Democracy is Hampering India's Progress

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Vishwajit Kumar said: (Tue, May 17, 2016 07:37:55 PM)    
Hello, everyone.

I think democracy is those part of government by which we know the rule and regulation of our country. First of all I want to explain what is democracy there are many definition of democracy that is one of them earlier we study in class 9 and 10. The Ex-president of america is said that of the people, for the people, and by the people. Now I m going to tell something about that topic yes democracy is hampering the progress of India because in India there are many politicians and due to them we are so back I m not blaming them I just telling truth. When our pm or cm give any facility to citizen but mediator where ate money that's why our country is also still poor. Because in our country there are many poor people. The money and any facility is given by government is not reached to the people. In the time of election politicians come door to door. I the time of election and they promise I will do many things for you. But unfortunately it will be not happens with us. So far.

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Rasika Agrawal said: (Tue, May 10, 2016 07:49:27 PM)    
According to me, yes. Democracy is hampering india's progress as many people remain uneducated and often choose leaders who offer them some liquor, money etc. Which is harmful for the country's development. The corrupt and uneducated political leaders choose criminals to threaten the people and get votes.

This is a main cause why our country is never able to develop itself. It is because of these type of political leaders our country is counted amongst some of the poorer countries. The illiterate just don't know which leaders are right for the country which hampers our country's progress.

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Salam Bin Mohammed said: (Tue, Apr 12, 2016 09:14:48 PM)    
According to me, the government is the main reason for the Indian development. We can partially blame our constitution also because it has given many of the rights to the people. Yes, I agree that democracy is the better form of government. The representatives who are being elected by the people are cheating the people. Before the elections, they promise the people that they are going to provide everything if they are elected.

People with this hope elect that representatives. After they are being elected they show their real attitude. Some laws are implemented by the government but they are not reachable to the people because of some mediators. Democracy is better form of government but the rules and regulations must become strict. By this some change would be seen in people which leads to development.

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Sagar Srivastava said: (Sun, Mar 13, 2016 01:14:11 AM)    
No system of government is good or bad, be it democracy or monarchy. A country under a good ruler can prosper greatly, but in the hands of a tyrant it can be doomed to pain, injustice and exploitation. Same goes for democracy. What makes democracy so much dangerous is that if you overthrow a bad leader of the power the new elected candidate that we elect turns out to be of the same kind as previous manipulative and self serving. Democracy gives a huge amount of power to the person in the rule which he uses against us and we cannot hold them accountable for it.

A leader before being elected is servant of the public and after election public is his slave. The public is not at fault because.

1) Educated people think in the elections, faces change while everything else remains same.

2) Poor section is striving to earn food.

3) Rich sector well. The rich gets richer holds true irrespective of government.

Education is a joke in the India majority of the population is illiterate any many of the illiterate are unemployed. Government schools have nothing and many cannot afford private education. And we say India is developing. We talk of metro, GAGAN, AGNI-V etc. What a shame!

Policies are made on paper and stay on paper. They never reach to the public in need. Farmers die and we say we will make your earning double by 2020 but sorry right now we can't help you.

The list is very long. The bottom line is that yes, democracy is a hindrance, but monarchy in the wrong hands can be a tale of gore and devastation. It's the choice between bad and less bad.

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Archana said: (Mon, Feb 29, 2016 10:58:03 PM)    
1. Democracy means, we the people, for the people, by the people.

2. But today constitutional laws has become sluggish and may be misinterpreted.

Few roadblocks to substantiate it:

- Long+tiring law making processes.

- Constantly changing government.

- Distributed powers may lead to corruption and scams.

- Freedom of speech + expression misused: to divide the country on caste, creed, region, language basis.

3. We are tagged as developing country facing problems like unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, crimes, riots, naxalism, terrorism etc.

4. We must not forget: No system is full proof. Democracy is a beautiful system but we need to:

- Check/mend constitutional law book.

- Prevail awareness + education to every thick-thin region of the country.

- Make use of technology for more transparency either it is election, or policy implementation.

- At individual level we should apply simple formula to life like:

* Each 1 teach 1.

* No to corruption.

* Know your right as well as your duty.

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Manoj Pal said: (Sun, Feb 21, 2016 11:20:14 PM)    
In my opinion, democracy is not hampering the progress of India but it is we, the people of India, who are responsible for degrading the value of democracy in India. Democracy has enabled us to choose what is right & root out what is wrong but only when we use this supreme power in a right & honest manner.

But in actual, we, the people of India are indulged in overlooking the long term or broad viewed benefits by favouring the political person/party in elections, who serves our own purpose either directly or indirectly. Thus we misuse our right.

Secondly, there are so many people in India, who really don't know & understand the meaning of democracy, they play a wide role in the electing a wrong politician. So, our educational system needs to be strengthened so that at least everyone in our society is aware about right & wrong.

Apart from that, even after each & everyone being aware of it, what is needed most is OUR HONEST ATTITUDE towards our country & it's people. Then only we can imagine a developed India in future.

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Vignesh said: (Mon, Feb 15, 2016 03:22:23 PM)    
Hello everyone,

In my opinion, Democracy is one of the thing that hampering the progress of India. Democracy is a gifted choice for the people of the India because they are having chance to choose who they want to rule them. I always blame the people of India as they fail to choose the correct person as their political leader.

Moreover the leaders also fail to feel their responsibility about which position they are and how much they need to do for the people. In my view, the leader must work for the people selflessly and they periodically review what they did, and what they will going to do for the people.

Further the plans and policies which the government made never meet the low-level people. It will be better that those policies should mainly focussed on welfare of very low-level people. Because nowadays "RICH BECOME RICHER & POOR BECOME POORER".

Finally I conclude that A GOOD DEMOCRACY IS IN OUR HANDS. So we choose a correct leader and make our INDIA a Developed Democratic country.

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Keerthi Salanke said: (Wed, Feb 10, 2016 08:34:56 PM)    
For the democracy so many nations fought against the dictatorship, monopoly and army rule. This rules and regulation brought unhappy for the members of nation. So the India have got all the democratic feature but we the people have to obey it and not to misuse.

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The Fourth said: (Sat, Jan 23, 2016 07:52:06 PM)    
Democracy is hampering the growth of India. Democracy leads to vote-bank politics and vendetta politics. Sometimes the ruling party decisions which aide to growth get delayed or never get implemented.

For example, Goods and Service-tax bill and Land bill, if implemented can boost our GDP, but their implementation is delayed because the opposition is creating a parliament log-jam.

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Saibaba said: (Sun, Nov 8, 2015 11:45:24 AM)    
In my opinion definitely the uneducated should be deprived from voting. The reason that he doesn't thing above square meal. In the same way the elected government should put in free education for at least for a period of 15 years spending more than 10% of GDP on education. If this continues the next generation will be matured enough to cast the vote and elect the right government. Otherwise people will cast vote for few hundred rupees or any gifts.

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Krishna Nandan Mondal said: (Sat, Oct 17, 2015 08:11:12 PM)    
Democracy is one such thing which is bringing corruption in India. It's true that democracy is hampering India's progress. People are unable to cast their votes properly. Money and muscle power has become the main motive of almost all the political parties who are supporting criminals to win elections.

These types of corruptions are bringing in poverty and is promoting injustice. Such types of practices can't be called democracy, it is almost equal to monarchy. That's all I want to say for the motion.

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Gopal Sanyal said: (Thu, Oct 8, 2015 04:06:06 PM)    
The democracy of India is practically not following the Indian constitution, and that is the root of all problems. Indian democracy is constitutional in form but unconstitutional in sense, and there lies all problems. This situation may only be changed if the original British laws enacted by British people are amended so as to turn the ruler and judiciary truly accountable to the people of India.

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Surabhi said: (Tue, Oct 6, 2015 06:48:31 PM)    
In my opinion, democracy is not hampering the progress of India but it is we, the people of India, who are responsible for degrading the value of democracy in India. Democracy has enabled us to choose what is right & root out what is wrong but only when we use this supreme power in a right & honest manner.

But in actual, we, the people of India are indulged in overlooking the long term or broad viewed benefits by favouring the political person/party in elections, who serves our own purpose either directly or indirectly. Thus we misuse our right.

Secondly, there are so many people in India, who really don't know & understand the meaning of democracy, they play a wide role in the electing a wrong politician. So, our educational system needs to be strengthened so that at least everyone in our society is aware about right & wrong.

Apart from that, even after each & everyone being aware of it, what is needed most is OUR HONEST ATTITUDE towards our country & it's people. Then only we can imagine a developed India in future.

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Manoj said: (Tue, Oct 6, 2015 04:58:58 PM)    
Democracy is not hampering the progress of India. As we know that most of politician give milestone achievement for the India on these basis of few corrupt people, people should not generalize the way of thought. Improvement always consider any system after that flow of process have been changed.

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Ejaz Ahmed said: (Sun, Oct 4, 2015 09:02:56 PM)    
I should go without saying, most of the guys are really handicapped for the mind. First we will have to understand, one day all people have to be accountable before their god. The one who has done good deeds, will be rewarded & bad deeds will be punished. If this kind of simple truth will not be plant into heart.

So you can do 'eat, drink & be merry'. One day you will return to your god. So every one is responsible for own role how to play the role in this world.

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Shruti said: (Fri, Sep 25, 2015 09:09:38 AM)    
India is not a true democratic country because here are reserved seats for SC, OBC and ST why they are getting special treatment. They were exploited in past but not now.

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Rohit said: (Mon, Sep 21, 2015 09:02:22 PM)    
No its wrong to say that democracy is hampering the progress of Indian but the way people respond towards democracy is hampering the progress of India. Like people choose the leaders related to their caste, or by having some own their benefits. So mentality of such selfish like feeling is actually hampering the progress of India.

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Dhark said: (Sat, Sep 19, 2015 12:33:30 PM)    
Democracy is not harming country but most of the people in country are self centric. Nation come 2nd after their own interests. Roll of democracy is to give you basic needs and you have to progress your self. But some how we can't do this in past because of our self centric mindset. But when the nation came first in our mindset there is no any batter system then democracy.

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Gayatree said: (Sun, Aug 30, 2015 03:38:48 PM)    
I think that India is getting very costly now just I heard that onions rate are increased answer toordal and uraddal is rs-140/- a kilo! think about that people who are starving of a little food and now babas and matas are the main problem for India. The government should take action.

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Abirami said: (Wed, Aug 12, 2015 11:31:16 AM)    
We cannot say that democracy is hampering India's progress. Because the democratic government has given people lot of freedom to express their views and even to question the government. In that view, through democracy each and every citizen is involved in the administration either directly or indirectly. So people get more concerned about the governmental happenings and development of the country. This is possible only through the democratic form of government.

But at the same time, democracy hesitates imposing serious laws and rules on people which have given them much more freedom. The people use the freedom in wrong way and they even cheat the government. So as the famous saying goes by, "Too much of anything is good for nothing", the democratic form of government should not give more freedom to people which in turn will ruin both the people and country. Hence democracy should be maintained with some strict laws and rules.

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Garima Dikshit said: (Fri, Aug 7, 2015 07:32:01 PM)    
Hello everyone!

I'm just mentioning what I feel needs to be done.

1. First and foremost step is to impart education to all, be it literary or vocational so that employment is possible, people become able to at least meet their necessities.

2. Alleviation of poverty thus would alleviate the need to sell their votes n the spread of moral education will alleviate the greed due to which people sell their votes. As they will work for a greater greed - for their long lasting welfare.

Therefore no problems at all. All we need to do is to spread education. Both moral in literary/vocational. Rest all edu. Will do and of curse. Its not democracy which is hampering our progress, it's lack of education, it's poverty, it's greed, it's our inability to foresee inability to think of even our own benefits wisely.

Thank you !

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Vipin Rai said: (Sat, Jul 25, 2015 12:53:48 AM)    
Truly saying democracy is hampering India's progress. There are various reasons that prove it. We don't have any government party that can truly assure us the development because there is a rush for grabbing the power and loot the country as much as possible. There are leaders who support criminals just to win more seats and be into power. Speaking from the heart they are just exploiting our country just like the Britishers did in the last century.

Also if somebody wants to work for betterment there are people who question there governance and hinder their working process so we need a form of honest governance where the government is given much power where they can work freely without much disruption.

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Kumar Gaurav said: (Sun, Jul 5, 2015 07:37:31 AM)    
Hello friends!

Democracy is one of the various forms of government. There has always been a question mark on democracy as a suitable way of governance. In my opinion today's age is an age of transformation. We have come out of old mindsets of imperialism, colonialism and racism. Today the world belongs to everyone irrespective of his linguistic, communal, sexual or cultural orientation or choice.

In such a condition, Democracy is the most suitable form of government as it takes into account every one's need and aspirations. We have also seen that democratic nations are more content and stable. The examples of Nepal or Afghanistan who have shown exceptional decrease in insurgency after switching to democracy also proves this point. Democracy if percolated to roots like India is doing in Panchayati Raj can also help the masses and involve the general public in formation and execution of welfare schemes.

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Anjali Bhujbal said: (Fri, Jun 26, 2015 11:20:29 AM)    
Hello friends.

According to me, democracy is not hampering the progress of India. Because it is 21st century and all peoples in India having a freedom to take part any social issues like voting, education, business etc. So the important benefit of democracy is that every person can choose leader for elect. Nowadays, there ratio of literal peoples is also growing. So, its good thing for all of us that India is on way off developing. In future it will happen surely.

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Mohit Soni said: (Sat, Jun 6, 2015 06:43:46 PM)    
Democracy is not hampering the growth of India, its the people who are monitoring the democratic country, elected by people by using corruption as a weapon. They are not realizing their duty towards work, take fake oath to help people. Also misuse the power of money for purchasing of votes by distributing money and alcohol. A true leader is that who perform his duty sincerely.

Finally democracy is not hampering the growth of nation, we have to change the system acquires to run democratic nation.

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Rohit Singh said: (Fri, Jun 5, 2015 08:11:40 AM)    
Moving all through over world democracy progress is good because of good important.

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Aditya Shrivastava said: (Fri, May 29, 2015 10:39:05 AM)    
You all have told the entire issue outstandingly. There is nothing left for me but I think democracy is hampering the progress of India and also not too.

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Himansu Sekhar Rath said: (Thu, May 7, 2015 07:14:31 AM)    
Hello friends.

According to me democracy is not hampering our progress. For democracy become our PM & a lead became president of our nation. We are not getting 100 % success, not for the democracy but for the education, more than 50% people are illiterate but in case of western countries, maximum people are literate, so they are developed. Now a days literacy ratio is increasing, we must get a good system and success in near future.

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Ragu said: (Mon, May 4, 2015 09:48:22 AM)    
According to my point of view, democracy is not hampering the progress of India. It would be so then america should have been a undeveloped country b/c democracy is also there. It means there is some fault is our system.

I would like to point out some of them,

1- Too many political parties are there which just support to government in the centre for their personal benefit like protecting them from CBI.

2- A lots of people are uneducated and they are unaware of their right so these innocent people are made fool my our politician.

3- We have lack of sense of nationalism for Eg: many times political party amend the bill or introduce a new bill just for their own benefit irrespective of thinking about countries interest.

4- Corruption has become very big issue b/c we are just looking a law against corruption which will do magic and we will be corruption free country. This is not like that we our self have to take initiative against corruption then it will remove by its own.

There are many more point but here I want to say that it is not way of governance which decides growth and prosperity of country but it ts thinking of people which decides our growth especially in democracy where governance is for the people, by the people and of the people.

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Irrational Thinker! said: (Sat, May 2, 2015 08:49:56 PM)    
Democracy has its faults, because people have their faults. Like owner, like store. Believe me or not but corruption creeds through our blood. In our country people are very conserved and optimistic. Democracy is for people not for money, land and religion, which were are always bounded to.

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Shella said: (Wed, Apr 22, 2015 10:35:43 PM)    
Hello everybody,

Do you think that a human can lead the life of another human in right-way while all are originated from a first man who had given birth only after he had sinned. So voting for a human to rule over other human may not be permanent and satisfied ever.

So It needs that the leaders are to be changed frequently whenever they want. So why don't we live up to the values of human life which are constituted by dedication and obedience to the creator's laws.

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Raj said: (Mon, Apr 20, 2015 09:37:14 PM)    
I think that why don't dictatorship and democracy be combined. The army and government should think the best ideas for this combination. I just got the idea but don't know how it can be possible. See the condition of India, I don't like to say but it is like a piece of thrash where all citizens are selfish. There is no meaning of unity instead army should burn out all the evils and use some Hitler tactics.

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Kundan Kamal said: (Thu, Apr 16, 2015 09:48:29 AM)    
I think democracy is good but its used in India is very bad, because all people of India don't understand the power of democracy. In India most of people don't understand the use of single vote. All people are want to do only for self, They don't think about society, they don't want to do something about country.

The main reason is that most of the people in rural area are uneducated and these are waste his vote only for some money, and due to that people, at the current time all politician are corrupted and ready for scams.

Hence according to me democracy is not hampering, We are responsible for hamper the development of our country.

Thank You.

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Kiran Kumar said: (Tue, Apr 14, 2015 05:13:39 PM)    
We are making democracy to hamper the progress of India. First of all voters should know the value of their vote by not taking money, liquor etc, and those who are elected as representatives should feel the responsibility on their shoulders.

Politicians are targeting uneducated people who can be easily attracted to money. To avoid this situation literacy percentage has to improve, only education give you the knowledge to vote for right candidate and poling percentage has to be above 95% which gives best candidate election as our representative.

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Harsh Sharma said: (Thu, Jan 22, 2015 09:34:03 PM)    
Every coin has its two faces, democracy also has its two faces that misuse of everything results bad. Most of the politicians are corrupt, the police had shaken their hands with them. That is the reason that why democracy indirectly hampers the progress of our nation.

Government is not only responsible for pitiable condition of India, but also the citizens of the nation as because for their self they encourage corruption, elect wrong representative etc. The democracy on one face. Became like dictatorship, India will progress very much if all the citizens and politicians realize what is happening to country and "rebuilt what they destroy".

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Dipk said: (Sun, Jan 18, 2015 11:27:25 AM)    
No its wrong to say that democracy is hampering the progress of Indian but the way people respond towards democracy is hampering the progress of India. Like people choose the leaders related to their caste, or by having some own their benefits. So mentality of such selfish like feeling is actually hampering the progress of India.

So the solution is to provide education, spreading awareness among people regarding voting. So that they will get to know the value of their vote. And the value of vote we can best learn from the corrupted leaders, that how they know the value of each vote.

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Srinivas said: (Sun, Jan 11, 2015 06:19:31 PM)    
Most of the upper caste people definitely against the reservations in India, Upper caste people have enough lands and property then again they want jobs also, where as most of the poor people are from backward or lower caste people only, before commenting please remember the history and post.

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Eswar Reddy said: (Thu, Jan 8, 2015 11:35:03 PM)    
I am not against democracy but there should be lot of updation in reservation, judicial. Etc, politicians are not corrupted, society made them more corruption. In India dictatorship is not possible. Finally my opinion is there should be changes in democracy which has written in 1951.

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Radhika said: (Thu, Dec 18, 2014 08:34:57 PM)    
Mainly democracy is the form of government where the people of the country has the main power but in a country like India this power is hampered by the incapable rulers. Still free and fair elections are a dream of us. Overall I would say that when hazards like violence, corruptions could be over rooted from the recent definition of democracy then only a country could be called an actual democratic one.

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Rj Panwar said: (Wed, Dec 17, 2014 09:03:07 AM)    
Hi everyone,

As I think, democracy is not responsible for imbalance of our economy and growth. Democracy implies government of the people, for the people, by the people. In broad way it means freedom to everyone[females, backward tribe peoples (BTP)]. We can see in past (after 1990's) we rather find a successive female and BTP. There is no education for them.

From when we adopted democracy there is no such rule that a farmer child should be a farmer. We can see many successive woman and BTP.

As I know that many persons thinks that democracy is responsible for corruption and many problems. These problems doesn't relate to democracy. As I think democracy is the solution for these problems. In early 2009 we got right to information through democratic way.

May I also remind you in past two decade Election Commission is trying transparent ability of political candidate and EC also succeeded in its efforts. EC made three rules for a political candidate through the supreme court are written below.

1. Not all criminal cases will lead to the bar. Only heinous offences like murder, rape, dacoity, kidnapping or moral turpitude.

2. The case should have been registered at least six months before the elections.

3. The court should have framed the charges.

I know there are pitfalls in these rules but EC is trying get rid off these pitfalls so the elections should be more transparent.

For corruption we should make our law strong. In our law system there are many pitfalls and corrupt people misusing these pitfalls to misguide the justice. So we should change our law, not wholly but we can remove those pitfalls which are bread n butter for corrupt politicians and criminals.

As we know that we are second largest country in the population and how many court we have to punish criminals and to get justice in time. Think as per our population nothing and judge also get too many holidays (192 holidays in a year).

In the last as I can say democracy is the prime factor for progress of India and rather to blame democracy, we should have get some rule by democratic way to solve these problems.

1. Right to reject (rather than NOTA).

2. Right to recall.

3. Government should make many courts so we can get justice at the time.

4. We should remove the pitfalls which exist in the law.

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Chris said: (Sat, Dec 13, 2014 01:52:48 PM)    
If you look at history, all developed countries become democracy after they have been developed or completely industrialized. There has been no single country in the world that a poor country become developed nation after they become democrat country when they are poor.

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Chirs said: (Sat, Dec 13, 2014 01:45:34 PM)    
India has demonstrated to the world that Democracy is absolutely at work. Some describe western-style democracy as drugs such as Opium, once you have tasted it, you can not get rid of it, similar to one way dead-end traffic.

Some describe western-style democracy as diseases, once you introduced the democracy, then the whole country is in disorder mentally. So the countries must be rich to have resources for the democracy.

Poor countries can also have democracy, but they will remain poor forever due to the democracy. UK exported the Opium to the world via war in the name of free trading. US is exporting the Opium to the world via war in the name of "Democracy".

We know people are easily addicted to it and that's why there are chaos, poverty and wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Thailand, Ukraine, Philippines, Afghanistan, Turkey, Egypt, India, etc.

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Yog said: (Fri, Dec 12, 2014 04:08:29 PM)    
The Indian society having so many rules. Ex. At the time of travel on bike you must be wear helmet. Its good for every traveler so that's why India country hamper for progress.

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Nivedhitaa said: (Thu, Nov 27, 2014 09:32:57 PM)    
India is the seventh largest (by area) and the second most populous country in the world, with roughly one-sixth of its population, of about a billion and a quarter. India is one of the world's oldest civilizations, yet a very young nation.

Under Mughal control for much of its history until its colonization by European powers in the mid-eighteenth century. The world's largest democracy by electorate was created after independence in 1947 under the leadership of its nationalist movement, the Indian National Congress.

Elections to its Parliament are held once every 5 years. Currently, Prime minister Narendra Modi is the head of the government, enjoying a majority in the Parliament, while President Pranab Mukherjee, is the head of state. India is a constitutional republic governed under the world's longest written constitution, federally consisting of 29 states and seven centrally administered union territories, with New Delhi as the nation's capital.

The country has six main national parties: the Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP), Indian National Congress(INC), Communist Party of India(CPI), the Communist Party of India(Marxist)(CPI(M)), Bahujan Samaj Party(BSP) and the Nationalist Congress Party(NCP). At the level of its states, many regional parties stand for elections to state legislatures, every five years. The Rajya Sabha elections are held every 6 years. This is just a small detail.

But Indian democracy is weak. There is no denying that. Corruption has a stronghold on our politicians and that, too, is because the we have failed to educate our entire population in terms of government responsibility. By definition, a democracy can only work well if people, armed with information and self-interest, participate.

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Vijay said: (Fri, Nov 14, 2014 11:40:45 AM)    
Hello Everybody,

Democracy is the gift awarded to all of us. When you listen from the countries where.

Dictatorship is ruling the country you will be thankful to God for our Democracy.

Any way we are lacking behind to literate the peoples about our Rights and Duties towards our Nation. We all should make up our mind and start some tasks for ourselves.

The first I would like to suggest is to Vote for Each and every Election. And also motivate One person to do this. This will make a change. Whats your opinion on this?

Because In Indian Metro Cities Voting percentage is 40% to 50% Whereas in Rural India it jumps over to 60% and above. Now you tell me who is Literate?

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Meghna said: (Mon, Nov 10, 2014 02:40:52 PM)    
Democracy in some way is good but when it is not properly understood by people of India then it is very dangerous. Uneducated people, politician strategies, corruption has destroyed the importance of democracy. Conflict of interest of different People coming from different culture and perception are unable to elect the right candidate. And due to all these factor we are never getting political stability in our country. Elected party always have different ideology than the previous party without concerning what is good for citizens.

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Monoj said: (Sun, Nov 9, 2014 07:54:08 PM)    
Democracy is a system, which has nothing to do with economic progress, because economic progress is another system. Of course, politics and economy go hand in hand. If you say politician who make the democracy and did not follow the principles then regression is the ultimate end-product.

The reality is something different, which is not visible to anybody. People think that democracy implies government of the people, for the people and by the people. So thinks that it implies government of the politician, for the politician and by the politician. But both the categories of people are wrong. Really it is of the business magnets, for the business magnets and by the business magnets.

Who works like the director of film. We always see the hero, heroine and villain of a picture but we do not the real master the director. Similarly, the business magnets are the directors of democracy and politician whatever, may be the post, are the worker to them. Thus, democracy fails to bring the progress as you wants.

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Tibin said: (Wed, Nov 5, 2014 07:52:37 PM)    
In my opinion Democracy has hampered india's developmental progress. Because the majority party holds the reign of Government Inefficient and corrupt persons get themselves elected. They don't even have vision and intelligence.

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Nagarjuna said: (Wed, Sep 17, 2014 09:22:40 PM)    
Democracy is rule by the people, for the people and of the people. India is the largest democratic country in the world.

In India, we are electing govt representatives every 5 years, and the govt formed will introduce many welfare schemes and projects like irrigation, electricity etc. ,

As we know for completion of these projects and for the effective implementation of the welfare schemes, the 5 years of ruling may not be sufficient and after 5 years again elections will come.

If suppose another party forms government then the completion of those projects which was initiated by the previous government Will may not happen faster. They try to leave their mark by introducing their own schemes and their own projects according to their party manifesto.

So, the money of people is been wasted in a big way and is indirectly hampering india's growth.

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P Manoj Raghavendra said: (Fri, Sep 5, 2014 05:14:19 PM)    
Happy to share my opinion with you friends.

Only when democracy is completely changed that is rules of democracy has to be changed to presidential rule like in most developed countries. Since in India due to lack of strict rules we indians are becoming lazy actually. For example wearing a helmet is absolutely a useful rule but most of them are not following it. We can find many examples where due to lack of strict rules in India it is still developing. Of course as a human being we are free to express freedom of thought right to live etc. But implementing strict rules like every one must go karate training at childhood level etc where it is in china.

Atlast I want to say one thing. Even if strict rules hurts someone it is useful and must be followed by every citizen then only India will absolutely become an ideal. Instead of creating awareness etc the government should strongly make sure that most of the people are following it. This can be achieved only if our democracy principles are changed and strict rules has to be implemented. Thank you all.

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Saurabh said: (Sat, Aug 23, 2014 01:24:16 AM)    
No, democracy is not hampering the progress of India. India is a democratic country and indians have right to elect the right person as their representative. Its all depends on the people to choose the right person who is not corrupt or less corrupt than any other candidate which leads our country. The democracy is necessary to leads the nation.

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Virju said: (Thu, Aug 14, 2014 11:01:56 PM)    
In my opinion democracy is a virus which not only hazards but also stop countries development. Just take a example an uneducated person don't know which way is better and which one is wrong then how can you expect that they will do positive work for our country. But due to democracy they are still doing their job or you can say they are like nuisance of our development which must be whitewash.

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Ajay Singhaniya said: (Wed, Aug 6, 2014 04:29:07 PM)    
Not exactly but in certain way this hampering the progress. People choose their leaders in this country on their on will whether they are eligible or not and this is the problem in progress. Most of leaders are corrupt and ineligible they use the national treasures, incomes, resources for benefit of them only. That's how they are hampering the progress directly and indirectly democracy is hampering for some extent.

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Anbu said: (Thu, Jul 24, 2014 06:34:59 PM)    
Ya democracy is definitely hampering the india's progress. Because in our country so many politicians are uneducated and they are involve in corruption. So they are don't know to think that which is better for peoples. And so many voters are uneducated. Due to this, these politicians were easily selected by voters in election. We can't avoid until the educated politicians elected by peoples.

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Jaya Borra said: (Tue, Jul 22, 2014 08:07:38 PM)    
I think Democracy in India has become a big Question mark in everyone's mind. Is it democracy is all about participating in elections once in every 5 years and then expecting government (or that x number of politicians) to run the show?

India's development not failing due to democracy, India's democracy as a whole failing due to corrupted people at every level of society. May be some economic numbers on the charts do show that India as a developing country since 50 years but I can't imagine any era where it can change its status from developing to developed without changing individual's attitude towards the society.

Until we teach our kids about treating every other person as a human being, until we learn ourselves to be example for the next generations, until we hold the urge to give bribe to speed up things in government offices, until we as a society (every Individual) learns to restore the lost morals in corruption; we will be keep reading those sudden company shutdowns, we will be keep reading news about deaths of people, we will be keep reading news about child abuse and hell lot.

A country development doesn't mean rupee Vs dollar, democratic country's development truly relies in its people ability to breath without fear, people in the country need not to rob the other for their survival, until this society as a whole learns to treat each individual with respect by killing all that cast system.

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Snehasish Paul said: (Fri, Jul 18, 2014 10:56:57 PM)    
I think democracy is not the problem for our country at all. In my opinion the problem is the process of election system where each and every people has the right to vote. You may think that it is not a problem. But the fact is the country like India where most of the voters are not properly educated and are corrupted in their activities, there should be some eligibility criteria for having right to vote. Because those corrupted and illiterate people will naturally vote to the politician of their own nature. So what is happening is that wrong candidates are being continuously elected by the majority of those corrupted and illiterate people.

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Jenet said: (Wed, Jul 16, 2014 12:52:41 AM)    
Democracy? What is democracy? Is democracy hampering India's progress? Well so many questions with just a simple answer.

Had democracy being hampering a country's progress I don't think other democratic countries will be developed eg. USA. It is not democracy but the delay in the system, the lack of morale, the greed for corruption, the lack of education and awareness of one's right, the whole process of election are some of the many factors that have hamper the growth of India.

It is not that we are not developing instead we are among the top developing countries of the world but we are slow in our progress. We are no less than other countries but we sold our morale to corruption, bribe and social evils. It is not the government to be blamed completely but every individual is to be blamed.

Its not democracy or the government but India as a whole is responsible for its slow development.

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Ramesh said: (Fri, Jul 11, 2014 06:53:24 PM)    
I agree that democracy is hampering the progress of the nation as if we see the whole election system which is the most fundamental part of a democratic system is full of corrupt and misleading practices.

As a majority of educated people does not cast their vote and the major chunk of voters are uneducated and cast their vote on the basis of religion, cast, creed, language etc. A capable Government does come up. The whole reservation system, which was started taking the vision to decrease it in the future has on the contrary increased to many folds.

Secondly due to a democratic government rules and regulations made are not strong for e.g. In China in the late 1970's they introduced 1 child policy to control their increasing population this step is helping them now. These hard policies can't be introduced in India because the next day the government Will fall.

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Kulveer said: (Mon, Jul 7, 2014 10:32:48 AM)    
No, democracy is not hamper the India progress. In fact it give a chance to every person to choose their representative. If they are satisfied with the elected candidate they preferred them else they also eliminate. All this privilege exist due to democracy, only their is requirement that every person must provide the appropriate education, so that they choose the right candidate by giving their valuable vote.

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Nishant said: (Tue, Jul 1, 2014 08:41:43 PM)    
Democracy can never hamper any country's development. Democracy gives freedom to people to choose representatives who work for their development, if they don't then people will definitely dispose them for sure. But democracy demands sincerity and right vision.

If democracy is hampering India's growth then we would not have SAIL, BHEL, IOCL, DELHI METRO various private sector etc, all this happened because of democracy and this development is not confined to specific area, development has happened in every corner of this country. We are atomic power, space technology powerhouse and we run the cheapest railway in the world. People from corner of this country contributing to its economy. All this happened because we still have people who vote for the development of this country.

Who can forget the landslide victory of Janta party in 1977 which reminded the strongest PM in our country Indira Gandhi that we people own the real power and it should be run according the people and for the people.

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Rimpa Maity said: (Sun, Jun 29, 2014 11:53:53 AM)    
If we talk about India where we believe "UNITY WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL", democracy play a mandatory role for the development of the country. Unless and until we are democratic, the progress of the nation will not be possible. India where different races answer species of people take breath in this country, must follow a government which is for the people, by the people and of the people. It is essential that for every decision there must be people's views behind in it.

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Divyam said: (Tue, Jun 24, 2014 01:29:40 PM)    
The long and tiring, Law making processes make it difficult for any beneficial law to come up early. It has to be passed from both the Houses of the Parliament and then needs to be cleared by the President. Such a long procedure takes a lot of time as there is a lot of discrepancy in the Parliament. For e.g. 33 % reservation of women in parliament could not be approved for so long.

The constantly changing government due to regular elections makes it very difficult for every government to leave a worthy impact on the people. Many of the projects are in the development phase when the government is removed by elections. Hence it makes the development process quite sluggish and unstable.

In democracy, a large number of persons or ministers need to be consulted. Majority has to be acquired or common consent has to be worked out before approval of any bill, which at times leads to delay or rejection of the proposal. For example- negotiations over 100% FDI in retail has never reached the common consent in the parliamentary, thus it has been emasculated.

Democracy has distributed power under various hierarchies, which in turn instigates corruption and scams, be it Commonwealth Scam, Coal scam, Adarsh colony scam or 2G scam.

Corruption and non- judicious use of available funds by the concerned authority leads to poor quality of health & education infrastructure. For example large proportion of allotted funds in budget every year for education, nutrition, health facilities, mid-day meal scheme, gramin sadak yojna and other welfare schemes is absorbed by the middle men, authorities in power and this leads to sub-standard development.

Democracy has provided freedom of speech & expression to every citizen of the country which is often misused by some groups of people to divide the country into regional blocks on the grounds of caste, religion, culture, language or creed.

Democracy has provided certain privileges to certain sections of the society which are often seen as a highly critical. For example reservation for dalits, SC, OBC ST etc.

Democracy has also sown the seeds of economic inequality in our society. Richer are getting more richer and poorer are getting more poorer.

Democracy doesn't allow you to correct your decision. For example- The ruling party in power or the elected ministers by the Indian people cannot be removed till their term ends. And as per the present scenario the elected ministers are turning out to be a great mess as they are consuming and accumulating national treasure in their name to fulfill their personal desires and are thus hampering the development of the nation.

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Bijendra Singh Chauhan said: (Tue, May 20, 2014 05:56:54 PM)    
As per my perception democracy is not at all hamper in the progress of country. We Indian are lucky to be a part of such great democratic country. As we all know democracy is only way which give us right to elect the right government in every five year that can run the country in well manner, right speak against wrongdoing by politician and also right get education.

We always blame to govt for everything instead of focusing on our responsibility towards country like not paying income tax, bill and giving bribe.

Only one thing can help country to achieve progress rapidly is education. Educate all the Indians properly so that they could aware about their duty for the country, towards democracy and select correct person to lead the nation ahead in suitable way.

So take democracy as boon for country and contribute to grow the nation further.

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Nisha Sharma said: (Mon, May 19, 2014 10:56:13 AM)    
I would like to highlight some of the points here-.

1. Democracy is a form of govt in which mass of India participates and elect their leaders. So I don't find anything wrong in it.

2. The cause which are hampering India's development are the people who are running the government after being elected. So it becomes a individual matter of politician that how he/she is leading government It has nothing to do with democracy.

3. Yes! I do agree that democracy has a lot of steps performing it. These steps are for the betterment and is of getting assured that not a single decision go wrong. This is not meant for hampering country's development.

4. Corruption, inflation, mismanagement, growing differences between rich and poor are the main which are hampering country's development. It is these things which are to be corrected not the democracy itself!

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Kailash T said: (Sat, May 10, 2014 09:17:09 AM)    
Indians are and were a bunch of uneducated lot and if they got any education it was sub standard. They have been superstitious and cast ridden since ages, now over populated with all nonsense beliefs, surely democracy cannot function in its true sense in such a society and that's what we see today corruption and mismanagement, rich are exploiting the poor and getting corrupted ideas to keep them poor. Religion is also a hamper as it gives strange ideas to increase population. Strangely there's no party to speak on population control as it affects their vote bank hence we will see people voting and problems escalating.

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Vaishali Gupta said: (Thu, Apr 17, 2014 05:53:29 PM)    
Neither democracy nor dictatorship can hamper a country from progress if there is a reliable and faithful leader and people too support and understand their responsibility towards the country. People take democracy in very wrong way they give bribe, they don't give income tax, they don't pay bills and all blame goes to the govt. So I think there must be a strong hold on people like in dictatorship with hard and fast rules.

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Rohit said: (Sun, Apr 13, 2014 08:05:52 PM)    
First of all I would like you to stop being emotional about democracy. The fact is if it weren't for the democracy, we'd not have wasted the huge amount of money and time invested in elections every term from past 70 years of India's freedom. Instead the elections would have been carried peacefully and in a much more economical way.

If it weren't for the democratic government that we have, political and economical decisions of the country would have been taken with much ease and better expertise. For every decision on a policy or bill in the parliament, there wouldn't have been so long and unfruitful results. There wouldn't be bills pending for decades.

We are not educated enough to decide what's good for us. Years of discussion on FDI, Jan lokpal bill, Telangana issue, etc has worsen our economy in the recent years. Its a total failure of the democratic system not the government or the elected party members. It will remain the same even if next party comes to power. This has to change.

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Sagnik Banerjee said: (Wed, Dec 11, 2013 12:14:01 AM)    
Democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people, and democracy is not hampering us cause the free flow of information is vital to democracy I think that the internet does in fact encourage democracy, because the free flow of information helps people communicate, organize and disseminate a wide range of information. The internet, primarily social media websites, were instrumental in recent pushes around the world to overthrow oppressive governments in favor of democracies, such as in Syria and Egypt.

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Ashish Gupta said: (Tue, Dec 3, 2013 04:55:31 PM)    
I think democracy is not hampering us because But India, as a democratic country, has progressed in many aspects. It has archived self-sufficiency in food grains as a result of the green revolution. People vote for change whenever a government fails to come up to the expectations of the people. India has been a successful democratic country only because the people are law-abiding, self-disciplined and have the sense of social and moral responsibilities.

For a democracy to be fully successful, the electorate should be literate and politically conscious. They should be fully aware of their rights and privileges. The illiterate masses of India should be given education so that they can sensibly vote for the right leaders. The USA, Britain, Germany and Japan are successful democratic countries and gave progressed in every sphere because the masses are literate.

There should be quality in every sphere of life. The politicians should also respect the true spirit of democracy. They should refrain from corruption caste and communal politics. The citizens should elect leaders with good moral values and integrity. People should be guided to choose their representatives. They should not be influenced by anyone in this respect. Individuals should learn tolerance and compromise and understand that freedom in not unbridled but dependent on not harming another individual's well being.

Democracy demands from the common man a certain level of ability and character, like rational conducts, an intelligent understanding of public affair, independent justice and unselfish devotion to public interest. People should not allow communalism, separatism, casteism, terrorism, etc to raise their heads. They are a threat to democracy. The government, the NGOs and the people together should work collectively for the economic development of the nation. Changes should come through peaceful, democratic and constitutional means. The talented youth of today should be politically educated so that they can become effective leaders of tomorrow.

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Vipul Bhati said: (Fri, Oct 25, 2013 12:40:34 AM)    
Democracy is a very diplomatic term to comment about.

On one hand it is like a curse for India in form of corruption, unemployment, scams,

Poverty etc. Because what democracy gives us after 66 years of independence is a 'gang' of illiterate and corrupted ministers who are ready to do any kind of scams for their welfare, agencies like CBI, IT DEPARTMENT, SALES TAX DEPARTMENT who are independent organizations only on paper but works only on the guidelines of corrupted ministers. Politicians who divide country on religion basis only to full their vote banks and there are 'n' number of reasons one can give to curse democracy.

But on the other hand we are too fortunate we are living in democratic country like India. Because only democracy can provide us equal rights and duties. In India the involvement of government in personal and religious beliefs is negligible. Government provide equal right to every person to survive as per their customs. Because personally I can not tolerate a government like China which decide how much children I can gave birth or to take permission from government to gave birth to an extra child.

So, finally what I concluded is that no government or country is perfect. It is the responsibility of citizens to make their country perfect.

Thanks for your precious time.

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Lovepreet Singh Sandhu said: (Wed, Oct 23, 2013 10:39:55 AM)    
Well democracy is not just of the people, it is by the people also. So being the citizens of this country, we all have our roles to play for the development of this country. We all know our rights and we protest for that but no one knows his/her fundamental duties. The system is made by us and to make it ideal one, only we have to correct it. The judicial system of the country needs to be strengthened. There should be strict laws against criminals. Cases must not hang for years and fast track judgement system should be introduced. That will surely curb corruption and crimes in India.

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Ajay Bhojani said: (Mon, Sep 30, 2013 02:49:27 PM)    
Hi. Friends.

Well honestly speaking it's really hard to decide whether Democracy is hampering or not. Person from democratic country may talk in favor of topic while person from autocratic country will not. Its just difference in opinion because of the experiences that he/she went through.

Looking overall situation one can say yes up to certain extent it is hampering and already have given the birth to the monsters like corruption, politics, population and other related problems in India, but counter view can be it is there in country like China to who got the highest GDP in the world.

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Devesh Aeron said: (Thu, Aug 22, 2013 12:25:36 AM)    
Hello everyone.

In my sense, democracy is good only when we take it seriously and don't try to use it in our way or for our purpose. Democracy provides freedom for doing tasks and think in own way. But we misuse this freedom. Which affect our Indian economy as well.

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Ojasvi Malik said: (Sun, Aug 11, 2013 07:59:29 AM)    
Yes of course democracy is not that good for economical development of our country because long term objectives can't be fulfilled due to fear of loosing next election so minister focus on such objectives which can be fulfilled in 3-4 years and could help them in winning next elections, TRANSFER PAYMENTS are also a huge threat in economic development of India like distribution of cycles, laptops etc. In such distribution no production activity is involved but politicians have to do this for their vote bank purpose and last thing decision making is slow process in democracy.

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Rajitha said: (Thu, Jul 4, 2013 09:23:23 AM)    
Hai friends I would like to tell about my opinion democracy means all the people of a country can vote to elect right representative democracy as allowed almost anyone to become our leader be it an un educated or something with a criminal background.

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Krystal said: (Tue, Jun 11, 2013 09:40:28 PM)    
According to me to some extent democracy is hampering india's progress because if somebody tried to do their work sincerely they will be overthrown very soon. First this should be stopped. Noting is impossible so if we all together raise our voice against this we could stop all those evil practices. And I am not at all blaming democracy because if we don't have democracy do you think that we will now have the right to post these things, express our ideas freely. So 4 a country's development democracy is very much important and we all are lucky because we have a democracy and if we try we can overthrow the evils from our society and then surely India will progress.

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Thiyagachozhan said: (Fri, Apr 26, 2013 12:20:20 PM)    
First of all we have to see whether India is developing or not. We may think that our country is developing on the basis of certain data or certain censuses. But in India Rajiv Gandhi itself told that only 5 Rupees is reaching the poor if the Government allots 100 Rupees subsidy or any plan to the people. This is the situation of the Indian Government.

Nowadays the corruption is raising his head abnormally. Each and every in India is now ready to involve in corruption because it is under the compulsion. And also the people are not ready to complaint about the concern authority because it may take the long period to get the judgement or the concern authority may make harm to him or his own family.

India can develop only when his people are ready to ask questions against government as a group like the mens who are ruling India.

Jai Hind.

Advance wishes to the developed status of India.

Because the growing generation is noticing the government now.

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Ritul said: (Sun, Mar 24, 2013 05:56:35 AM)    
Can't BLAME anyone for misusing freedom nor the ministers neither the illiterate or the poor for hampering democracy in India. We too are equally responsible for the problems. There are enough reasons with everyone to claim. BUT if illiterate or poor are examples for backing down India through democratic views, then WHAT the literate people are doing, electing ministers whom they can blame later on if something goes wrong. Forget it.

Everyone is IRRESPONSIBLE. LETS CHANGE OURSELVES NOW, then we will hope for getting better people to run our country in future under whom we can enjoy our freedom safely and peacefully.

Thank you.

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Sai said: (Fri, Feb 15, 2013 03:04:55 PM)    
I think democracy is hampering the growth of India some how or other. Because if we want to punish a criminal, in democracy system it will take lot of years like Mumbai attack, attack on Parliament.

So judicial system should be strong enough. And the political system should be changed.

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Aftab Khan said: (Fri, Feb 15, 2013 01:31:27 AM)    
The system democracy is not bad, but the problem is in our self only as we have power in democracy to say and to complain but we only say about it to our friends or on any social networking sites and when it is to be done on right time we sit silently,

Therefore I want to say that the problem in us, not in the system of democracy.

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Prashant said: (Sun, Oct 28, 2012 11:48:39 PM)    
Well, I think everyone wants freedom. Yes, there are some people who use it only for one's benefit. But, it doesn't mean that everyone is misusing it. Because of the democracy, we have right to say, right to educate, right to complaint and so on.

I think, if we use these rights in RIGHT way, the things can be change, which we think are wrong. And we can change the country. So in my way, democracy is always better for every country.

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Arvind said: (Mon, Oct 22, 2012 10:30:13 PM)    
The very first thing which we must keep in our mind before evaluating the success of democracy in India is the speech of Dr BR Ambedhkar ie however good a constitution may be it would ultimately prove to be failure if people in it are wrong and however bad a constitution may be it would prove to be better if the people in it are good. Therefore before pointing towards anyone we must judge as a individual what have we contributed towards our society and the country at the large?

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Abishek Sugavalvu said: (Sat, Sep 8, 2012 08:11:50 AM)    
Democracy is not only hamperd by the people who have been elected by us why we are unable to select a good person ? cause money plays a role everywere and there are no big punishment for crimes what happens if there is millitary rule there will be no 2G scam so try to select a good person or support millitary rule goverment.

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Saumya Dwivedi said: (Mon, Sep 3, 2012 10:14:21 PM)    
Dear Friends,
I think freedom is good for the development of a country and we are free to take decisions, we enjoy our rights as we are democratic but freedom is good until we do not misuse it. In our country our politicians are misusing and we are suffering. for eg. 2G scam misuse of resources, Satyam scam misuse of authority, and the recent one Coal scam again misuse of resources ,all these are outcomes of the wrong track. Where is the feeling of 'for the people' in democracy, we have to think over it and do something to enjoy democracy.

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Manisha said: (Fri, Jul 20, 2012 10:49:53 PM)    
I think everything has two faces like a coin one is good and another is bad. In my point of view democracy is good and bad too. Good in the sense that we have rites to put our points in front of others if we feel that what is going would be not good for our benefit. Even we can elect the ministers if they are not doing their work perfectly. If we think in this direction than democracy is beneficial and of course its beneficial for us. One thing which only hampering the progress of India is uneducated people. They are not updated even they do not know what democracy is. So only solution is that to educate whole population. Otherwise democracy has turn into one face only. Other face will b erased. :).

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Gautam said: (Fri, May 25, 2012 04:05:15 PM)    
It doesn't matter that a country is democratic or not. It is different thinking of people which matters. Because the strength of any nation is their citizen. The population should know that what is right and what are their rights? People must contribute in the progress. So we have to work together.

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Samiksha said: (Thu, May 24, 2012 03:25:18 PM)    
No democracy is not hampering the progress of India, as first of all I would like to say that every person wants to right to do anything for an eg. 'right to say', 'right to complain', 'right to educate', 'right to do job'. And you all obviously know that it is only possible in democratic country.

So why we should go against the democracy of India. I am also agree that majority of ministers are corrupt in India but we also have the right to change our government so if we think that our government are not fully increased development of India than we can change our govt.

Now if you want to go against the democracy than why not. You can go to autocracy. Where you will tolerate the crime of your king. You will have no rights to do anything.

It is enough from my side.

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Rahul said: (Tue, May 8, 2012 02:17:46 PM)    
Yes democracy is hampering the progress of india, as first of all democracy means the participation of population (citizens) for electing a suitable representative. We have vast majority of population is still uneducated, below poverty line, etc who are not capable of deciding whom to elect.

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Akshay said: (Wed, Apr 25, 2012 12:27:58 PM)    
No system in itself is perfect it is the application of it by the people and there participation which makes it better. Democracy may have its shortfall but active participation by the people may rectify it.

Also people have to implement there social rights powerfully. Right to vote, right to express, to have positive control over government, with the use of right to information get informed about the social activities in the society.

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Pankaj said: (Mon, Mar 12, 2012 01:21:46 AM)    
Hi friends! from my point of view Democracy is hampering the growth of a country because in democratic country every person have the right to put their views. If a common topic is arises in the favor of country then some people have their positive points & some have against points. And its take a lot of time to decide which people are right & due to this process the progress of democratic country go down & down & down in comparison of non democratic country.

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Prachi said: (Fri, Feb 10, 2012 12:53:40 AM)    
It depends on how you define progress. If you only go by the country's GDP, then means that China uses to force production and advancement would seem fair. But it is hardly fair if you recognize that the country, the economy, the opportunities and facilities, everything exists FOR human beings. Progress has to be defined as economic progress as well as social development. Where the people aren't free to have opinions and govern themselves, to learn and argue, to express disapproval when slighted and cultivate a rich culture to live a creative life, the entire discourse of the nation's existence changes.

Indian democracy is weak. There is no denying that. Corruption has a stronghold on our politicians and that, too, is because the we have failed to educate our entire population in terms of government responsibility. By definition, a democracy can only work well if people, armed with information and self-interest, participate.

With our enormous and diverse population, it is going to be a slow walk towards becoming super rich. But has India, historically, ever been the land of hoarding wealth? Our priority has always been to enrich ourselves with knowledge and research, nurture our people and harness that potential, and strengthen values which give muscle to our character, and wealth has no choice but to follow such greatness.

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Kaustubh said: (Sat, Jan 14, 2012 11:40:27 AM)    
Well honestly speaking its really hard to decide whether Democracy is hampering or not. Person from democratic country may talk in favor of topic while person from autocratic country will not. Its just difference in opinion because of the experiences that he/she went through.

Looking overall situation one can say yes up to certain extent it is hampering and already have given the birth to the monsters like corruption, politics, population and other related problems in India, but counter view can be it is there in country like China to who got the highest GDP in the world.

'NO SYSTEM IS PERFECT, PEOPLE FROM THE COUNTRY HAVE TO CHANGE THAT BY PARTICIPATING IN THE SYSTEM AND BEING THE PART OF THE SYSTEM. ' This thought itself suggest democratic thinking. The person from the country where there is Dictatorship will hardly say this unless he is having so much of power with him.

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Sneha said: (Tue, Nov 22, 2011 09:18:09 PM)    
I feel yes democracy has hampered India's growth because its all a matter of electing a suitable candidate but all over here works on majority that should not be the case you can elect a person of your choice that's alright but you know what I personally feel that each party should be given a chance say if one has got 300 votes then that party will govern for 30 days n so on. Then accordingly there will be competition n who is gonna get benefited are the citizens of India.

So lets once try this out gradually we will come to know that who is the best n next time of-course the best one will obviously get more votes!

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Ca Nitin Agarwal said: (Thu, Oct 20, 2011 12:51:49 AM)    
No system is perfect in itself. Democracy just gives us a chance to select the best person to run our country. So if we select the wrong person, it our our fault and not the fault of democracy. People who are in against of democracy should like autocracy. Then again they would have problem with autocracy like people faced in Libya and Egypt. So in nutshell no system can give a full proof guarantee of a successful administration. It depends upon the people of the country how they contribute in the success of their ruling system.

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Vivek said: (Wed, Sep 14, 2011 06:36:09 AM)    
If democracy were hamper the country's progress, then there won't be any young intelligent minds. There would be no individuals' innovative ideas. Democracy not only meant for Right to Vote, democracy means freedom of thinking.

Yes I agree that there are people who misuse the democracy, force others to adapt themselves to misuse it further. But putting stop on democracy not only prevent corruption and other social issues, but also cease new innovations and inventions which are the major factor for development progress of any country.

The only solution to this problem, is to re-construct the definition of democracy, so that we can enjoy freedom without abusing it.

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Shivani said: (Sat, Apr 30, 2011 07:21:53 AM)    
I agree that today a large amount of population remains uneducated but why don't we look on the brighter side of it which is this huge democratic nation has given us the freedom to choose whomever we feel right.

It is this democratic nation which granted various acts to name few of them " RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT " "RIGHT TO EDUCATION " WOMEN RESERVATION BILL " AND THE LATEST under process jan lokpal bill. Which might arise a question that all of them must have actually forced the government but the answer is no, there was not a single issue of violence and agitation. Though jan lokpal bill was an exception putting government under pressure of fast unto death.

But I believe we all should feel proud we belong to such large democratic nation. Like in all nations there are some issue of weak points but then which country doesn't have flaws.

Look on the nations like Pakistan and china for instance these nation can also burst like ussr did.

Take another example of recession in 2008 as India was not affected much or I must say was standing like a wall where America and other nations fell down to their knees, it was this democratic culture of ours which has helped coming up through the hardest times. In the end all I can say we should believe in our nation and should try to improve the flaws. Nothing is perfect in this world and so are we and so is our nation.

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Yogebhai said: (Sat, Mar 12, 2011 05:20:41 AM)    
Yes democracy is hampering the progress of india, as first of all democracy means the participation of population (citizens) for electing a suitable representative. We have vast majority of population is still uneducated, below poverty line, etc who are not capable of deciding whom to elect.

Secondly most of educated masses of people don't go for voting as they are not concrned so now who remains to vote are those majority of whom are brought by politicians by buying them with money to vote. So naturally those who win are not suitable candidates, but those who buy votes or who fight elections on issues unrelated to nations progress. So its better to have democracy abolished or to make changes to the election process.

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Asfs said: (Wed, Sep 8, 2010 06:31:42 AM)    

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