Verbal Reasoning - Direction Sense Test - Discussion


One morning Udai and Vishal were talking to each other face to face at a crossing. If Vishal's shadow was exactly to the left of Udai, which direction was Udai facing?

[A]. East
[B]. West
[C]. North
[D]. South

Answer: Option C


Pri said: (Jan 15, 2011)  
How the shadow is realated to direction?

The direction of d shadow is left.

Nirosha said: (Mar 1, 2011)  
Why is both are cant stand in east to west direction? then the ans will be differ?

Sangari said: (Mar 9, 2011)  
I agree to nirosha's point.

Shravan said: (Mar 11, 2011)  
Can anyone comeup with new idea ?

Navya said: (Apr 11, 2011)  
For this kind of questions there may be multiple answers. So please avoid these kind of questions.

Amrit Saxena said: (May 11, 2011)  
Dear all, shadow is directly related to derection. Sun rise in the east so shadow will be at left, here, shadow of vishal is left of uday it means uday is toward north.

Gurveen said: (May 14, 2011)  
Thank you all for explaining this answer so well.

Yagnasree said: (May 23, 2011)  
If the man stand at east his shadow will be at west but in case of north there are 2 cases at sunset, sunrise 1. Sunrise shadow at left 2. Sunset at right.

VIKASH said: (Jul 7, 2011)  

MITHUN MM said: (Jul 27, 2011)  

Ya I can come up with new idea. (A^2-B^2)=(A+B)(A-B)

NARENDRA ARYAN said: (Aug 5, 2011)  
I agree with Yagnasree.

Khushbu said: (Sep 19, 2011)  
I agree to nirosha's point.

Manthan said: (Sep 26, 2011)  
I agree with yagnasree's point.

Sukirti said: (Nov 19, 2011)  
The correct answer is NORTH. But its given that the answer is SOUTH. How come this id possible?

Please anyone tel wats the right answer?

Tarun said: (Jan 24, 2012)  
The direction is right because in morning sun will be in east and thats why shadow of Vishal will be left of Udai.

Rajesh said: (Jul 30, 2012)  
I Agree with Nirosha.....

Sourab Salotra said: (Aug 19, 2012)  
Why if vishal is on other direction and udai is in place of vishal ? then answer would be south

Viveek said: (Dec 4, 2012)  
Sun rises in east so the shadow will be in left. To whom? to the standing person or to the opposite person. Can any one explain this?

CHAITHRA SHETTY said: (Jan 3, 2013)  
If a persons shadow is shadow his right then he is facing south direction MRS.

If a persons shadow is shadow his LEFT then he is facing NORTH direction MLN.

Ramesh Damam said: (Jan 3, 2013)  
@Chaithra Shetty.

I really agree to you rule is "MR-S" "ML-N".

Morning Right shadow means - south side.
Morning left Shadow means - North side.

So here its North.

Ashish said: (Mar 15, 2013)  
Let us suppose in the morning a man standing at the direction of north it's shadow will be left side if other person stand face to face them so second person shadow also left side of 1st person.

Scanz said: (Jun 17, 2013)  

That's correct. However this fact is not the requirement of the question.

Sanjeet said: (Jul 9, 2013)  
I'm also agree with all comments. Spent a lot time to think. Still confused with these type of questions. How to solve them?

Guest said: (Jul 14, 2013)  
Sun rises in east. Vishal is standing opp. To udai. So udhai and vishal should stand either in north and south facings. Possibility of shadow falls on left of vishal lies only if he stand facing south and udai standing facing north. So answer is NORTH.

Amit Sahu said: (Dec 17, 2013)  
The correct answer is north only and the concept of sunrises in east is applied, and the facing of people horizontally is not considered generally.

Best In The World said: (Jan 14, 2014)  
What is law of conservation of charge?. Answer experts!

Vivek Yadav said: (Apr 24, 2014)  
Dear to all as given in question, we know in morning sun rise from east and condition is both are looking to each other (face to face) so when sun will rise its definitely the shadow will be in west direction and again condition is vishal's shadow is at the left of uddai. That means as when uddai face to vishal and from east direction shadow of vishal will come in left of uddai that means uddai is facing in north direction.

At face of vishal. OK friends.

Golak Patra said: (May 7, 2014)  
Sun rises east so shadow will fall opposite to standing person.

SURENDRA said: (Jun 27, 2014)  
1. Sun rises in east.

2. Both face to face. Vishal shadow in west.

3. Shadow is left side to uday. So its right side to vishal, because f2f.

4. So vishal in north. Uday in south.

5. BUT uday is facing towards north. So NORTH.

Givid said: (Jul 8, 2014)  

Why vishal couldn't be at south and uday in north ?

i.e, 4th point can't be changed as vishal in south and uday in north? please clarify

Bhargavi said: (Jul 19, 2014)  
North is the right answer because udai is in north and facing towards south, and vishal in south and facing towards north. Sunrise is from east so, both the shadows directed towards west. We have two options here.

1. Vishal shadow was exactly to the left of udai.
2. Udai shadow was exactly to the right of udai.

If we can go with question option 1 is correct.

There is no possibility to change the positions of udai and vishal, if we change options 1 and 2 will get reversed then we can't go with the question.

Rajarshi Manna said: (Jul 26, 2014)  
Question is not cleared. Why everybody is considering the sun is in the east? It may be in the west also in the afternoon. So in that case answer will be different. Please cross check it.

Praveen said: (Sep 10, 2014)  
I agree with every who doesn't support answer given and I have one more doubt are the directions took by him is correct?

Harish said: (Oct 11, 2014)  
Can any One Explain about MR-S rule. How it is possible?

Dewangsh said: (Nov 6, 2014)  
@Nirosha is correct. If Vishal & Udai would face along the East west direction, then the answer will differ.

Anisugumona said: (Nov 29, 2014)  
Correct answer. Because the sun rises morning at east. Shadow of Vishal will appear in west. So Udai facing north direction.

Diya said: (Nov 30, 2014)  
Can anyone explain in detail?

GOUTAM NEPAL said: (Dec 24, 2014)  
Uday and Vishal are facing each other. First look at the question, it's talking about shadow, so Vishal's shadow is left to Uday as mentioned. And its a morning time so shadow will form to the west. i.e., the shadow is in the west direction to Uday.

If you draw a small diagram, see that Uday is facing to Vishal. So if you are facing to east your back will face west. And always remember that your left hand always faces towards north.


Apply a little common sense. You will succeed.

Thank you.

Suresh.B said: (Feb 27, 2015)  
They took EW in a different way than the normal. What if they take east on right and west on south. In north and south, north at top and south at bottom. Vishal's will be facing south and not north.

Keerthi said: (Mar 5, 2015)  
Sun rises East.

They meet at Morning time. Facing at opposite direction.

NORTH Vishal.


Left <-------- Udai <----------- East.

Shadow sun light.


So Udai facing north.

Shivi said: (Mar 17, 2015)  
If the person facing towards south direction then what will be the condition at the time of sunrise and sunset.

Hafeez said: (Apr 27, 2015)  
If shadow is on persons right side then he is facing south direction and if shadow is on persons left side then he is facing north direction.

Satyanshu said: (Jun 9, 2015)  
First of all check directions I mean north is always in left side if east. That's why answer is south not north.

Raman said: (Jun 28, 2015)  
Please provide full explanation I can not make it.

Kishu said: (Jul 3, 2015)  
Oh really a lot thanks for you all actually I too was confused in all this know I can write the answer very easily.

Kishu said: (Jul 3, 2015)  
Thanks friends for sharing your ideas they helped me a lot.

Ashu said: (Aug 7, 2015)  
If Vishal stood on the top and Uday to the bottom then the answer differs. i.e. if Vishal faces south and Uday north.

DaiZz D Rohit said: (Sep 1, 2015)  





PUT the direction "N E W S" after making the diagram and the shadow always in the opposite direction towards EAST as it has mentioned 'MORNING' in the question. Sun rises in the EAST.

Priyanka Goyal said: (Sep 21, 2015)  
Tell me how will I decide the director of Udai and Vishal in this question?

Aditya said: (Jan 3, 2016)  
Just replace the names Udai instead of Vishal. The whole answer changes.

Rohit said: (May 21, 2016)  
My question is same as @Priyanka Goyal.

Can anyone answer it?

Sheetal said: (Jun 6, 2016)  
Suppose you and your friend are standing in place of Udai & Vishal. Same way you stand in the south position as Udai stand in the south and your friend will stand in the north position as Vishal stand in the north then see which direction you are facing is as Udai facing.

Try this, you'll get it.

Manish said: (Jun 7, 2016)  
A man goes 6 km in the east and he turn south and walked 4 km. Again he turn east and walked 6 km after then, turn north and walked 10 km. How far he is form the starting point?

Any one can solve this question.

Manasa said: (Jun 8, 2016)  
Thank you all for giving your solutions.

Vignesh said: (Aug 21, 2016)  
@Manish, the answer is 13.416 km. Am I right?

Ramya said: (Aug 27, 2016)  
I can't be understood. Please give the simple explanation.

KHUSHDEEP said: (Aug 31, 2016)  
The answer C is not right.

The right answer is South.

Suman said: (Sep 10, 2016)  
Direction of Uday is north. Because at morning sun = east so shadow = west and at evening sun = west so shadow = east.

Siddhi said: (Sep 17, 2016)  
C is correct because the shadow is toward west since Vishal's shadow toward left. Hence Udai faces towards the south.

Bhaskar said: (Sep 27, 2016)  
Here, the answer cannot be determined. Am I right?

Saran said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
The given answer is incorrect! because "the raises in the east"(they mentioned its morning) if he faces north the shadow will be on his left.

Anu said: (Oct 5, 2016)  
The answer should be north.

DEEPAK MANDAL said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
The answer should be South.

Amritha said: (Oct 24, 2016)  
Directions are irrelevant, NORTH and SOUTH is upside down, well, in this case, we cannot assume the answer in the given manner.

KAPIL TANEJA said: (Dec 17, 2016)  
I Agree with you @Chaithra Shetty and @Ramesh Damam.

If a person shadow is shadowed his right then he is facing south direction MRS.

If a person shadow is shadowed his LEFT then he is facing NORTH direction MLN.

I really agree with you rule is "MR-S" "ML-N".

Morning Right shadow means - south side.
Morning left Shadow means - North side.

So here its North.

Yenshi said: (Feb 25, 2017)  
I also agree @Chaithra Shetty and @Ramesh Daman.

Pavani Lavu said: (May 10, 2017)  
I think the answer is East. As Vishal's shadow is left to Uday so definitely the sun should be back of Vishal. (As per light -object-shadow reln).

So definitely, Uday is facing towards the sun i.e. East.

Sony said: (May 18, 2017)  
If direction doesn't specify we should take the direction as North.

Durga said: (May 29, 2017)  
Thank you all for your explanations.

Anitha said: (Jun 5, 2017)  
One afternoon Umesh and Ramesh were standing face to face at a junction. If Ramesh's shadow was exactly to the right of Umesh, then which direction was Ramesh facing?

What is the answer? Please tell me.

Bhaskar said: (Jun 26, 2017)  
There will be no shadow because at the time of afternoon sun rays fall vertically downwards.

Jignesh said: (Jun 29, 2017)  
In question one morning shadow left side means direction East to ---west but how to define north and south direction? Please help me.

Divya said: (Jul 3, 2017)  
If Uday and Vishal stand in East and West then answer will change. Please give me the clarity about that.

Shubham Dwivedi said: (Jul 6, 2017)  
How to find the original direction of Vishal?

Richard said: (Jul 16, 2017)  
Generally, we take the north direction upwards, west on the left side, east on the right and south towards downwards. According to that, the direction of Udai facing will be east.

Atul Verma said: (Aug 13, 2017)  
Answer is wrong because no sun rises from the south in morning.

H.R.S said: (Aug 13, 2017)  
If we are crossing somewhere we only assume our direction toward the north, and someone coming infront of us that means he is going towards the south.

That is why if a shadow is left or right side doesn't matter so Uday is going toward North and also facing towards north while talking Vishal.

Amandeep Singh said: (Aug 15, 2017)  
According to me, it can not be determined.

Vineet Agarwal said: (Sep 5, 2017)  
If it is morning rises in east and shadow falls on the west.
If it is sunset sun is in west and shadow falls on the east.

I hope these clears your doubt.

Shivaraj said: (Sep 9, 2017)  
I think here there is a problem in the question i.e., they mentioned as crossing if not the answer was correct.

We know that the sun rises in the East they were talking at morning by face to face on that time the shadow of two members will fall on West. So according to the question, only the Vishal's shadow falls on the left of Udai when Udai faces to the North direction only.

So, the answer is (C) North.

Saket said: (Sep 30, 2017)  
I didn't understand the question please describe it briefly.

Honey said: (Oct 1, 2017)  
Sun rises in the east in morning. And given that both are facing each other and vishal's shadow was exactly left of uday. That means Vishal's shadow is exactly right of him. That means sun is in left (east). And now we can go in clockwise direction (east, south, west, north).

Jai said: (Oct 2, 2017)  
Can anyone tell me why they have taken direction as opposite always north is at top & south is at the bottom? but in above given they have taken as the opposite.

Nandhini said: (Oct 5, 2017)  
They may standing in opposite side? How you are saying that uday in south and vishal in north?

Aditi said: (Oct 13, 2017)  
I think his shadow should be on the west not on the north.

Shreya Singh said: (Oct 25, 2017)  
Is it important that everytime north will point downwards can't it be at the top. If yes then the answer will be south.

Siddhi said: (Oct 31, 2017)  
I think north option is correct due to.

Vishal shadow is left side that is toward west due to morning time.

Hence its shadow was left hand of udai.

Apoorva said: (Nov 6, 2017)  
How to recognize that Uday in south and Vishal in north please explain this concept?

Pramod Nepal said: (Nov 9, 2017)  
Apoorva if Q not say any direction then we can put 1st man in north and facing towards south and 2nd man in south facing towards north. And it's true but in above Q 1st man put south and 2nd man in north so the answer north. But true and is north ok.

Mamta said: (Apr 13, 2018)  
Here, we are talking about morning time and all we know the sun rises in the east. That's why question can be easily answered.

Aurang Xeb said: (May 2, 2018)  
Right @Mamta.

The sun rises in East obviously shadow goes opposite side. But the diagram in the answer is wrong it shows Uday face towards the south.

Anzalna said: (Feb 5, 2019)  
The sun rises in east shadow goes opposite direction. But diagram is in correct.

Ritu said: (Mar 9, 2019)  

Given Diagram is right. See question is What is Udai's facing direction while Vishal's shadow is Vishal's right (but Udai's left). Means Sun is rising from Udai's right and Shadow goes to Udai's left. It means Udai is facing North.

Jyothi said: (Apr 18, 2019)  
In the morning, sunrises in the east. So the shadow falls towards the west. Now, Vishal's shadow falls to the left of Udai. Hence Udai was facing North.

Ankit Pandey said: (Oct 28, 2019)  
If we put the Uday to the east.

Jaya Krishna said: (Oct 31, 2019)  
Can you read the question carefully?
Shadow will be in Vishal's shadow in the left of Udai.
It means Vishal's shadow will be in the right side then Udai facing the north side.

Rezaul said: (Apr 23, 2020)  
The position of shadow depends on the position of light source.

Prashant said: (Sep 11, 2020)  
North is the correct answer.

Shubham Londhe said: (Sep 21, 2020)  
There are 2 possible answers. It could be North or south as whether it's sunrise/sunset is not specified.

Mary said: (Sep 28, 2020)  

Morning is given in the question, so it is definitely sunrise.

Dhiraj Chopade said: (Feb 3, 2021)  
Simply without a change in diagram everyone answer South but in Question given morning that time diagram change because Sunrise always East.

That's way I think the answer is North.

Anwesha Dodawad said: (Mar 7, 2021)  
When Uday and Vishal are facing to each other, Uday will be in North and Vishal will be in the south. When Vishal's shadow is facing to the South, then Uday's shadow will face to North because they both are facing each other

That's is why I thought the answer is NORTH.

Gandhi said: (Mar 25, 2021)  
Sunset or sunrise is not imp, just think it whose names starts Frist straightway take him north side because there is no mention direction so,

Vishal name start then took him to the north position and facing south.

Udai stands in the South position and facing the north side, the shadow is not imp.

Arjun said: (May 4, 2021)  
I think the answer is (D) South.

Prasanna said: (Jul 16, 2021)  
Here the direction assumption matters.

According to the compass, the North direction will be upward side not on downward side. Sunrises on the East side so the shadow will be Westside. In that sense, Udai was facing towards the North only.

Gkl said: (Dec 17, 2021)  
South is the correct answer.

MKV said: (Jan 23, 2022)  
South is the right answer.

Namdev Chouan said: (Feb 20, 2022)  
The answer is because both are facing each other, so, the rays are from the east, east is Udai's right side, and west is on the left side when Vishal shadow fall on the left side of Udai then he is facing towards south.

Urvashi Gupta said: (Jul 27, 2022)  
I think Option D (south) is the correct answer.

Suvarna said: (Aug 24, 2022)  
In the morning, the sunrise in the east, and the shadow is the West. So,vishal shadow is the west. Vishal shadow is the left of Uday(vishal shadow- west and vishal shadows right -south, Uday facing south).

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