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Directions to Solve
Each of these questions given below contains three elements. These elements may or may not have some inter linkage. Each group of elements may fit into one of these diagrams at (A), (B), (C), (D) and/or (E). You have to indicate the group of elements which correctly fits into the diagrams.

Which of the following diagrams indicates the best relation between Women, Mothers and Engineers ?
Answer: Option
All mothers are women and some mothers and some women may be engineers.
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Devesh said:   6 years ago
Yes, it is option A as all mothers are women and some mothers and some mothers are women.

Rinku said:   7 years ago
First option is correct because all mother are woman and every woman is not a engineer.

Saagar said:   10 years ago
Option B is also correct but most appropriate is A. As justifies the question fully.

Govind said:   1 decade ago
I think its option B, because all are women they may be mothers and engineers.

Abul fazal said:   5 years ago
Docter may be belong other gender. So the correct answer will be B.

Suhani said:   6 years ago
How do we know that which circle defines women/mother/engineer?

Sima said:   7 years ago
If there is Mothers females and nurse. Which one is correct?

Sultana said:   9 years ago
Every mother is a women. But all women are not engineers.

CardcapT said:   1 decade ago
I too OPTED FOR B. Can anyone give clear explanation?

Jas shroff said:   8 years ago
I agree option A is the correct answer.

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