Is T20 Cricket killing Real Cricketing Skills?

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Ankit said: (Feb 15, 2018)  
Yes! because it is stealing the original quality and property of a real cricketer. And also the west of time. For it, we waste our time and money also!but it is a very very bad side of a cricket.

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Priya Kale said: (Jan 23, 2018)  
It would be wrong to say that T20 Cricket is killing cricketing skills. On the other hand, it isn't exactly right to say that T20 is enhancing them either.

Pros of Twenty20 Cricket:

The fans are returning to the stadiums. During my school days, if I wanted to watch a cricket match in the stadium, my father would have had to take a leave from his office to take me to the stadium either in the morning for the day games or during the afternoon for D/N matches. Now, if there is a T20 match, IPL for instance, I can easily attend my classes during the day and enjoy the game at night. Time is saved, no harm to other activities of the day and sheer entertainment of enthralling and nail-biting finishes to end the day.

T20 cricket is raising the scoring rate of One-Day Internationals. The 366 by England in the Cuttack ODI against India was the 100th 350+ score in ODI history. More than 75 of these 100 have come since 2007, the year of the inaugural T20 World Cup.

T20 cricket provides Cricket Boards a window to conduct lucrative leagues that can attract players and fans alike. IPL, CPL and BBL have created an aura of their own in the cricket world.

Cons of Twenty20 Cricket:

Test cricket, the original form of cricket, is losing its charm. We see empty stands during test matches in most of the stadiums around the world. The fans would prefer watching exciting matches for a few hours rather than watch a technical but a restrained display of the game.

New players focus on performing in these shorter formats to make it big and fail to understand the requirements that test cricket demands. Players like Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers are not common sights because the new players do not focus on the basics but jump directly into the performances.

In conclusion, Twenty20 cricket is being an excellent catalyst to ICC's efforts towards making cricket a global sport. But somewhere, it is also taking away the originality of cricket that tested a cricketer's physical and mental strengths.

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Pankaj Sharma said: (Dec 6, 2017)  
I don't think so it is killing test cricket because.

The entertaining game " We are all aware of the fact that T 20 is a more interesting game than the normal cricket. The viewers in the gallery are extremely supportive and enthusiastic. The game begins with the dance and huge pomp and show. T 20 is a complete entertainment package.

- Attracts the interest " Earlier the cricket games were played for 50 overs. T20 has changed the entire concept of cricket in a positive way. Today, people do not have enough time and patience to watch a 50 over the game. The concept of T 20, where there are only 20 overs, has increased the interest of the people to watch the game.

- Acts as a practice game " T 20 is much more like a practice game for the players. It can be utilized for the purpose of maintaining the fitness of the players. In a T 20 game, the players are always in a hurry to score maximum runs. This helps them to remain strong on the pitch.

- Acts as a morale boost " The normal cricket of 50 overs carries a lot of patience on part of the players. But, T 20 has made the game more adventurous. The game gives a lot of confidence to the players as they have to chase a less score when compared to a 50 over match score.

- Talent provider " T 20 has given an opportunity to many players to showcase their talent in the field of cricket. Young players like Manish Pandey, Suresh Raina, who were not well known before, gained a popularity with the invention of T20 matches.

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Chandan said: (Nov 18, 2017)  

T20 cricket is an entertainment game. So we enjoy the game in short format of cricket with less time. But, it kills the technical skills in real cricket like test match.

T20 cricket really skills the patience of the wickets in cricket.

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Ankit2142 said: (Nov 11, 2017)  
T20 cricket is really killing the real cricket skill, as it is quite evident that the sole purpose of this type of limited overs match is entertainment, and it's all about hitting the maximum numbers of sixes and fours. Thus a pinch hitter, who has less cricketing skill, gets successful in this type of matches, In this type of matches the moment a batsmen enters the field, all he thinks about is hitting a six or four, and for the sake of crowd and team he has to play unlike his nature and go for sixes or fours.

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Krishna Vivek said: (Sep 29, 2017)  
I think T20cricket is useful, but at the same time, it is killing some real cricketing skills also. In ancient days, cricketers used to play days together in test format but nowadays as they inculcated to the mode of 20-20 format. So players were not having much courage and patience to stand for the wicket.

There are some other reasons which are beneficial to 20-20 cricket.

1. A Huge amount of entertainment.

2. Nowadays, no one is having to have a view of the full match. So this will be a good format for the people who want to enjoy the match for some time.

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Sayan Sarkar said: (Aug 7, 2017)  
Yes, the technical skills might be affected by t20 but that has given birth to unorthodoxy which is beautiful and glamorous in its own way if implemented correctly!Even a decade ago, a yorker was considered to be an unplayable delivery!I'm not saying its easy to play a yorker but innovative cricket, nowadays, has found a way to score even sixers off yorkers. I believe an ideal cricketer would be one who could possess the right balance of both textbook cricket and unorthodox cricket. What better example than A.B.De Villiers?

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Akshay Dudye said: (Jul 18, 2017)  
T20 cricket is exciting, there is also required special skills for scoring runs and taking a wicket or for being economical as a bowler. But it is the reality that some cricketing skills being killed by t20 on some extent. But not all. The skills like temperament, timing the ball also needed in t20. So, in my opinion, t20 not killed real cricketing skills, it just modifies those as per modern era.

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Nikhil said: (Jun 20, 2017)  
Actually, yes. T20 cricket has changed the definition of technical cricket. Earlier days cricket was known for its technique but nowadays it is known for power skills and unorthodox skills. I agree that innovation is important but not by killing the techniques. Real cricket can be enjoyed only in ODI and test cricket which is becoming rare now. T20 also destroying the talented and skilled players.

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Anunay said: (Jun 14, 2017)  
Up to some extent but T20 also tells us how to adopt the situation quickly. In test matches, even low order bowlers can make a century by taking time but its difficult for them to score even 20-30 runs in quick succession. It shows how quickly your mind reacts to the situation.

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Rahul Sharma said: (Jun 6, 2017)  
Not only the skills but also the abilities to stand for a long hour in like as in test matches and one-day internationals. Otherwise, factors like patience stamina control on emotions can only be tested in ODI or test matches so definitely t20cricket lacking all above qualities as it is a fast cricket so it is killing the natural skills of the player.

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Harinarayan Choudhary said: (Mar 30, 2017)  
I am agree with "T20 killing real cricket skills" because in T20 cricket players face less number of balls and they play just like do and die, they cannot learn about technical skills of cricket, they just play for win but in real cricket they faces many balls in ODI and TEST cricket and learn more about cricket skills.

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Omveer Dhakad said: (Mar 17, 2017)  
Yes, l am agreed with this statement that "T20 cricket killing real cricketing skills", Because in T20 cricket players just "do or die" we have many examples of bowlers can hit sixes as compared to batsman which is not a skill just hit every ball either six or out. Any good skilled batsman lost his wicket due to hitting without set on crease. And any good bowler get many runs in his over due to continuing hitting this lead to demotivating bowler.

In T20 you face very less balls and can hit good runs without good skills, and you get out while you have very good skills.

While in Test cricket you have opportunity to face many balls and to show your skills and techniques.

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Manu said: (Feb 24, 2017)  
Hi friends.

T20 cricket too so many players are coming from another country. For T20 cricket the new cricketers are introduced and talented cricketers are coming to this, and this player do hardworking for world cup.

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Jatin said: (Feb 15, 2017)  
According to me, T20 is no killing cricketing skills rather it is helping in appraising the skills by enhancing the performance level of cricketers and as per the duration of the match players play in a much more enthusiastic and energetic way.

And moreover viewers of cricket also increased in T20 as they do not have to sit back for long time and they enjoy watching the match with same enthusiasm as that of the cricketers playing on the ground.

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Sreekanth said: (Feb 15, 2017)  
Hello friends, Everything has its own pros and cons. Similar is the case with T20- Crickets new format. One cannot disregard the fact that it has enlightened the sport if cricket. According to me, T20 is a trendsetter. T20 has brought in innovative batting. The speciality of T20 is that it has enhanced a player's ability to absorb pressure and play according to the situation. But the plight we see us that it has mostly favoured the batsman in comparison with bowlers.

Although here and there we see glimpses of magical bowling performance by world class bowlers, generally it's batsmen's game. Throughout the years T20 has witnessed some of the fabulous performances by players (IPL, BIg bash league) etc. But I feel T20 has affected the most important thing that a player needs-patience, which is why I consider TEST cricket as a best cricket format. Test cricket is the original format with which cricket evolved. Now also test cricket has not lost its glory as it demands patience, strength, stamina and discipline. One of the criticism that I feel about T20 is that it has resulted in more cases of corruption and illegal betting with respect to past days. Also some players take T20 as a money making event. Another plight is that players opt T20 over their country, which is degrading the value of cricket. But I am not against T format as it has helped create more opportunities for some of the local players which will be yard stick for their selection in international arena. All things change with time. I think cricket is also changing, but hopes will be for the better. Thank you.

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Rahul R S said: (Feb 12, 2017)  
Twenty-Twenty Cricket is not actually killing cricket completely it slowly killing test cricket. In modern cricket players interested in scoring quickly and they concerned about strike rate. If we observe recent test crickets most of the teams have no patience to bat throughout 5 days. Twenty cricket is also killing bowlers because audience only likes to see batsmen hitting sixes and also modern power play rules only helps batsmen score quickly and no role for bowlers.

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Yogesh said: (Jan 7, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

In my point of view, T20 cricket is not killing cricket. I have given the confidence to the players that they can clear the boundary at any match moment. It is implementation of ODI AND TEST CRICKET. T20 has given more publicity to the cricket. Where every family can come and watch the game as it is the matter of only 3 hours.

Due to T20 cricket, the concentration of the batsmen and bowler has doubled because one bad ball or bad shot can loose the match.

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Teri Bhen Di Fudi said: (Dec 30, 2016)  
In my opinion, it is good to play T20 cricket as it has most of the times thrilling and nail-biting finishes which increase the interest of the viewer but on the other hand, it is also ruining the basic format of cricket i.e. test cricket. Test cricket makes a player fit for a long time and increases his stamina but the viewers does not like it because it is quite long and boring.

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Yachika said: (Dec 21, 2016)  
T20 Cricket is very important the cricket is future of players.

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Dinesh said: (Dec 20, 2016)  
I think yes, b'coz Test and One-day cricket games require patience. No more skills are shown in T20 cricket other than shots. In every game, technique is required. But T20 creates more excitement than others.

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Vijay Kumar Singh said: (Dec 20, 2016)  
In my opinion, T20 cricket is very good because everyone has watching more cricket it means more people see cricket for entertainment and try to take some good point from cricket so T20 give more knowledge. And if you see by the second way then there is also good it means more player not took chance for so our ability but T20 cricket give more chance to show your ability and show how are you. T20 cricket does not give presser to the player because T20 have common point make more run.

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Sourav Sen said: (Dec 14, 2016)  
I think it is absolutely correct. In test cricket, one batsman plays whole day by defensing and his technique, whereas, in T20 cricket, one batsman can play maximum 20 overs. In this small overs match, he wants to play big hits. In T20, the players cannot get the opportunity to show their technical skills. Thus, it is right that T20 cricket is killing real cricketing skills, which will show a big issue for a country to get the good technically perfect players for that country.

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Akshay said: (Dec 3, 2016)  
In my opinion, 20-20 cricket has provided a better means of entertainment. You don't have to sit next to tv for a long time as in test cricket and saves our valuable time. I agree that twenty twenty cricket requires a different skill set. It needs lot more energy and aggression as compared to fifty over cricket or test cricket but it is helping in giving chances to the young players to show their skill and prove themselves.

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Himanshu Kumar said: (Nov 22, 2016)  
No, 'Test Cricket' is real cricketing skills.

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Pranay T said: (Nov 19, 2016)  
As for as my concern. As you know each coin has 2 sides. In the same way, it's also as some advantages and disadvantages too.

Cricket is a sport which is much popular in India than other countries. As for as, T20 is a concern, it is absolutely different attribute than ODI and test match. It contains completely different techniques than others. Like:

1) It provides fan complete entertainment in short period of time, but it distracted meaning of cricket. Because there is some cricketer how not able to show their potential like such formats.

2) The World is moving fast Eg: T20 cricket. It also shows management in short period and decision making and skill of the cricket.

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Subro said: (Nov 5, 2016)  
In my point of view. T20 is only entertainment game. Yeah, its effect the ODI and test cricket. Because of young players.

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Abhi said: (Oct 27, 2016)  
Once upon a time, we saw cricket seriously up to 50 overs, when T20 started we forgot the 50 overs match nd playing for money.

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Prashant Kumar said: (Oct 9, 2016)  
I think T20 is not a game of a new player. In this is game over all dependent on luck. So ICC should allow only experienced player to play this format of game means T20. It's a enjoy label game but it's also hi-fi volatage game.

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Rajesh said: (Oct 5, 2016)  
In my point of view, it's wrong. T20 is one format of cricket which entertains audience and it must be encouraged to develop everywhere.

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Gollamandala Chandrasekhar said: (Sep 12, 2016)  
In my point of view, T20 cricket is a good game but so many people are not playing from their heart because they take the money from opponents and do not play the game that you know very well so that so many people lose their name but T20 is very used for young stars.

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Swarnika Shruti said: (Sep 8, 2016)  
In my view, T20 Cricket is killing the cricketers skills in some aspect. It is also true that it provides the platform for the new cricketers but in this cricket format real performance of players can't be seen. It is just like luck and players can't show their complete ability. It is also seen any player can hit the ball according to the situation. This cricket format is providing fun and interest to the viewers but real cricketing skill is vanishing.

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Saini said: (Sep 7, 2016)  
In my opinion, T20 does not harm cricketing skills in any means. In the other hand it increases or helps the player to improve their skills.

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Rohit Biswas said: (Sep 4, 2016)  
But according to me, t20 cricket effect the cricketing skills of an cricketer. Yes I agree that due to t20 format many new talented players get chances to prove their talent. But in the meantime, if you take risk than sometime it will pass and sometimes it fails. T20 cricket is also about risk. If you give a bat to a person who does not know how to play than also he can hit the ball to the midwicket area but it does not mean that he knows cricket vary well. He takes the risk and that's why he hits the ball. But in case of cricketing skills 4 and 6 is not everything, sometime a solid defense looks amazing. Test cricket is all about patience and brain, similarly odi is also the same. In those format you can't take risk every time so you should have that much talent to hold and score run depending upon the situation. There fore according to me T20 cricket effects cricketing skills of an cricketer.

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Abhijit said: (Sep 4, 2016)  
No, T20 is adding more value to the game of cricket by bringing new talent and also revenue generation for the board.

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Piyush said: (Sep 1, 2016)  
No, I think it gives an opportunity for newcomers it helps in improving their aggression playing skills.

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Mayank Golwalkar said: (Aug 25, 2016)  
I don't think that t20 cricket is killing the cricketing skills. Actually, it provides a platform to groom your talent and the modern day cricketers can show their talent to the world through various leagues organized in the world like IPL, Big bash and much more.

It also depends on the cricketer how he adapts to various forms of cricket, what he learns from t20 and how he applies it to the bigger challenge test cricket.

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Neel said: (Aug 25, 2016)  
Nope. According to me, t20 cricket is bringing a new interest in the cricketing world. Nowadays, people don't get much time watching test cricket due to studies, work and jobs.

But at the same time, I must say test cricket should also be pushed by innovating in it like day-night test matches.

A t20 takes around three and a half hours to complete so that allows foreign countries to get indulge with cricket.

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Joshi said: (Aug 18, 2016)  
I don't think so. In my point of view t20 cricket giving various opportunities to the young talented cricketers. T20 cricket discovered many young talented cricketers also it helps to many vanished cricketers to raise their cricket carriers and of course it is making cricket as a batsmen favour but we can see much great bowling performance in t20 cricket. I think there is nothing harm to ODI and test cricket because of t20 if the planning is perfect.

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Balaji said: (Aug 17, 2016)  
The emerge of t20 doesn't kill any kind of cricketing skills for me. It's just improving the skills like taking fast decisions and taking an efficient risk during pressure situations and it does not effect test cricket. Nowadays test cricket also very interesting to watch because most of the match finished with a result and it is also finishing with some nail biting match like t20. So it depends on upon the player's mindset only. So it is not right to blame t20. It is the just improvement of cricket to next level.

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Santosh Sharma said: (Aug 5, 2016)  
T20 cricket is the platform where the youngsters will get the opportunities to play on the international platform as well as also it will give opportunities to play with world class players. So from my point of view it off course good for the cricket.

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Imali said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
No, it's not killing. We can see in T20 format new shot. And bowlers also bowled unique bowl.

I think in T20 bowlers and batsman skill has been improving we seen many incredible shots by many batsmen.

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Jayaynth said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
T20 is one format of the cricket. It has nothing to do with killing cricketing skills. Every cricketer is good any of the format or all of them. Some cricketers adapt good for test cricket and so for ODI and t20. You can see some new invention of cricketing shots in this era. So this short format has made cricket more popular and interesting.

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Debjit Sarkar said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
Nowadays every sport is an entertainment for people. No one has that much patience to conclude a game deeply. So according to me, every format of cricket has its own dignity. Its depends on us that which format of the game we like much. Every player has its own skills in cricket.
For example, Rahul Dravid played an excellent innings in test matches in his career.
Sourav Ganguly & Sachin Tendulkar played their best on ODI format in their career & now it's Virat Kohli who is showing his top class performance on T20 matches.

So the discussion on this topic will never end because as I said it depends on us that which format we like much.

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Parth Patel said: (Jul 21, 2016)  
Today every other thing getting faster. Things like communication, transportation, even our mobile phone and computer are becoming more and faster. So, why not cricket! Today in this busy world no one has the time of sitting in front of television whole day and watching a test match.
T20 matches are short and time conserving. It has also an advantage of excitement instead of boring test matches. And yes, the skill of real cricket is not all about consuming more and more balls and remain not out the whole day. T20 cricket is all about skill as, in less time you have to achieve big thing- Victory.

Conclusion: T20 cricket is not killing real cricketing skills. It is making cricket more exciting and cricketer more skillful.

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Parth Patel said: (Jul 20, 2016)  
Hello, everyone I am Parth Patel.

Really T20 cricket is killing real cricket because real cricket is out of every people mind and this is a not fare.

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Naresh said: (Jul 14, 2016)  
Yes, because most people like only T20 matches it takes some hours only.

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Anuraag Kweera said: (Jul 10, 2016)  
I don't agree with the above topic and I would like to add some points to that.

1. T-20 is good for entertainment as it brings lots of spectators and it's also helping bowlers and batsmen to try new things to be successful.

2. Personally, I feel in test cricket real skills are displayed because as batsmen you have to bat whole day so it needs loads of temperament, skill, focus, determination because one ball can get you out whereas, bowlers have to take 20 wickets to win a match so it needs loads of skills.

3. T-20 has helped test cricket in a good way as, batsmen try to play more aggressive nowadays 300-400 plus score are scored in a single day so it becomes interesting. Spectators are not bored they like competitive cricket.

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Shawez Ali Khan said: (Jul 3, 2016)  
Yes, because it's very famous game in the world. And Sachin is called the god of cricket, that's it.

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Mukesh said: (Jun 29, 2016)  
Yes, I agree with the topics because most of the people are not interested to see the test match.

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Satwik said: (Jun 27, 2016)  
For me, T20 is not killing the spirit as test matches are long and people don't have time. Test matches are boring as well for me.

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Rajivso said: (Jun 17, 2016)  
T20 have changed the face of cricket, now this sport becomes more exciting and interesting, we love T20 cricket.

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Deepak Reddy M said: (May 5, 2016)  
Good evening everyone,

I'm Deepak Reddy. It's a great pleasure to me that we are here to discuss the topic "Is T20 affect the real cricket skill". T20 doesn't affect real cricket because nowadays people are not interested in watching test matches, rather than they watch T20 as a time of the match will be less and more enthusiastic. T20 provides an opportunity for newcomers. One more thing I would like to add telecasting of test matches in TV costs much as test matches go on for 4 to 5 days & In T20 matches there will be good glamour such as cheer girls. So I would like to conclude that T20 matches are more interesting and which doesn't affect real cricket.

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Bhargav said: (May 5, 2016)  
Talking about skills what we witness in T20 cricket like power hitting, slog on demand & getting runs thick & fast are real eye-candies for spectators. Even for these one needs to have special skills and abilities. In restraint of "Real Cricketing Skill" one cannot underestimate such talents or downplay their power hitting skills and abilities. On the other hand, it is a real misconception regarding T20 cricket that you don't need to have a good defense technique or any other conventional way of batting that come straight cricket coaching manual. Basic things to consistently do well in any form of cricket remains the same.

Going through the discussions above what I have seen is that most of my friends have given their opinions & viewpoint from a batsman point of view. We often tend to forget that bowling and fielding are an equally important aspect of the game. A good Yorker, a cutting outswinger, a vicious reverse swing, a well-flighted delivery, a deceptive "Goggly" or a "Doosra", a brilliant catch was taken are equally delightful. So even here the formula to do well and succeed remains the same that is to keep the basics right.

Every good shot that is played, every good bowl that is bowled & ever catch that is taken is a part of "Real Cricketing Skills" irrespective of the format. Changes are inevitable. Even the approach toward playing cricket (like any other sport) has changed and evolved over the year for a better prospect. Notwithstanding the changes great cricketing talents always have the ability to assess situations, play according to the need of the situation & switch modes to adjust accordingly.

Changes are inevitable. Even the approach toward playing cricket (like any other sport) has changed and evolved over the year for a better prospect. Notwithstanding the changes great cricketing talents always have the ability to assess situations, play according to the need of the situation & switch modes to adjust accordingly.

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Jishnu Muraleedharan said: (Apr 9, 2016)  
See in my opinion T20, test and ODI are three formats which test the ability of the player. See there are some players who have the ability to shine in these three formats but they are rare. Inconsistency in their form will make a major problem to their ability. When you take a player like Sachin Tendulkar his skill is about how class you should bat. His skills to judge the bowl is something that is special when you compare other people. In tests, the batsmen got the time to understand how to judge the bowl where to place the bat and how to play the drive. It gives them time to learn.

While T20 is all power and muscles like Gayle, Pollard and Russel the strong West Indies team where they showed their ability to hit hard and make crowd enjoy cricket. But for sure I can say that these players who shine in T20 are not the best when they come to test and ODI. Where they need skill to bat and play a drive. Here batsmen like Sachin, Dravid, VVS, Lara, Ponting are the real masters.

This proves the conclusion that T20 is not about judging or playing a stroke, one who play with power shines and ODI and test show that a class batsman is a king who can play with his foot and balance with his bat according to the line and length. But still the best players like Kohli, ABD, etc has shown they can even play any of these formats with their both skills and power.

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Vivek V said: (Apr 2, 2016)  
In my point of view, T20 is certainly killing the spirit of the real game of cricket. People have no time to watch the test cricket which is a real display of class skill and temperament. Modern crickets are struggling to score in test matches. We have a good batsman is Dhoni in ODI and T20 but he retired in tests. Do you think he is not physically fit to play test cricket? Certainly not his inability to play in test cricket which is a real test of one's skill. Another scenario is Malinga a lethal bowler in the shorter format of the game. But retired in test cricket. Similar reasons. Only class bowlers like Murali, Warne, Kumble could show to the world they are real bosses. For the ones who say test cricket is all about boring. Then I would say they haven't watched the ashes clash, David's defences, masters blistering tons and sehwag's odi like test innings. Only world class players can bat/ball through all formats of the game. T20 might be nail biting but test cricket is class display. If you are a true cricket fan. You would love to see the cover drive of Sanga, a straight drive of Sachin, late cut of Mahela, solid defence of Dravid, and so on.

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Gaurav said: (Mar 29, 2016)  
Guys whatever your opinion might be, but the fact is, in 21st century people really don't have time to watch a full one day or test cricket match, and, believe me, T20 format is not child's play, this format requires some other skills, look at the Australian T20 record, those guys consistently have been failed in WT20 tournaments.

And one more thing, if we really think about the expansion of cricket in other countries like (few European ones, Japan, China) then only T20 format might get help you.

T20 is future of cricket (it's a fact).

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Mohsin said: (Mar 24, 2016)  
People were losing interest in cricket, and this the T20 which has restored its earlier dignity. Test format should be replaced by ODIs, hence, there should be only 2 formats, as for my future growth prediction of Cricket.

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Debaditya Mukherjee said: (Mar 18, 2016)  
Hello everybody,

T20 cricket is the format of a limited over cricket where the spectators get entertained by the thrill of the game and power play like big hits by the batsmen. In this format, I think that, there is a lack of scope to a bowler to perform well. In 50-50 overs matches or test cricket, there is a scope to judge a player not only by his ability but by his patience and class. But in T20 format, there is very shortage of time to perform well. This format is only for entertaining purpose. It is not helpful for a cricketer to represent himself as a complete player in front of thousand of spectators. So on my point of view, T20 cricket is killing the real cricketing skills.

Thank you.

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See what happens when weed-dopers become CEO's and big corporation decision makers ! They try to legalize weed. Is that how you want weed to become ? weed is 'ganja' and yes, its become legal in some states in US and its coming for India too. (That is a different story).

Finest tea of Darjeeling, Finest oranges of Nagpur, these never go into Indian mouths. They just get shipped abroad for the rich people. Why ? because you fed it to the businessmen. And then those men did what they do best with things, make money off them. Even if it means killing a few important morals and bare minimum patriotism. I mean, I'm not saying don't make money. I'm saying don't cross the line of decency to do it. Majority of 'the best quality' throughput should be for the growers and those who embrace that soil. Majorly exporting everything good isn't nice. And so don't let history repeat itself. Don't legalize weed. They are doing it so they can ruit it.

They did it to cricket infront of you by bathing you with 20-20 cricket. Its being sold to you and are getting sold and you don't even know it. And then its too late. This is currently the transition period. We have to decide if it stays or it goes. After this genertion, there is no looking back anymore forever.

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Inesh said: (Feb 21, 2016)  

This format is meant for a twist in cricket. Many international series contain 1, 2 or 3 T20 matches along with test series and/or ODI series. They are like an opportunity, for e.g, in the India-Australia series.

India couldn't pursue the ODI's. But Then they made a clean sweep against Australia in the T20s, which broke a 140-year-old record, that no team has clean sweeped Australia, against Australia, in Australia. So India ended up at no. 1 in T20's.

Moreover, because its a shorter format of cricket, people can go and watch the matches live at the stadium, while one can't watch a whole test match for 4 days continuous!

Last but not the least, T20 internationals and Domestic T20's like IPL, BBL etc. Have brought great attraction among youngsters and kids, while many adults and older people think that it's destroying Test Cricket, which is absolutely wrong!

So, I think that T20's and T20 Is are one of the best formats of the sport.

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Raj said: (Jan 12, 2016)  
I think that T-20 is just a type of cricket that the public just for enjoy. It has a reason for this because here the time is very shorted and our modern busy life it is very important to us. It takes the time three to four hours.

Here obviously a question will arise that the player just wasted their skills?but I think that it is not so. The players whose technical skill is perfectly correct they performed any type of matches.

So it is not to correct to say that T-20 wasted the player's skill. It is correct that it wasted the players patience. Because of a one day or test matches prove a player's patience. But T-20 has no opportunity for this proven.

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Nayan Nirvikar said: (Dec 26, 2015)  
According to me it is not but it improves the dignity of the player in such a condition of a highly distracted condition. The player get trained in the playing in such a condition. In ODIs there are extreme conditions for winning and losing. So in the condition the player con uses the skills of the T20.

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Manish said: (Nov 20, 2015)  
Hello everyone I am Manish and I am partially agree with this statement that T20 killing skills because T20 is not a platform to judge the caliber of any cricketer because cricketer were in high pressure to make good score for the country, so at some extent we can say that it kills the cricketing skills.

But if you see the other side of it T20 gives the chance to new cricketers to show their skills, so we can not totally agree with the given topic.

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Sunil Kumar said: (Oct 4, 2015)  
I think definitely not at all. Because OF T20 cricket many more players are getting chances for playing cricket. Due to that format cricket is getting new talents day by day. Simply I say T20 is the best format among all and it's the best platform of every kind of players.

Due to T20 CRICKET format nowadays cricket is being so interesting and so popular. Day by day the importance of cricket is growing up only because of T20 cricket.

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Sayali said: (Oct 4, 2015)  
Since in T20 things change very quickly, it forces players to not to become complacent in good situations which is the most important skill in cricket. Also, it requires high agility and fitness and so many young players are improving their fitness. Virat, De Villiers, Dhoni have some extraordinary skills.

But the sad part is, it is a bit in the favour of batsmen so bowlers are now trying to be economical than attacking. But mature bowlers are developing new skills to tackle both problems examples are Malinga, Steyn, Broad.

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Sayali said: (Oct 3, 2015)  
Hello everyone,

I think T20 cricket killing real cricketing skills now a days playing more t-20 cricket than test cricket, cricketer loses their technique due to play lots of T20 cricket. According to report of cricket journalist from 2010 to 2014 test cricket 10% of test cricket match ended in 3 days 25% cricket match ended in 4 days and only few matches is been drawn.

So according my view T20 cricket badly affecting the real test cricket.

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Komal said: (Sep 26, 2015)  
This is the one of the best format of the cricket. So I don't think so its killing any talent rather I should say this is giving more chance to young generation.

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Sandeep said: (Sep 24, 2015)  
I believe that T20 is not harming the pure tradition of cricket as we have seen that it actually helps the player train for the test matches. It requires more skills and strategy, more sense of the game and it tests the player to his best and show how much he can handle pressure. On the other hand people need to realize that that all these formats, whether its T20, 50 50 or test, are existing at the same time and the same team and same players play in these formats and they are versatile enough to adapt the these formats.

And also ages before 50 50 replaced Tests and eventually people adapted that format and liked and now T20 is not only a major source of entertainment but also quick and short as people are really busy in their lives. Thus, T20 format has nothing to do with the destruction of 'traditional cricket'.

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Komal said: (Sep 24, 2015)  
I think T20 is the best chance to show their talent for new players. There is no effect of T20 and ODI cricket. We see a real cricket in T20 matches. Cricket lovers are enjoy to see T20 matches in this busy life. This is a good platform for young players and also for failure cricketers. The players has a opportunity to show all their skills. I am not criticize other formats.

Finally I am telling is each game has it own speciality. The players are trying to show all their skills in all formats. A real professional cricketer dedicate all his life to the game whatever the format is like SACHIN TENDULKAR and M.S. DHONI.

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Vikas said: (Sep 21, 2015)  
What I believe is that nothing is permanent when we get back to 300 years or odd into past any form of cricket doesn't exist at all. And when it came into action we all know that people who were playing cricket was mostly those who got much leisure time like British officials, kings etc. So at that point of time may be playing a game for five days would seem to be much entertaining to both players and spectators.

In this 100 years worlds population has been drastically increased and people's need to manage time in this competition is also increased. As all these sports and all emerged from people I feel that sports also need to adopt new methods, I doesn't mean that we must completely neglect old and pure form of original cricket even it need to be existed but also modifications have to be done Time to time and new forms have to be introduced along with old and original cricket.

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Vikas said: (Sep 20, 2015)  
T20 Cricket is very good as compare other formats because it gives freedom to all cricketer to show their ability in front of all the world.

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Vikas said: (Sep 20, 2015)  
I think T20 T20 cricket is good for entertainment but it will not test the caliber of a player. For example : if player good in T20 T20 will not be good in test cricket. Except a few like (KP, Gayle, Sehwag, Koli, Shane Watson, Kallis, Jayawardene, Ross Taylor). So I think test cricket is real cricket which tests physical as well as mental aspect.

But T20 T20 can be used as development of cricket which can be played in non playing nations like (USA, Ireland, China, Russia, Argentina, Arab Country, Canada, Brazil) in these countries you can hold a world cup instead of hosting in cricket playing nation. i.e. good for expanding cricket and new country can also come for playing cricket. Test cricket always have a value and now one day cricket should be scrapped. Let there be test and T20 only. This my view.

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Vikas said: (Sep 20, 2015)  
T20 cricket doesn't kill the skill of cricket but it is less time game so everyone have less time to perform. Bowler and batsman have same opportunity to show his talent. In this game time limit is more complex problem so every single wrong decisions will be lost the match. Skill are never ended in this sort of game but time will be less to perform.

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Vikas said: (Sep 20, 2015)  
I think that the T20 cricket is good than test and ODI because it does not take more time. T20 format is good for youngster. In this format batsman has to be in a good form so he can fight well.

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Abhi said: (Sep 10, 2015)  
T20 create the real platform to show their talent to spectators. Now a days most of the people are like to watch T20. So players have a chance to show him to the the much number of a people also in T20 player should.

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Payal said: (Sep 5, 2015)  
I think T-20 provides a good platform to new comers to arise. It gives good chance to players to play with experienced senior players and to learn a lot of things as well as at the same time to earn fame and money which is a good thing. Balance between T-20 and test match is required as test matches judges the physical strength while T-20 judges mental skills of players.

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Payal said: (Sep 5, 2015)  
I think T-20 provides a good platform to new comers to start their career. It gives them a good chance to play with experienced senior players and to learn a lot and at the same time to earn money and fame for the country which is a good thing. Balance between the two is necessary as test match judges physical strength while T-20 judges the mental skills of players.

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Aki said: (Aug 26, 2015)  
Hi friends, according to me T20 is just like hitting and getting the runs. In T-20, cricketer not using their skill. They just know how to hold the bat and how to hit and they don't have patience to build the partnership.

Just obtaining run is the main intention. Nowadays because of IPL the real cricket fans are losing their interest on cricket. So my opinion is test is original form of cricket, from this I can say that T-20 is killing real cricketing skills.

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Vivek said: (Aug 10, 2015)  
To an certain extent T20 is having a great impact on test cricket. 5 years back you cannot see every test match finishing in 3 days or 4 days. Nowadays people like only entertainment. Players nowadays looks to score runs of every ball in test cricket. Yes you cannot stop players like Sehwags, Warners, Gilchrists, Gayles as they are playing their natural game. In olden days test cricket is all about technique and perseverance. But nowadays India is considering Rohit over Pujara. On technique based Pujara is far better than Rohit.

Yes I agree Rohit can be destructive once he is set. But on a long term basis pujara should be considered over rohit. ICC is taking steps to make test cricket more interesting by conducting day-night matches but it is sad that we are not going to see the elegance and patience of Dravid, Laras, Kallis who can save a test match on their own. Because saving a test match is sometimes a greater achievement than winning a match.

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Dinesh Kumar said: (Aug 9, 2015)  
Hi every one.

Cricket is enjoyable when both batsmen and bowlers dominate equally in every match. But sad thing is due to invention of T20 cricket, bowlers have been hurt by batsmen a lot. And T20 leads to different ugly looking shots as every batsmen tries to score maximum runs. But T20 is encouraging youth a lot. And audience also enjoys it because since it is a short format. But to me test and ODI formats are best.

Thank you.

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Monika Singh said: (Jul 30, 2015)  
I think T-20 is promoting the cricket and so many youngsters got the chance to play in national level with senior players and also able to improve their skills. In return they get huge amount of money also which is a good thing. Because of T-20 Indian economy is also increasing day by day. India has become the hub for cricket because of IPL and T-20 matches due to which India is gaining its popularity day by day and so many businessman and officials wants to spend more.

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Ramen said: (Jul 23, 2015)  
Yes T20 cricket killing real cricketing skills. Many players play the shots just to hit the ball out of the boundary line, they are not focusing on the ball how to face the ball. Many players are not improving their skills in domestic cricket by playing T20 format games.

They are earning money by playing IPL and some T20 games. They should play T20 games at the same time they have to play domestic cricket. They have to confirm their berth in national team as test/ODI player since test cricket is oldest game.

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John said: (Jul 19, 2015)  
I am French. I live in the UK. I live 5 minutes from Headingley, home of Yorkshire CCC and many Ashes showdowns. If it weren't for T20 cricket, I would have never been to the stadium and discovered the game. Before that I was thinking 'what's the point of a 5-day match, what kind of dumb sports is that'. I'm used to football, American football, baseball, sports where you see impressive feats in a few hours' time.

Big-hitting T20 gave me those same feelings. You guys need T20 if you want the sport to expand on the global stage. In England the sport cannot compete with football and rugby. Even the NFL is now bringing games to us every year now!

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Noorul Hasan said: (Jun 3, 2015)  
In my opinion T20 is not killing cricket because player s are getting platform, money and grooming chance with senior players. It is also increasing popularity of the game. Through t 20 the game can be penetrated in Europe and america.

However excess play of T20 ll definitely harm other format like one day and test matches. Thus a judicious mix of all the form of cricket is needed for healthy development of cricketing skill and cricket as a game.

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Barbie said: (May 31, 2015)  
No I'm not agree, instead I think T-20 cricket format is helping to improve the standard or quality of cricket by making it more interesting and more enthusiastic game. As, the cricketers either bowler or batsman have very limited time to perform so they try to play more efficiently to make more runs or take more wickets into that limited time and this had become possible by their improved cricket skill. In same time time it providing more entertainment to audience in less time.

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Swetha said: (May 27, 2015)  
No I am also completely against this. T20 is the cricket skill where there is so many young cricketers who do not have chance to play in international cricket as well as in test matches. There the young cricketers get chance to prove themselves. And also with this IPL we enjoying alot. So it does not kill any other.

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Amit Singh said: (May 20, 2015)  
Am agree with you my friends as all we know that IPL T20 is a format where players come from different nations some of them have vast experience and some are youngsters but they play together so it is clear that there is a lot of to learn for the youngsters.

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Tirik said: (May 20, 2015)  
Yes, surely IPL have impacted adversely to traditional cricket.

Some actions need to be taken to save our valuable players from excessive playing and in the end drain down their energy in IPL.

First of all, BCCI should impose rules for different categorize players to play IPL matches. BCCI contracts players in different categories like A, B and C. A group players are paid highest whereas C group players are paid lowest. Here BCCI should impose ban on players of A group to play not more than 50% matches, B group should play 65% and C group player can play 80% matches. Means if a particular team is having 14 matches to play, they can not allow A category player to play more than 7 matches. B group player can play not more than 9 matches and C group player can play 11 matches.

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Varun Kumar Mishra said: (May 15, 2015)  
I don't think that T20 is ruining cricket. You can yourself see that this format has given the batsman a huge level of confidence to chase down big totals. You since the inception of this format a lot many teams have chased down totals in excess of 300 very easily which was not so earlier. Earlier 300 was considered a winning total but today the scenario has changed. It has provided the crowd a lot of entertainment.

But as said every coin has two sides. This format for sure has effected the popularity of the other formats especially test cricket due to the availability of quick result in the latter format. As we all know every thing with an advantage has some disadvantage!

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Lucky said: (Apr 20, 2015)  
No I am completely against the fact that T20 cricket is killing real cricketing skills because if take the example of IPL, it provides the platform for so many young cricketers that were living in dark before that, and somehow they after this tournament the get selected for international T20 and one day squad and there they perform well.

So just because of tournament like this they get the exposure of playing with so international cricketers and get coaching form world class players and under the shadow of those experienced cricketers they play well and perform well in international circuit also.

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Harsh Patel said: (Apr 15, 2015)  
According to my point of view IPL is fix match only and all players are paid money and the team is also fix who will win. I first they play so good then after the real game starts Ipl is Indian profit league many many top businessman teams are there in IPL eg. Mukesh ambani, shillpa shetty, SRK, they invest their money for the profit only.

I don't like T20 matches because the real power of the player is tested in the test player only if he scores runs 45 to 70 in 20 to 30 balls he is consider as an good player and the people who is poor but they have an extraordinary skill in cricket but they can't afford cricket equipment and coaching classes so government should support them.

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Manoj said: (Apr 9, 2015)  
In my point of view, the scheme of BCCI organizing IPL game is really degrading the real cricketing skill but here is a opportunity for a player that he can show that how fast he can play. In IPL game every player have to face very few balls, In this condition they can show their honour and stormy batting.

But it also have some adverse effect on cricketer and other national game. Because of increasing popularity of cricket the stardom of many other game has lowered.

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Aditya said: (Apr 5, 2015)  
Hello friends I'm Aditya Sharma I think it might kill the real cricketing skills of the players. Because the game is played only for 20 overs and every single player which comes across have to bat instantaneously at every single ball because of this they try to play so fast that they doesn't even know how to deal with the ball coming across him and that's the reason wickets go in an immediate process.

The game should be handled with patience and because every player is at its best so he should be in his senses to deal with every single ball sagely.

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Niku said: (Mar 19, 2015)  
No. T20 is a format which is entirely different from test cricket. There are some players who are capable of scoring quick runs but cannot bat for long and there are some who can bat for long but cannot score quick runs (e.g. Pujara).

So you need different set of skills for both these formats and to say that one format is killing the real cricketing skills is not correct. You cannot expect each player to perform equally good in both these formats, though there are some who are capable of performing good in both formats.

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Anand Malto said: (Mar 8, 2015)  
T20 has brought a new charm to cricket attracting huge audience and fan following because of it being fast paced, aggressive and lots of entertainment. Players have to adapt themselves to different formats as it requires different skill set.

A T20 match requires the player to think aggressively, attack consistently and improvise. On the other hand, a test match which people consider as the real cricket, requires patience and textbook technique. An AB de Villiers shot over fine-leg in a T-20 match or a classy drive from V.V.S.Laxman in a test match, both require skill.

So, we can instead say that it's bringing new skills and thought process in cricketers rather than killing cricketing skills.

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Ratheesh said: (Feb 22, 2015)  
All formats of cricket have its on beauty. Can a person without talent become star in T20?

Absolutely No.

There is a large number of fans loving T20. One of the reason for football most popular because its short duration and full time entertainment. So love all formats of cricket along with T20.

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Naveen B said: (Feb 22, 2015)  
What I believe is that nothing is permanent when we get back to 300 years or odd into past any form of cricket doesn't exist at all. And when it came into action we all know that people who were playing cricket was mostly those who got much leisure time like British officials, kings etc. So at that point of time may be playing a game for five days would seem to be much entertaining to both players and spectators.

In this 100 years worlds population has been drastically increased and people's need to manage time in this competition is also increased. As all these sports and all emerged from people I feel that sports also need to adopt new methods, I doesn't mean that we must completely neglect old and pure form of original cricket even it need to be existed but also modifications have to be done Time to time and new forms have to be introduced along with old and original cricket.

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Kumar H said: (Jan 25, 2015)  
T20 becomes popular and it attracts people towards itself but there are some cons also. Like popularity of test matches is almost going. But other hand it becomes popular as in 21th century people have no time like 8 hours or 5 days to spend. So quickly they can give it.

Today game like IPL becoming more popular through which many players emerged and India got talent. Playing style of cricketers also improved as there are so many matches and a player prepare himself for every match so ultimately T20 is not bad for cricket.

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Harsh said: (Jan 22, 2015)  
In my point of view, we cannot say that T20 is killing the skill of cricket, as it is creating a new skill in which every one cannot perform. For example a T20 is a game in which generates a player who can hit 50 runs just in 20 balls which cannot be generate by a test match.

And also generate a player who can perform good in extreme pressure, for example in a test match if a team wants 30 runs in last over it can be done by player who plays T20. Where as in test match it is also a skill to be patient and strength to play 5 days continuously.

So conclusion is that for t20 the selection can be on IPL bases but for test match Ranji based selection should be preferred and if a player can manage to perform good on both the format then it is our honor to have these kind of talented players. B/c at the end of the day we want victory on all the formats of game.

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Is T20 Cricket killing Real Cricketing Skills?

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