Taliban to kill all the Indian contractors in Jalalabad, Kabul, Herat, Kandahar& Mazar-E-Shariff in Afghanistan. This Info was given to us by the US intelligence.

4. They think that they have got a friendly support of China so they can do anything to us they are living in dreams which we will love to break. As one of us said if we can create them then we also have the power to destroy them.

5. Pakistan Supported Don Dawood Ibhrahim even when they knew how important this man to INDIA but they didn't told that he was living there for past 6 months.

6. 195 violations of ceasefire on LoC in 2013, 93 in 2012 and 45 in 2011.

I think these reasons are enough to make one understand the Pakistan can never be friends with India even if we try to have peace talks with them. So no talks are necessary.

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Piyush Sharma said: (Tue, Dec 24, 2013 10:08:40 PM)    
We were separated due to a reason. We are trying to due to a reason.

And it is same i.e. war. We should not break our ties with pak as it will only lead to another KARGIL war. Yes there are restrains in the form of terrorist attacks and many more but that doesn't mean we should let our anger control our senses. This is an important thing for both countries.

We should try to make good relationship with others.

If you really think there is something really fishy going on then you just know what to do.

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Sapan Kumar Das said: (Tue, Dec 24, 2013 03:20:47 PM)    
India shouldn't break it's diplomatic ties. In My opinion India and pak should get united and become one country so that no more territory problems. This may lead to a birth of a more stable and strong country in all aspects. Further more bangladesh should also get united with (India and pak). In my view this is the proper solution to all kind of disputes.

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Kishore said: (Sun, Dec 15, 2013 09:30:15 PM)    
Yes, India should break all its diplomatic ties with Pakistan but with peaceful negotiations. And many of our friends suggest that India should declare war with Pakistan and should clear all ties but if we do that it may lead to another attacks like 26/11,mecca masjid attack. So we need to handle this carefully.

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Rajat Dubey said: (Thu, Dec 12, 2013 01:07:56 AM)    
I do understand that we are always at the risk of a nuclear war with our unstable neighbour. However our all talks with them have failed. Now its the time to do what needs to be done. End up all relations with them because good & healthy relations cannot be established on pile of dead bodies of the innocent.

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Neha said: (Wed, Dec 4, 2013 10:58:37 AM)    
Hi friends.

Let us take a practical example related to our life. In our village if our neighbor is irritating us and always planning conspiracy (Shadyantra) for us, so in replay, if we are mature then we have to do war or to give the answer by utilizing our mind? hope you got the answer, a matured person never do war, because in war he can loss of him also, so he can use his mind, discuss with his family and bring a successful conclusion which not harm to his family.

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Ashish Sharma said: (Fri, Nov 29, 2013 04:09:54 PM)    
I strongly feel that India should FINISH all the relationships and its sources with Pakistan. HOWEVER Pakistan itself has ended all the communications with India but we Indians still proceed to give respect to those prevaricators. All the terrorists come from Pakistan and reside in India and eat, drink and devise the terror attack in India for India at last I say that its waste of time and money with them Also Pakistan is our closed neighbour, and a good relation with its neighbour will lead to build a great nation, so we can't do this so we change our terminology.

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Nancy said: (Sat, Nov 9, 2013 01:00:53 PM)    
Hi! everyone.

In my opinion, India is a great country in the Asia. I think India relationship with Pakistan is good reason. Because Pakistan have many problem in the their country, if Pakistan has friend with other country it good to share problem than Pakistan will get new idea and maybe Pakistan will stop their problem.

Thank you everyone.

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Nirshu said: (Thu, Nov 7, 2013 12:19:59 PM)    
Hello friends.

Its a very serious topic, and as we know India is known for its democratic & friendly behavior wit others throughout the globe.

But so far as Pakistan is concerned, the way they had attacked on our soldiers, J&K ceasefire violations, and many such kind of activities which had effected our society & culture. So seeing all these things I think Indian government should break his tie and give them a strong punch. So that they could understand that if we can create them, we have the power to destroy them too.

Thank you.

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Anshul Goyal said: (Wed, Nov 6, 2013 08:24:05 PM)    
Hi friends, in my opinion we should not forget that how pakistan had given us pain by killing our brothers and sisters. And I don't think that after not taking any action they will think that we are weaker. We have to take some actions against them.

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Tanmoy said: (Wed, Oct 23, 2013 07:46:52 PM)    
I don't think India should finish all his relations with Pakistan. War with Pakistan make the situation more complex. India and Pakistan both are developing countries. good relation between two countries helps to develop both countries. Greater trade with Pakistan would open possibilities of transit trade and market access beyond Pakistan into Central Asia. same case happen to Pakistan. Further, a proposed Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project would allow Turkmenistan to supply 33 billion cubic meters of gas to India and Pakistan for a 30-year period. So we can say a stable good India-Pakistan relation benefit both India and Pakistan.

Now, India and Pakistan both have some common problems like poverty, corruption, unstable economy etc. I think a stable and friendly region would help both countries to solve their problems.

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Liberator said: (Tue, Oct 22, 2013 09:37:28 PM)    
Hi friends, I was a person who believed in days of peace between India & pak. But our tolerance has a limit. Even when we have ability to retaliate, we remain silent. This is not due to our fear of pak, but due to pain of seeing millions loosing their lives. Pak rangers have violated ceasefire along LOC a thousand times over the past few months. They even mutilated our brave soldiers.

Instead of going to war we should weaken pak. Place ban on their arms purchases, freeze their overseas investments. Above all India should strengthen and place a virtual control over pak government as it can establish peace with India.

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Rahul said: (Sun, Oct 6, 2013 08:57:53 PM)    
The problem is more with the politicians than the terrorists. Regarding the present scenario India should focus mainly on making stern measures, strengthening its law, its spy agencies. And above all punish those politicians who are reportedly found in being attached to scams. A solid stern measure can obviously make a "no war" message to the pakistan government.

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Abhishek Soni said: (Tue, Sep 24, 2013 07:42:07 PM)    
Hi friends. War is not a solution of any problem. War between two nuclear country is foolishness. There is no doubt that India is more stronger than Pakistan and more developed than pak. THis is also true If war takes place India will win. But what we will get with wars. Already three wars have happened. And nothing was achieved.

Wars always results in violence and killing of innocent people and a lot of soldier not in destruction of real reason of war. End of one war sows the seed of next war. Our problem is not with pak army. Our problem is terrorist groups in pak. I am in favor of war If these terrorist group will participate in war from front. Then the war will be useful. Also now a day Indian economy is at decliment. War will cause a lot of wastage of money. But I am also not in the favor of talk and peaceful meeting, having delicious lunch with pakistan leader. India Instead of this should take some strict decision. Mere cancel of cricket tour will not work. They should not give any fundamental help to Pak like water and light etc until they show some improvement.

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Jyotsun said: (Mon, Sep 23, 2013 01:18:31 PM)    
Hello! Friends in my point of view India should not be break their relations with pakistan because war is not the ultimate solution to stop the terrorism. We all know that every time pakistan cheats India and pakistan did not do anything regards this terrorism. So I think our government should think about this and take some wise steps.

If we attack the pakistan then many innocent people will be killed, we can say that for killing the mosquito's of our house we did not burn our house. We cannot forget all the terrorist attacks that pakistan did because of these attacks many people suffers they lost their houses and their family members What is the fault of those people.

At last I want to say that Attack that individual or group collect enough evidence to show Pakistan like america done in case of laden. Our govt politicians even remark like this that people join army to die. If we underestimate and show sincerity to Pakistan after our soldiers killed brutally one day will must come when no one will join Indian army.

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Ritu Pandey said: (Tue, Sep 17, 2013 04:46:18 PM)    
Hi friends,

I think its all over now. Pak has shown its real face. Now its our turn. Whatever happened in last few months is just enough to judge what pakistan want to do. We are tolerating pak since 1947, now how much we will tolerate all the ill deeds?Each and everything has its limit and now pakistan has crossed its limit and now we have to answer the brick by rock. In my point of view we should break all the diplomatic ties and deals with pakistan and teach a strong lesson so that it never think of it again.

Thank you.

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Akhil Prathap said: (Mon, Sep 9, 2013 10:37:43 AM)    
Just think about a situation where India and Pakistan agreed to join for both the countries sake and then we can imagine a situation where the most brilliant and amazing armed forces and thus we can avoid the terror of the terrorists.

Also the developmental activities in Pakistan and under developed Kashmir can be put under progress. Also we can diminish the rate of population in India by the friendly migration of indians to pakistan. You all know that India is now the second largest country in population. And the govt is saying after studies that we are going to beat china within 50 years. Also when we attempt to rejoin with pakistan many other countries will also show the tendency like us thus we can provide a multipolar world and can avoid situations like wars and all.

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Intikhab said: (Sun, Aug 25, 2013 06:37:04 PM)    
Friends, War is not the solution to resolve the issue between India and Pakistan. An eye for eye will make the whole world blind. We had fought three major wars and one proxy war with our arch rival Pakistan. What we gain? Whether we able to establish peace with them? Answer is 'No'. The differences increased a lot and as a resultant Terrorism is byproduct of our rivalry. Peace can only be sought if both countries starts bilateral talks with positive and truthful gesture. India is making a big leap forward in terms of development and this is not the time to engage our self in war or revolts, we must improve our relations with our neighbours.

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Moin said: (Thu, Aug 22, 2013 07:11:15 PM)    
In my opinion just breaking the relation or tie up is not the solution. Every country is surrounded by society, which comprise of good people, gentlemen's, senior citizen. As whole it consists of many families. About "Terrorism", every home consists of cockroaches, just to kill them you can't burn the house. Same way breaking the relation is not an option. Pakistan is bit occupied by taliban who's playing all this strategies. The role of a human should be towards humanity. We can put a step forward at least by letting Pak players play in IPL, Cricketers are just Cricketers they are not terrorists. Once we (Indians) lend our hands of friendship then the later steps will come up automatically.

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Sanjeev Seth said: (Thu, Aug 22, 2013 04:27:37 PM)    
All the works of sardar vallabhai patel is going in vain. He united India and today it is getting bifurcated into a number of states. Regionalism, in near future is going to harm our country manifold.

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Pavan said: (Wed, Aug 21, 2013 02:03:26 PM)    
I don't think breaking relation is the solution to any problem. The best way to solve any problem is to sit together and talk, breaking relationship will only lead to anger and loss of economy. In Pakistan the military is the supreme power greater than the supreme court and government Breaking relationship will only hurt the business and common people, common people are struggling to earn their livelihood they haven't done any wrong so why break the diplomatic relationship. The main problem is the negative thinking of the govt and some official peoples of the pak military. There corruption is very high and people for the sake of votes provoke the people of pak against India and fill their vote banks. Hence, I don't think breaking diplomatic relation is the answer.

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Pritam said: (Sun, Aug 18, 2013 01:45:25 AM)    
According to my point of view we should not break the relation with pakistan because both countries facing same problems of terrorism. Not only pakistan, India also have terrorist groups like simi, one group in kerala etc so we should try to eradicate the terrorism from both countries by help the to eradicate the terrorism. All pakistan's people are not terrorist some people are trying to spoil the relation b/w two countries for their selfishness. If we break relation with pakistan then it is encouragement for those people. We should concentrate on development, education, new technology, new infrastructure that help us to increase our economy. War is just waste of time and money that is retrospect move.

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Sushree Kanti Panigrahi said: (Sat, Aug 17, 2013 08:42:49 PM)    
To my mind, India should keep friendly relation with pak in the current situation.

We can't change our geography. We have to accept pak as our neighbour. Wars and fights will only lead to loss of lives and property of many innocent people. So we should engage pak in dialogues and as a big brother of pak we should be friendly with them.

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Dibya Sahoo said: (Fri, Aug 16, 2013 10:35:27 PM)    
the partition of indian subcontinent is 66 years old.14th of august,1947 was the starting phase of india pakistan division.Till today the conflict hasn't decreased and peace is also not established.Today also the roaring of the rifles can be heard at the border.Last week 5 brave soldiers of indian army were ended to life by some pak soldiers.It is a matter of great concern that pakistan is breaking the no weapon treaty.India should take necessary steps to stop this

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Tahir Shah said: (Thu, Aug 15, 2013 07:27:23 PM)    
Well speaking as a Kashmir from Baramulla, I have not read such naivety. India and Pakistan have never had any sort of diplomatic relations to speak off except through the gun barrel. Why do you assume that either sides army is innocent of violations. There are no innocents when armies have their interests to worry about. Neither are looking for peace as attrition is in their self interest. Its jobs for the boys so what if a few are sacrificed on the way. Without a free Kashmir with friendly and open borders with India and Pakistan we will not have peace.

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Sonali said: (Wed, Aug 14, 2013 07:01:25 PM)    
If diplomatic ties are broken it will lead us to war which will result in loss of blood of innocents but there is limit of tolerance of everything. Everytime we trust Pakistan result comes as simple betray. They are trying word puzzle with us because there govt says they want peace but their army and extremist kill our brave soldiers everyday.

I think our country should never sit quiet requesting Pakistan every time for peace. Time to find out who is causing this and why. Attack that individual or group collect enough evidence to show Pakistan like america done in case of laden. Our govt politicians even remark like this that people join army to die. If we underestimate and show sincerity to Pakistan after our soldiers killed brutally one day will must come when no one will join Indian army.

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Rajat said: (Tue, Aug 13, 2013 12:16:25 AM)    
Cultural interaction should never stop. We ought to understand each other which helps in removing the illusion which pakistani leaders have created at the ground level among common masses. But our security agencies have to fight the terrorists activities executed by pakistan army as well as the extremists at the same time. We should understand that the pakistan comes in two pieces (common people who wants peace and harmony in the region and other, the culprits are the social evils consists of politicians, extremists etc. ) India should always be ready to fight the war against anyone who create unrest in the region. We have to win this fight against terrorist by using terrorism against social evils and by social interaction at every level possible.

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Rahul said: (Tue, Aug 13, 2013 12:01:51 AM)    
I totally agree with all our previous speakers that.

Breaking diplomatic ties will led to war,

India is a strategic partner of Pakistan,

Pakistan is also facing similar crunch of terrorism as india,

But my question from all is until when?

Every time we give chance to pakistan and it always not live up to our expectations.

How could we forget "kargil war" were thousands of our soldiers were killed. As long as "Kashmir" issue will be there Pakistan will not stop doing such things.

We should ask from them whose mother, sister, brother, father, son, daughter died in 26/11 terrorist attack. What was there fault? Answer will be Surely nothing. Recently 2 of our Indian soldiers were beheaded and 5 our army men were shot dead by them. Enough is enough, we should teach a lesson to pakistan and break diplomatic ties with them.

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Sam said: (Mon, Aug 12, 2013 05:07:39 PM)    
Guys, have you thought of how pakistani and indians become best friends while living in west? You know why, because politics is not involved there. We people to people love each other and it should be maintain while we are living in out countries as well.

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Muhammad Shoaib said: (Mon, Aug 12, 2013 01:03:13 AM)    
Talking about two nuclear weapons equipped nations is a foolishness. Nothing will remain there in case of full fledged war. Its a reality that both the countries have to live together as neighbors so why not good neighbors than talking and creating war hysteria. Right now, we have been listening the truth that is delivered to us by these news channels who I am sure have no correspondent on border to tell us whether a certain incident has happened or not.

Who opened the fire first and who infiltrated whose land. So, all that is shown in our bedrooms is not complete truth. War mongers will play their role but nothing is better than peace, nothing worse than war. More blood will only depart from us our loved ones, nothing else. So better talk about peace and prosperity.

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Sheryl said: (Sun, Aug 11, 2013 08:15:50 PM)    
A mutual understanding between the two countries is very much essential. But I strongly believe that any job is not one-sided So even if India has taken the initiative many times a good understanding or cooperation rather has not been received from the Pakistanis yet. They seem to be totally disinterested in sorting out the problems and coming out with a good solution against the terrorists. So according to me I feel war is the only option.

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Chinmoy Nagarkar said: (Sat, Aug 3, 2013 01:47:18 AM)    
Hello Everyone,

Ever since independence Pakistan has been under political radar of India for various wrong reasons. Historically, Indo-Pak relations have been hostile primarily because of the three major wars fought after independence & act of terrorism perpetuated by them. Pakistan is of strategic importance to India. Thus against this backdrop we must take into cognizance that, it is in the best interest of India that Pakistan stays stable and peaceful.

Ironically, not only India but also Pakistan faces serious threat of violence & unrest due to extremism. Extremism is not unique to Pakistan but the problem originates with active involvement of these extremist & fundamentalist groups in politics over the past decade or so. Not only politically but also socially they have been successful in spreading their branches across many parts of country & also their infamous intelligence agency that are known to be hand in gloves with such extremist. This has paralyzed and hijacked the democracy of country.

Since many decades India has been trying to resolve various issues with Pakistan through diplomatic channels but unfortunately Pakistan has not been co-operative as one would expect it to be. Pakistan reciprocated not even to single demand put forth by India on charges of terrorism against their extremist, in spite of many documentary evidences. All this is because of the political turmoil that the country is facing. This renders all the dialogues and negotiations useless. Diplomacy doesn't work with such unyielding participation.

I would like to raise the question to those proponents of diplomatic ties with Pakistan, notwithstanding the generosity & resilience that this great country India has shown over the years, what have we received in return? Innumerable ceasefire violations, border infiltration, decapitation & mutilation of our soldiers, events like 26/11, extra-judicial killing of Indian prisoners in their jails with complete disregard to human rights regulations & many more. For those dubious about China gaining an upper hand over Pakistan because of India's split, things are not better off with diplomatic ties as well; China continues to have an upper over Pakistan regardless of India's policy with Pakistan because of its vested interest in Kashmir which is of strategic importance to China as well.

Now we must realize that peace talks & diplomacy are total sham & too much of water has flown under the bridge. India isn't a banana republic anyone can come and do whatever it feels like. Before we face serious repercussions because of our ignorance, we must exert some pressure on Pakistan. This can be done by enforcing an embargo on Pakistan, next by revoking a major Indo-Pak treaty such as Indus Water Treaty that may potentially create situation of drought and famine in some parts of Pakistan. Also aiding the rebellions of their disputed territory of Balochistan may prove effective in counteracting the extremist of Pakistan. Lastly, by rejecting their demand for electricity from India. These steps may sound aggressive and harsh to many but may prove effective in long run, these policies create crisis by stealth and may prove handy to dictate terms. After all these suggested remedies are just mild dose of their own medicine.

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Navin said: (Tue, Jul 30, 2013 11:40:36 PM)    
Many of my friends have made very good points. I would say that war causes destruction which is not a solution to any problem. And disputes between any two country is going to sow the seed for World war 3. So it may be the end of whole world as more or less every country is owing the Nuclear bomb which is capable of destroying the whole country at once.

But it is also true that India is tolerating a lot. We can't go on tolerating and Pakistan will be doing nonsense on various issues like boarder's issue, or terrorism. Recently it was in news that how our two great soldiers were brutally killed by them and then their reaction has been seen by the whole world.

They have always lied white. I do not want that any war happen but at least we should be strict enough on these issues with Pakistan. The whole world saw how America entered the Pakistan and killed Laden. Today the whole world including the Pakistan is in tension on the issue of Terrorism so this is the time to make a unity and clean the whole Talibani group. Otherwise these people are very soon going to capture Pakistan and it would become more difficult to suppress them.

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Parikh Sagar said: (Thu, Jul 18, 2013 05:43:19 PM)    
Ya friend I was also in favour that we should not break relationship but whenever we put trust on them they break our trust. And I think that now we have to show their original face in mirror. Whenever we ask for help in investigation of any bomb blast they clearly say no. And now a days India is going to superpower and we have no need of relationship with pakistan. Jay hind.

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Sanjeev Kumar Pandey said: (Thu, Jul 4, 2013 08:41:06 PM)    
I think INDIA should not break relations with PAKISTAN because both countries have equal financial capacity. So, instead of breaking relations ministers of both the countries should sit together and discuss the problem among both countries and try to solve it and make mutual understanding between the peoples of both countries.

Thank you.

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Dinesh Sahu said: (Sat, Jun 22, 2013 07:05:02 PM)    
Hello friends.

According to me every country have their goals and strength. India is a great country and Pakistan is also in terrorism. I think we should not break the relation with Pakistan because so many singer in the India the are from Pakistan and so many Indian cricket in Indian team are the Pakistani and there are so many economics relation with Pakistan.

So we should not break the relation with Pakistan.

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Shazia said: (Fri, May 3, 2013 09:38:17 AM)    
It will be a waste of time for Indian nationals to even think of these things. India is much stronger, powerful and developed nation than Pakistan. Pakistan does not have a stable govt to govern the country. Pakistani nationals are barred entries in majority of the developed countries on Globe. All they give to world is militants and sick thoughts.

They are not even worth discussion for any ties or bonds. India should definitely ban entry for any Pakistani National. Border security should be strict. Consulates from Indian Embassy should reject all Visa applications right away for Pakistan Passports. Pakistan embassy be sealed moving further. No trades or bonds. Lives of Indian Nationals should not go waste when they die for their country saving their nation from Pakistan Attacks every other day. They should realize what they will get by being inhumane.

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Mahesh Jha said: (Fri, Apr 12, 2013 04:20:56 PM)    
India is a great nation. We are now aiming to reattain our global supremacy through economic development, high educational and technological advancements as well as military capabilities to compete with other powerful countries. We are now respected as a responsible nation and are on the verge of receiving global acceptance as a peace loving world power. Pakistan shares its history and culture with India and barring a small section of their country, majority of Pakistanis want close relationship with us. They are greater victims of terrorism than us. Therefore, instead of breaking ties with them, we will earn greater world respect by helping them combat the menace of poverty, unemployment and terrorism by suitable dialogues with the peace loving section of the Pakistani populace. This will benefit us too, by allowing us to save huge defence expenses and make us an economic powerhouse.

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Rafique said: (Fri, Mar 15, 2013 02:21:02 AM)    
India can solve all major problem in subcontinent by open its mind. Imagine if India ease it's restriction to Pakistan and Bangladesh for business, more and more people from Pakistan and Bangladesh will be rely on India for their business. So they will oppose all kind of tension creating by their Gov. Or military against India. But it will be not easy for politicians to do so, as all three country's military will not like it.

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Harsh said: (Sat, Mar 2, 2013 09:37:38 PM)    
I Think that we should not break the diplomatic ties with Pakistan, because both the countries have nearly equal strength. If we look in past america attacked on Germany, 2 huge blasts destroyed everything i.e. atom bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So we have to keep pressure on Pakistan by other ways like economical, trading, in sports etc.

Thank you.

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Akshay Bhardwaj said: (Mon, Jan 28, 2013 02:40:12 PM)    
I strongly feel that India should not break diplomatic ties with Pakistan because both are a developing country are equally capable of surviving a war which will harm lot of lives, but we have to maintain peace and think of removing terrorism because it is terrorism which is main reason for contentions between both countries.

So, my verdict is to maintain relation with Pakistan and work peacefully.

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Pratiksha said: (Mon, Jan 28, 2013 12:30:24 AM)    
Hello everyone.

Well I think breaking relationship with Pakistan is not a wise decision at all. There is no point in making them our enmity once again and continue our differences which we are following since independence as we follow beliefs and values. This in turn will provoke terrorists to take more lives. War between two countries is a giant disaster which will conditions even more worse.

So in my opinion we should handle it with peace and harmony. We should maintain good relations with our neighboring countries in order to become a good nation.

Thank you!

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Rashid said: (Sun, Jan 20, 2013 12:59:18 PM)    
Pakistan in itself is a sort of bifurcated nation. It is still struggling to have consistent and uniform command over the implementation of its planned agenda and strategies. Unlike India, Pakistani democratic government don't have enough ruling over its military and its intelligence ambition, leading to independent functioning of both the units. Now here it is mindful that Pakistan has almost lost the democratic touch over the use of its arms. The hostile action on the part of Pakistan against India can't be directly linked to its civilian elected government Rather it is to be credited to the army and its secret alliance to terrorist. We Indians should consider this unstable situation of Pakistan and even perform aggressive research while employing our intelligence to figure out the genuine condition of the country which I believe is tracing the trajectory of Afghanistan. THE LACK OF DIPLOMATIC APPROACH BETWEEN TWO WILL EXACERBATE THE ARMS RACE, AND WILL GIVE CHINA A UPPER HAND.

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Sreevarshini said: (Thu, Jan 17, 2013 10:57:47 PM)    
We should maintain diplomatic relation with Pakistan. It is our neighboring country. Dialogues are the only way to have friendship with Pakistan. So we should not avoid Pakistan at any time. It is the evil ideas of many other countries.

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Ankit said: (Thu, Jan 17, 2013 11:54:07 AM)    
Actually when it comes to "Pakistan" we usually refer to the terrorist groups in Pak and atmost the political system. But what we miss here is that there are humans in Pakistan who are waiting for peace and harmony not only between indo-pak but in their country itself. Pakistan is hurt the most by the terrorist attacks. We get to hear about mass killings, bomb blasts in pak every other day.

Yes I agree that Pakistan government should take concrete steps to stop terrorism but we have to agree that its a difficult task.

India itself is suffering from many internal terrorist groups The NAXAL's in east and central India, LTTE in South India and hasn't managed to tackle them.

So now in this situation the only way of attaining peace comes out to be friendly relations and talks with PAK government.

This may look flawed if the Pak government is somewhere connected to the terror groups but until and unless its confirmed we should go ahead with the talks and try to bring the two countries more closer.

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A.Dhayanithi said: (Thu, Jan 3, 2013 03:06:26 PM)    
1) According to me, we should not break the diplomatic ties. Yes, it is true that till today we had not got any sign of friendship from Pakistan, right from kargil war to Mumbai attacks.

2) But, if we break the ties, situation may be more worse. It may lead to one more war, or terrorist attacks, which means again loss of lives and property. And India can not afford this.

3) And what we need is world peace not blood. There are other ways to put pressure on Pakistan.

4) No, As if breaks all the relation then the objective of terrorist will became true as they want war. & they are getting a chance to attack again.

5) Also Pakistan is our closed neighbour, and a good relation with its neighbour will lead to build a great nation, so we can't do this.

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Aakarsh said: (Wed, Jan 2, 2013 09:51:13 PM)    
Its in the best interest of both India and Pakistan to maintain their diplomatic ties. Every problem has solutions but the varying factor is that how many variables does the problem have. Lets take the sir creek issue for instance. Its a tractable problem where the consensus can be reached and as we speak talks are going on aimed at solving the issue.

Lets now consider the Mumbai blasts. This issue has gained international relevance as it indicts Pakistan as a sponsor of terrorism.

Now what we need to note is that the former has lesser variables than the latter. The sir creek issue affects only both the countries where as the blast issue affects the entire worlds outlook of Pakistan which adds on to the number of variables.

Hence we must give sufficient time for the countries to come to an amicable solution.

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Ramesh said: (Wed, Sep 26, 2012 11:13:05 PM)    
Hi all,

I strongly feel that we should implement some tough decisions and needs to reform our foreign policies with countries like Pakistan. Pakistan as a nation has failed to curb terrorism and is thus declared as a failed state (A country where government agencies like ISI continue to perpetuates cross border terrorism across various states of INDIA and the rest of the WORLD). It is a high time that we should indulge in bilateral dialogues with Pakistan and make a very strong, effective move against this menace.

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Sameer Khan said: (Sat, Sep 22, 2012 11:40:59 PM)    
Hello! Friends according to me India should not break the relationship with Pakistan. If we today break the relation, for how long we would be against to each other. Common friends rather breaking the relationship we should ponder how the Pakistan too become a terror free country, so that it would not be danger for other countries also. We are all human before being the element of our country.

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Poonam said: (Thu, Aug 30, 2012 01:40:48 PM)    
Hi Friends, According to my point of view we couldn't break our relationship with Pakistan Because India is a peaceful country Who always think for others. In our country there are some Indians whose relatives are in Pakistan If we break the relations they couldn't be able to see them throughout their life. But our peace is our strength not weakness if anybody trying to do any terrist activity in our country we are able to give the reply for them.

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Deepak said: (Fri, Aug 24, 2012 03:25:28 PM)    
It is easy to say that we should break all the relationship with our neighbour country but not possible for us. If we will not forward our hand for friendship then they will show us the same action though they are not supportive but we should keep on in diplomatic ties with them. It will be beneficial for both the countries.

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Amit K said: (Sun, Aug 19, 2012 03:53:37 PM)    
Hellow Friends,As per my opinion India should FINISH all the relationships with Pakistan.

I accept that We have to maintain the reletionship with our near by Country's.

But it's not only that we have to maintain the relation wid next country,Next country should also have to maintain that relationship. If they don't giving any action on their wrong things then it is very shame full thing.

If u go in past in 1992,In 1998,etc,their also you can see that,Pakistan had't do any thing benificial or good for India & today also they are doing the same thing's.

If war with the Pakistan then their are chances that,some Iinian peoples will may kill, our economy get diterbed etc.
But what the current situation friends in India see series blast,current northest peoples issue,etc. IT HAVE TO STOP ANYWHERE.

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Siri said: (Wed, Jun 27, 2012 12:59:22 PM)    
Being an Indian, we shouldn't support war with Pakistan. Not only Pakistan, but also with any country.

Since ours is a land of trademark where Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi all lived. They won't support any sorts of battle.

There is a problem that even though we are maintaining a diplomatic relation with Pak, we are expecting the harm to be done for the Indians. Ex. Mumbai Taj Hotel massacre etc.,

But every Indian should fight for our country.

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Anu said: (Thu, Jun 14, 2012 05:36:06 PM)    
In my opinion, India must keep its friendly relationship with Pakistan. Pakistan was also a part of India before 1947. Many people residing in India have been in Pakistan before. Terrorism is the worse part of Pakistan not the whole country. So there is no question of breaking relationship with them.

Breaking of relationship cause many economical and life hazards to both the country. India is a developing country so government should focus on its development rather than on war. Breaking a relationship with neighboring country is also not favorable when most of the neighboring country are not in support of us.

So beside focusing on this matter India should concentrate on educational, economical and technological development.

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Supraja said: (Tue, May 15, 2012 10:13:54 PM)    
Hai friends according to me India should not break the relationship with Pakistan. Because breaking the is not solution for any thing. It may leads to the war for the two countries. We all know the second world war how it may eating our resources.

At present both the nations have equal in strengths. So, there will be a equal loss between the two nations even for a single wrong decision taken by the government.

But the main tragedy in our politician. Because they are in safe zone they getting protection. So they still talking about the relation should break with Pakistan. But public only suffering from the any terror attack. Recently we might have seen about serial blasting. Not only suffering the peoples and we can loss our expenditure and money it is also burden on public. So, that breaking the relation is not solution for every thing.

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Shashank said: (Tue, May 15, 2012 11:26:11 AM)    
Enough is enough. No need to have any kind of relationship maintained with such a nation like Pakistan. Yes I agree to some of you friends who said that breaking all the ties will give the terrorists an opportunity to realize their motives. But please tell me, are they currently at rest? No!

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Aishwarya said: (Sat, May 12, 2012 10:01:50 AM)    
In my opinion there are lot of benefits if we maintain a close relationship with Pakistan rather than treating as a enmity.

At present both the nations have equal in strengths. So, there will be a equal loss between the two nations even for a single wrong decision taken by the government.

Take as example, one month ago I think in the month of April our country tested a missile named as 'agni5' which has a range of 5000km by this we can destroy any thing over a wide range of 5000km just after this one weak later Pakistan also tested a missile in the range of 1500-2000km only, here there is a little difference between the two countries by using missionary and technology.

If any war happens both the countries loss many of living organisms and destroy there economy.

At present situation china wishing to became a super power in the south Asian countries for that reason china trying to suppress India in many ways.

At this time if we don't maintain the good relationship to Pakistan then there may be a chance that Pakistan and china became once and try to suppress India. So, we have to maintain a good relation ship to Pakistan.

These are all the bomb blast and other new senescence are done by the Pakistan terrorist not by the other people of Pakistan and Pakistan government.

For example, breaking the relation ship between the Iraq and USA, the Iraq stop the oil supply to USA and also both the countries economy also damaged.

So in my view day by day the relationship between Pakistan and India was increasing and I hope this will be maintain for long period.

So I think this is the not the time to break the potential ties to Pakistan.


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Samrat Reddy said: (Tue, Apr 10, 2012 10:33:25 PM)    
Hi all,
Breaking up relationship with Pakistan or with any country is not the solution, and India is always on the welcome side, it totally depends on the people mentality the way they think and perceive things. There is a famous saying by "SEAL" individuals win the game, but group beat the odds.

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Nikky said: (Tue, Apr 10, 2012 05:40:13 PM)    
I think we should not break the relations with Pakistan. Because breaking relation is not the solution of anything. We are breaking relation with pakistan because of terrorism but what are we doing to protect our country from naxali, maowadi who are killing people. Why we don't do anything against them ? why we don't break relation with those states because we know they are the parts of us.

Take an example of breaking relation between Iran and america. Iran stopped the oil supply to america and economy of both countries are affecting.

I am not in favor to make him a very good friend because he is not trustworthy. But talking to him will normalize the situation.

And as we always in favor of harmony and peace with world so we should think about other solution instead of breaking relation.

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Saad Yamin Sheikh said: (Sun, Apr 1, 2012 04:02:32 PM)    
In this modern and rapidly changing economy period of life foreign relations are very very important they become more important when it comes to the relation with neighboring countries.

I don't think war is a solution of an enmity. In world war 2 we have learnt that war eats your resources just like fire eats wood. And the most important thing we should learn the Europeans have forgotten their past and have become friends as they never had a fight before and we can see where are they. But several factors and external forces don't want to see growing prosperous asia and specifically south asia. We should just learn from past, because both countries have common issues, poverty and education.

Guys I'm from pakistan and I don't mean to hurt anybodys opinions because they might have more knowledge than me.

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Neha said: (Fri, Mar 30, 2012 11:35:17 AM)    
I think we should break the relationship with Pakistan. Because we always and always forget what Pakistan had done with us from kargil war to recent bomb blasts. And still we are so much patient and hoping for good relationship with them. But how long we should we wait ?, till to be finished by them ?. We should remember one thing very carefully that the tail of a DOG will be never straighten.

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Kannan said: (Wed, Mar 28, 2012 03:00:35 PM)    
India should not break the relationship with pakistan. If India breaks that it will lead to war. I am very sure that India will defeat pakistan. Besides victory India will have to go back 25 years before. It will be a barrier to the India to its developement.

All the india's near by countries are not having good relationship with India. Only sri lanka had the good relationship with India. But now that was also broken due to the srilankan war crime. India has voted aganist srilanka. But all the asian countries had voted in favour to lanka. It shows that India is not having good relationshih with nearby countries. So this is not the time to break the potential ties with pakistan. Now India should develop more.

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Madhu said: (Sun, Mar 25, 2012 06:58:43 PM)    
According to me India should break diplomatic ties with pakistan. The main character of a cheater is to cheat others always. QUESTION A NOT pakistan is a cheater then how can we make a good deal with a cheater. Frankly knowing that a shock is produced from an electic wire, then how one can darely touch it?politics are the major draw back of india, these politicians are playings games with the lifes of public who are voting them, any how they will be safe but the suffers are only the people. Each and every citizen of India should realize this and strive to achieve worthy and peaceful India.

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Jupitara said: (Thu, Mar 15, 2012 07:59:14 PM)    
According to me, we should not break the diplomatic ties. Yes, it is true that till today we had not got any sign of friendship from pakisthan, right from kargil war to mumbai attacks. But, if we break the ties, situation may be more worse. It may lead to one more war, or terrorist attacks, which means again loss of lives and property. And India can not afford this. And what we need is world peace not blood. There are other ways to put pressure on pakisthan.

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Vivek Champ said: (Mon, Mar 12, 2012 06:53:07 AM)    
India should do this in way that they some pressure on pakistan. india is talking to them from quite a some time but there is no good out come of this. OUR minsiter can take the help of some developed country.I MY poiont of view if they do talk to pakistan in the way they are doing then if will not help us in any mean.

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Rohit Singh Rawat said: (Mon, Mar 5, 2012 12:09:03 AM)    
India is developing country, to develop all-round the world, India has to be diplomatic in every situation. So if India wants its name all over the World with the good image, India should have to talk to Pakistan in diplomatic way. Because in Pakistan not all are wrong some of them are wrong. Through the diplomatic talk with Pakistan or some type of pressurize talk with pak India should pressurize them to remove terrorist from its country.

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Akashhp said: (Sat, Feb 11, 2012 11:09:04 PM)    
As per my opinion there should be cordial diplomatic relation with Pakistan. But for that the opponent need to understand that few countries just want these two countries to fight in-between and thus hampering the growth of both the nation. America as such warns Pakistan to control terrorism and on the other hand they continue to provide financial aid that is hardly being used for development purpose. Both the countries have lots of similarity in various field and from the strategic point of view we know that we are surrounded by foes from all the sides and in such case ending the diplomatic relations would turn the situation more tense. Same should be our strategy for all the neighboring nations.

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Kaushik said: (Fri, Feb 10, 2012 10:59:17 PM)    
So far after independence we have had 4 wars with pakistan and that has brought us both nothing but loss of life and money. We are having diplomatic talks with pak for over 50 years but we on the other hand have forgot that we both belong to the same origins. Instead of interfering each other on petty issues it would be better if we utilize the diplomat talks to sort the solution of common problems that we both are facing like terrorism and poverty. Let the talks be regarding spreading cultures and all round security and that is worth than discussing kashmir and blaming terrorist acts.

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Swagat said: (Thu, Feb 9, 2012 07:45:41 AM)    
We should break diplomatic relation with Pakistan as it ll never respect this tie up. From last 50 years we are facing war & terrorist attack like situation & in the process lakhs of people & crores of public money has been spent. So it is time to think about this problem tactfully & aggressively taking a Indian frame of mind for betterment of our country instead of political frame of mind.

After delhi lahore bus communication of Atalji they attacked on tiger hill. Term of friendship & tie up they will never understand.

The financial burden we are facing due to war & terrorist attack of Pakistan is much more than the annual trade amount between two country. So its time to think for solution of this 50 years problem.

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Harsh Aditya said: (Sat, Jan 21, 2012 11:41:12 AM)    
India should not break diplomatic ties with Pakistan as we all know that making a enemy of ours is easy than making friend of yours. India and Pakistan not only have common origin but they also have same history and share more or less same ethics and culture. And in today's progressive world no country can meet the cut throat competition alone. only saying that Pakistan support terrorism in not good reason to break the relation as in recent years we have seen the terrorist attack in Pakistan also like their attack at their air bases, attacks on their politicians and bomb blasts so if by knowing all this we say that Pakistan support terrorism is worthless and meaningless instead of this we can say some people and group in Pakistan support terrorism to whom we both should stop and take serious action against these group. India also exports and import many things from Pakistan as one of my friend has said earlier. So instead of breaking ties we should help each other in solving problems like economic problem, terrorism, etc..

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Ikram said: (Mon, Jan 16, 2012 03:28:49 PM)    
Pakistan has been misusing international aids for a long time now. The funds are being used to fund terrorism, that has torn the country from within. India should be very careful in its diplomatic ties with Pakistan. It's no secret that the I. S. I is linked with terrorist activities. It won't be long before the terrorists have access to the nuclear weapons.

With china lurking on the border and Nepal already taking a strong stance towards India, it is in India's long term interest to maintain a strong relationship with Pakistan. However India should in no situation tolerate the cowardly act of terrorism and should be preparing itself against any such act.

Ending diplomatic ties with Pakistan is not an option for a country that is a symbol of harmony and aims at being a world power in near future but tolerating terrorism from the neighbour will only make it worse.

Rate this:   +20   -3

Sailee Patki said: (Sat, Jan 14, 2012 07:49:47 PM)    
India and Pakistan have common origin. Cultrally they are quite similar to each other. For quite some time Pakistan has been encouraging terrorism from their country. Most of the major incidents like Mumbai Serial Blast, Attack on Parliament, Plane hijack, and war of Kargil are all examples of terror plots of Pakistan Government, Army and Intelligence.This is good enough reason to break all political ties with Pakistan. However most of the civilians on both sides of the line of Control still want peace and friendship. How can we really compromise the wishes of millions of people and break ties?

Will it not trigger another spate of increased terror acts?

So let us continue the natural peace efforts undertakne by Indian Government and hope that Pakistan sees light some day.

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Vikas said: (Sun, Oct 16, 2011 08:45:06 AM)    
We should not do this because at present India is going strong diplomatically and economically, here terrorism is not the only point to be concerned, we have a strong hold in UNO, even we are trying to get permanent membership of security council, try to get green node from nuclear supplier groups, by doing this we will loose that chance, and support of some other countries too.

Beside this India share a good trade worth 500 million crores with them, India imports a large amount of onion and sugar from Pakistan.

Rate this:   +24   -6

Ms Khan said: (Tue, Oct 11, 2011 12:27:12 PM)    
Breaking diplomatic ties with pakistan will not be fruitful. India has always been a supporter of democracy and stability in pakistan. But due to militarism this is not going to be possible. India is known as tolerant, broadminded and secular country and have a god repo in south-east asia and over all the world. This is only due to we we are in favour of world harmony and peace.

In 21st century India has come up as a fast devloping country due to its economic growth and influence in south asian region. India as a country want to have good relations with its neighbour so that the harmony in the area is kept intact. Pakistan as a country is already in a crunch situation. They are themselves facing the threat from terrosit and now from USA. If they support USA, taliban will be against of them and if they suport taliban USA will be against of them. Since the area we share with pakistan is strategically very important having afghanistan and china along the border we should paly a role in bringing peace and harmony in the war torne country.

I would like to quote the example of iraq. USA attacked iraq and now they have their full access over the region amd the resources. If such type of thing could happen in pakistan that will not be beneficial for our country. The situation will be more worst. So keeping in view our intrest we should carry on the diplomatic ties with pakistan and just have wait and watch policy till the USA forces withdraw from afghanistan. Do beocme a developed country it is important to have command over the south-east asia regiond.

Rate this:   +25   -13

Souvik Mishra said: (Sat, Sep 17, 2011 07:04:52 PM)    
Pakistan is a nation where terrorism is given shelter and there intelligence as well as army is involved directly or indirectly in terrorism. What it seems as if they are not killing the terrorists just to show that they are also a major victim of terrorism and can get financial aids from US as it is using Pakistan soil to counter and kill terrorists. Diplomatic ties with Pakistan is of no use as Pakistan never will try anything better to help India to counter terrorism that is taking ground and training in their very soil. Moreover it is funding and helping the terrorists and giving them logistic support to spread terror in India. There are also many elements within India who have declared war against and India like Indian Mujaheddin who get aid, weapons as well as training in Pakistan and Bangladesh. So India rather being soft should be tactful and aggressive in order to tackle cross border and in built terrorism. Rather than going for diplomatic ties India should start questioning the real intentions of Pakistan which never wants peace to prevail in India and should combat terror to fullest of extent.

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Tarun Shivam said: (Sat, Sep 17, 2011 10:28:48 AM)    
There is no need to break any Diplomatic Ties with Pakistan.

I know that pakistan hasbeen cheating India for a long time. And many times we decided to friendship with pakistan, with starting of bus services from delhi to lahore, train service from India to pakistan and by the help of many whiteline meetings. But that resulted, Kargil war, again INDO-PAK war, Kandhar plane hijack, Delhi Serial Blast, And Mumbai Attack, and many More we can't count, and many more, about that we the public of India couldn't confermed due to leaders of our country.

But yet I am saying that we don't need to break the deplomatic ties.

Because This times India is a Well Developing country. And on other hand there is laking of unity in our government and with the public. Our government is busy in corruption and Scams and to Giving the answer of Opposition Party. And on other side, China Is also Supporting Pakistan Frequently, where we must mind that China has always been againest India and now a days china has interfaired in arunachal pradesh and wants to war with India.

So on this Situation if we Break the ties, than abiviously we will force on him to finish the terrorism supports by pakistan and pakistan can't be ready for that because terrorists are the life of pakistan. Than it is possible that pakistan can attack on India and if he doesn't attack than yet pakistan will try to send the terrorist in India.

I know that India is able to face any types of attack but here main problems are atomic attacks by all the countries.

Because, here if pakistan attacks on India than china would be with him. And many countries may be with India and many countries would be with pakistan. That means the Breaking of deplomatic ties leads the 3rd World War and the Human life can be Finish.

We Indian know our culture - That to save 1 person we need to kill 50 than we can't do it and if India doesn't break deplomatic ties than India would have the time to become a powerfull Developed Country. Than no any pakistan and china like country would be try to see India on The Map also and in reality is far away dear.

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Garima Malik said: (Thu, Sep 15, 2011 11:51:31 PM)    

Its as easy as fiddle already tensions between the two nations is very critical at this stage breaking diplomatic ties would mean we are openly challenging them or it would be a very agressive reaction when they themselves are sitting in fire with so many blasts and terrorism, India has always formed a image of a peaceful nation who loves peace pakistan our neighbour we have few responsibilities but of course with limit of tolerance. Nneed of hour is strict action against terrorism being spread across the border but breakind ties would only add fuel to the fire. Pressure on it, our intelligence working on carrying out collecting evidences and the way US encountered osama we need to take strong foot forward. Politics is with diplomacy not with agression!

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Rajan said: (Thu, Sep 8, 2011 09:43:47 AM)    
Well in point of view we just can not go all out in one way, we just cannot say that we are breaking peaceful talks with you and from now onwards we are in constant war with you, this will only worsen the situation, and the end result will be dreadful for both countries impacting in huge way. In the same way we cannot move forward in positive way because we do not know whats coming from their side, and it will also allow militants to enter our country easily and they can make use of situation. So what we have to do is only that from one side we should have peaceful talks and other side keeping consant check on their every move to know what their intend is, and also to tell them that if we can have peaceful talks, we can be harsh at same time and can easily ruin you.

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Abhishek said: (Thu, Sep 1, 2011 03:39:42 AM)    
Acc. to my opinion, breaking diplomatic ties with pakistan, hampering the running relationship is not a solution to the problems which are caused to India due to Pakistan. Every relationship/system has some voids. If one compares the overall situation b/w India & pakistan a couple of decades before and at present, he/she will come to know that the voids get diminished despite of getting broader. For the terrorist attack, I don't think whole Pakistan is responsible. Yes, there are people who favours all these and they will continue the same.

These two countries should give an evidence of concrete and symbiotic relationship to the whole world.

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Anil said: (Wed, Aug 31, 2011 02:13:16 PM)    
I think its very critical condition to take decesion what INDIA make for pak. I think after breaking diplomatic relation from pak INDIA will get some agitation. Irak pak, INDIA pipe line must be dissconnected towards pak and the terroristic incident must be incresing and indo pak'border may be change into war. If it happen then INDIA go back 30 years. So I think that INDIA should handle this problem very carefully and tactfully.

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Niky said: (Tue, Aug 16, 2011 11:20:28 PM)    
Well I think that breaking ties would only worsen the situation. Talks may not solve the problem but they would definitely be helpful in normalising our relations with pakistan. What we need to do is to put pressure on pakistan both directly and indirectly (by engaging in dialogue with countries like you. S. ) to stop giving shelter to terrorists as they kill thousands of innocent people in the name of religion.

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Vibhu Gaur said: (Sun, Aug 14, 2011 06:55:45 PM)    
India must break ties with pakistan,but it is not possible.Breaking the ties will not end the terror attacks on india.Attacks from Let & other such group will continue ever.latest example is three serial blasts in mumbai which took place under the order of ISI.though the current visit of pakistan foreign minister shows the friendly spirit of the neighbour,but it also reflects its diplomatic nature.pakistan is never ready for talks on kashmir issue.India must realise this.

Terror attacks on india will not end.It is people of india ,who are suffering,not the politicians.Netas must understand this. pakistan can never be a trusted nation.It was pakistani terrorists those who attacked parliament in 2001.Indian goverment must realise that pak.can never be a trusted friend&should break ties with it.

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Jayshree said: (Tue, Aug 9, 2011 10:57:45 PM)    
In my opinion, it would be best if we are diplomatic rather than friendly or alienating them by building animosity. Each and every move of ours be planned and executed with wit. Only this can guard us from the cold hands of terrorism.

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Ajeet Singh said: (Fri, Jul 15, 2011 03:18:54 AM)    
Of course india should break all deplomatic and other links with pakistan as it has cheated many a times in the past and its intelligence agency is encouraging terrorism regularly despite the fact that pak itself is burning in the fire of terror. In the present scenario india should built international pressure on pak to refrain it from terror activities and if it feels that the water crosses our nose india should not hesitate to initiate any action on its own to destroy the elements involved against us.Afterall we should live with pride and degnity.

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Prasant Tiwary said: (Sun, Jul 10, 2011 12:46:44 AM)    
According to me India must break relationship with Pakistan. They are always trying to cheat us at every stages. But the main tragedy is our leaders. They don't want to understand. Because they are safe. They are getting enough protection. But what about public. We are only suffering from any attack. But they are still talking about friendship. I don't know from which book they have got the definition of friendship.

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Ravi Rathod said: (Thu, Jun 23, 2011 04:51:07 AM)    
According to me. India should Break diplomatic ties with pakistan. & why not?

Take a look back in history during 1999 lahore summet we offer friendship & piece with pakistanies. We start Dilhi-Lahore bus service to built a strong relationship with them. But what they offer to us ? Kargil war which is just 3 months after this discussion. Is that trust worthy? irrespective of all US & china government condone their act & threaten us to take back our arm forces. Why its all happen?. & when its all end? you know while every terrorist attacks in India our intelligaence dept. Found 90% terrorist of pakistanies behind it take a example of assembly blast26/11, . Still we were waiting for friendship?

According to the latest survey of Times of India. On mentality of pakistani arm forces they thinks that Indians are 56% more harmful to them than Al-Kaida & Taliban, then tell me how much they responce to our offer of piecefull relationship?

Every time they came & make distroy here, but still we are firm on friendly relationship. Offer them all facilities to come again & destroy us. Its a time to condemn them all & take a strict action against every activity they do against us.

Give answer to brick by rock. Then & then only we surview.

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Alpit Gupta said: (Mon, Jun 13, 2011 01:38:03 AM)    
As India is a diplomatic country and diplomacy is always a positive word, so India should not indulge in war against Pakistan. Pakistan is economically very poor but not so in terms nuclear power. If war happens, India will destroy Pakistan but also current growth of India will be affected so much which will throw India 30 years back on its development track. So apart from war, we can make our nation more safe and secure. Treaties and relations should be there as it is for better cause. Finally, according to me, we needn't to fight but also not to tolerate.

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Omkar said: (Thu, Jun 9, 2011 10:24:10 AM)    
As India is a diplomatic country, so it have its own way to solve the issues.

Ind-pak have numbers of issues to be sort out, further I wish to add that India has already tries so many times but it doesn't have any proper decision over.

So as a citizen of a nation we don't want end of relation as fight and deaths, we wants the peace and smile over faces. So for clap both hand should be in action. In case of final decision this can never happen because there is some external issues (like US and arm deals) which keeps the tense go on.

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