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Directions to Solve
Each of these questions given below contains three elements. These elements may or may not have some inter linkage. Each group of elements may fit into one of these diagrams at (A), (B), (C), (D) and/or (E). You have to indicate the group of elements which correctly fits into the diagrams.

Which of the following diagrams indicates the best relation between Women, Mothers and Engineers ?
Answer: Option
All mothers are women and some mothers and some women may be engineers.
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Vishesh said:   6 years ago
The bigger one circle belongs to women, the circle inside it represents mothers because all mothers are women. The third circle depicts the some engineers may be mothers but they may be unmarried women also. Next the portion left out represents males who are engineers.

Onyinye Chuks said:   1 decade ago
Yes I agree answer A, All mothers are women but not all women are mothers, this makes mother a subset of women. Again not all women are Engineers and not all mothers are Engineers but some mother are Engineers and some women are Engineers.

Anish said:   4 years ago
Why can't it be option D.

As there might be some engineers (all the people are not engineers and then women and then the mother's because almost all the women's are mother's right) so less engineers.

Pravalika said:   1 decade ago
Both mother and women belongs to same they fall into same group...and engineers wil be integrated to tat it contain boys and girls.

Top said:   9 years ago
We all know all mothers are women, so they are completely linked with each other. Some part of mothers and women are engineers, hence option A is correct.

Sushma said:   5 years ago

No, it is not option B because option B says that all engineers are part of women. Engineers can be both males and females.

Soujanya said:   1 decade ago
Yes I agree ans is option A.

Women, mother belongs 2 same category, engineers may be both boys and girls.

Shibani pradhan said:   7 years ago
Mother and women belong to the same category but engineer may be male or female. So option A is correct.

Vicky said:   3 years ago
According to me, I agree with option A. All women are mothers but not all women have to be engineers.

Ronaldo said:   7 years ago
Mothers can be engineers but male can also be engineers so option A is the correct answer.

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