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Directions to Solve
In each of the following questions there are three statements. Which are followed by three or four conclusions. Choose the conclusions which logically follow from the given statements.


Statements: All the books are papers. Some papers are journals. Some journals are calendars.


  1. Some journals are books.
  2. Some calendars are papers.
  3. Some books are journals.
  4. Some books are calendars.

Only (1)
Only (2)
Only (3)
Only (4)
None of the four
Answer: Option
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Karthick said:   2 years ago
No, Option E is wrong, only 1 and 3 follows.

Apoorva said:   4 years ago
The 2nd figure clearly shows that the 2nd option can also be possible.

Then how it is option E? Please tell me.

Bhavya said:   6 years ago

Some books may or may not involve journals both are the possibilities that's why the correct answer is E.

Induja said:   6 years ago
How option E? explain.

Pravesh Kumar said:   7 years ago
I think option C because some books involve journals so.

Vibhor said:   8 years ago
The Option C only true.

Nandini garikapati said:   9 years ago
Don't look at the diagram. Just think out yourself about the statement and conclusion you can get the E option.

Joshua said:   9 years ago
Use only the basic figure.

Muneesh Kumar Dogra said:   9 years ago
What does it mean that the conclusion needs to be true in every figure? Does it mean one option relates to one diagram or doesn't relate to other diagram at same time.

Kapil said:   10 years ago
There can be other figures too which don't concludes the above options. We aim to conclude any option from all the figures, so option comes out to be E.

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