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A man walks 5 km toward south and then turns to the right. After walking 3 km he turns to the left and walks 5 km. Now in which direction is he from the starting place?

[A]. West
[B]. South
[C]. North-East
[D]. South-West

Answer: Option D


Hence required direction is South-West.

Bindhu Madhavan said: (Sep 2, 2011)  
Sorry I can't understand. Can any one explain?

Mani said: (Sep 3, 2011)  
How come the result as "SOUTH-WEST"?Could any one explain me?

Sridhar said: (Sep 5, 2011)  
Yes, it seems incorrect. because there is no indication of any angle. So how it will be south-west. It should be South. So the correct answer should be B.

Sundar said: (Sep 13, 2011)  
@ Mani & Sridhar

In which direction the point D is resides from A?

It is South-west. This is the required answer.

Amit said: (Dec 16, 2011)  
Direction of movement remains south as he is moving parallel to his direction of movement of 5 kms south had he turned at 45 deg angle after turning left he would have walked south west so Sundar you are wrong and Sridhar is correct the answer is B

Harika said: (Feb 8, 2012)  
Yeah I think Sridhar is correct.

Amruta said: (Mar 10, 2012)  
Yes sridhar is rite that is right answer.

Preethi said: (Jun 17, 2012)  
I couldn't understand this so please give proper explaination to this.

Jyothi said: (Sep 16, 2012)  
We can write as S5WS3E5 i wrote the data that is given in question

Now same directions will get cancel i.e.,south and remaining will be south west so the answer is south west
this is short cut..

Manu Mohan said: (Oct 27, 2012)  
Imagine that the man is facing south. He walks 5 km forward & turns right, means west. After 3km straight he turns left, means south & walks 5km. Imagine this & draw it. Remember that in every problems like this, we must assume that the man is facing the direction which he is moving first. In the above figure, the line AB is pointing south, BC--> west & CD again south. So the point D is SW of A.

Dil said: (Jun 20, 2014)  
@Jyothi can you please tell me how you wrote that data "S5WS3E5"?

Abhilash Kumar said: (Oct 1, 2014)  
This explanation may help you better.

Assume that you are standing at point A and looks towards point D. It will make you to look at D at an angle approximately 35 degree from south toward west, i.e. South-West. We either use north or South for their respective direction as first word, As in this case it is to South.

Hence the answer is correct.

Anu said: (Nov 5, 2014)  
Turning right confusing me.

GOUTAM NEPAL said: (Dec 24, 2014)  
The answer is right. Manu mohan explained right. Friends, draw the diagram and see the angle from D to A, or draw a dot dot line from D to A. Try and try, you will succeed.

Sumit Singh said: (Apr 1, 2015)  

No angle is given, and also movement is done in 90 degree. So answer will be South.

Riya said: (May 2, 2015)  
Answer is South-West as the question clearly says, in which direction is he from the starting place. So look from point A. It is south-west not exact South guys!

Kanchan said: (Jun 30, 2015)  
Answer is south west he started walking in south and turns right side it indicate a direction of south west.

Pooran Lakhera said: (Nov 26, 2015)  
In this question we ask that starting point direction mean D Point direction we see that is in this A, D point we connect to each other then we draw straight line long then see that the last point is S-W in present of the starting point.

Tanveer said: (Mar 17, 2016)  
First off all its necessary to know the role of direction sense after that we will solve this type of questions.

Ranjan said: (Mar 18, 2016)  
Please explain me the answer.

Priya said: (Mar 29, 2016)  
Please explain me with the proper direction I am the beginner.

Adhil said: (Apr 2, 2016)  
I think the answer is North-East. If you have to move 5km towards south(as specified), you have to be in the north right. And the difference towards the right to left (i.e, west to east) will end up in the east. So Northeast. A diagram is drawn imagining yourself can help.

Abhishek said: (Jul 7, 2016)  
Wrong answer. The answer will be option B.

Shlok said: (Jul 18, 2016)  
According to me, the answer is south.

Imrul Hossain said: (Sep 5, 2016)  
If you stand on starting point (A) and try to look at the end point (D), You have to turn SOUTH-WEST direction to see the end point. I hope this answer will help you.

Asia said: (Sep 12, 2016)  
Just draw a straight line connecting points A to D. It will then indicate which direction it refer to on a compass that labels all cardinal directions. It is South East.

Maneesh said: (Sep 13, 2016)  
AB and CD lines are towards south and BC line is towards west. As you draw a line from A to D (as shown in the above fig). The line AD is inside of west and south. So it is south-west.

Karishma said: (Oct 22, 2016)  
I think it is incorrect.

If anyone knows the correct answer please explain me.

Trinath said: (Oct 28, 2016)  
He starts to walk south but answer is south to west how is it possible?

Emmanuel said: (Oct 28, 2016)  
There is no correct answer in the options. It should be South-East because following the direction from the sketch it's is about 22.5 degree downward between South and East.

Mannu said: (Oct 29, 2016)  
Yes, it is right @Karishma. Question is asking about D's direction to the respect of A, if you make the directions diagram at the point of you'll get a clear figure. It's South-west to the A.

Harshita said: (Nov 23, 2016)  
Actually, they told that the person is moving towards south so the starting place may be north or west or north east or north west.

So, I think it is an invalid question.

Poonam said: (Nov 24, 2016)  
The answer is South West only. Since the last position is not straight downwards to the original position but is diagonal to it. Hence the answer is South West.

Dikshant said: (Dec 8, 2016)  

But how it should be south? Please explain in detail.

Winner said: (Dec 20, 2016)  

The correct answer is South-West. "Now in which direction is he from the starting place?".

If you know the directions well then you can understand this.

Now after moving as per the question, he'll be moved in "South-West" direction.

If the question was like "In which direction he faces now or in which direction he moved? " in this case answer will be "South" but the question is in which direction is he from starting place. So, consider angle from A to D and it'll be "South-West".

Sideeq said: (Dec 21, 2016)  
Still confused. Direction from the starting point is still into the south, 3 km deviation to the east.

Answer may be South-east or south.

Arjun C Katta said: (Dec 28, 2016)  
The answer is right. Because according to man., right means our left. As he travelled towards the south. So the answer is SOUTH WEST.

Jitendra Pal said: (Dec 31, 2016)  
Draw a simple graph and imagine starting point is a mid-point of a graph and draw it. Like (south, west, north, east) and then draw a line final point to mid point and you will get the answer (south-west).

Thank you.

Pankaj Pathik said: (Jan 23, 2017)  
Consider A & B line as north to south line, Point D is on the right side of Point B (which is south) when you see diagram of direction then you find WEST is comes to go from south in the right side direction.

Bulbul said: (Jan 31, 2017)  
Please help. I am unable to understand left right from directions where should I take them?

Ankit said: (Jan 31, 2017)  
Answer is correct guys.

When you turn left or right. Turn by 90degree when the angle is not given.

By applying this and by following the instruction the man will be in 3rd coordinate which is south-west.

To make it easy first draw the N-S & E-W DIRECTIONS and follow the instruction from the center point.

Prince said: (Feb 1, 2017)  
South-West answer is exactly correct because in question asking in which direction he is from Starting point.

Aishwarya said: (Feb 4, 2017)  
How can it come south-west when he is going left?

Ashutosh said: (Feb 8, 2017)  
I think south-east as correct answer.

Dattatray said: (Feb 22, 2017)  
South is correct answer. Because angle not Given.

Sajid said: (Feb 23, 2017)  
south is correct i think.........

Kumaran said: (Feb 24, 2017)  
South-west is the correct because they asking which position from the starting point.

Yenshi said: (Feb 25, 2017)  
And is d because Question, ask from starting point to ending one and according to the diagram it is south-west.

Maood Khan said: (Mar 8, 2017)  
It is correct answer because if you moving south means your right become left. So it is Soth west direction from starting point.

Aditya said: (Mar 18, 2017)  
I think its south only because he is moving in the same direction atlast.

It's seem to be typical but the right answer is south only.

Sangita Pathak said: (Mar 23, 2017)  
Nice explanation. Thank you all.

Khushi said: (Apr 15, 2017)  
Good explanation, thank you all.

Sreeya said: (Apr 20, 2017)  
He turns towards south.

Saini said: (Apr 22, 2017)  
His movement in west direction ends the answer with S-W as right answer (d).

It's an easy one if you don't get it try diagrammatically.

Bishmay Ranjan Sahoo said: (May 1, 2017)  
Answer is correct.

In the question it is clearly mentioned that the direction is to be given from A to D.

Sukanya said: (May 1, 2017)  
How could direction of south to west? Please explain me.

Samiksha said: (May 1, 2017)  
I hope the answer could be B.

Pearl Vikas said: (May 3, 2017)  

Draw a line from starting point to end point straightly then the face of the straight line indicates the answer.

Anubhav said: (May 5, 2017)  
South-west is correct answer, because its acking you in question, Now in which direction is he from the starting place?

Answer is clear he goes only two direction that is South then West, he no goes North - East direction that why is CORRECT ANSWER IS SOUTH - WEST.

Pavani Lavu said: (May 10, 2017)  
Southwest is the correct answer. I agree.

Anonymous said: (May 14, 2017)  
The answer is right as he also walks 3km right of him so now he is on south-west direction.

RATISH said: (Jun 18, 2017)  
Answer d is correct. Because the direction has been asked wrt A.

If the question only ask that tell now in which direction man is moving. Then south will be right one. But here direction is asking wrt A. So answer is SOUTH WEST.

Atul Bansod said: (Jun 20, 2017)  
South will be right one. So answer is south west.

Nilanchala said: (Jun 21, 2017)  
I can't understand can anyone explain the correct answer with explanation?

Vadi said: (Jun 26, 2017)  
South West is the correct answer.

Raju said: (Jul 6, 2017)  
Yes, south is the correct answer.

Ranjitha said: (Jul 18, 2017)  
Which is the correct option? Please tell me.

Shibin Pc said: (Jul 24, 2017)  
It's correct only because x is starting point a man walk 5km to south then he turns 3km right side then turn to walk 5 km left side its become south-west or west-south.

Tatheer said: (Aug 23, 2017)  
Can anybody give me a proper answer? please.

Raja Ambati said: (Sep 11, 2017)  
Yes, how D is the right answer?

Give me the correct explanation please.

Kalyan said: (Nov 13, 2017)  
The direction which he is from the last point is SOUTH.
If you read the question property you will find the answer.

The question was,
Direction which he is from d starting point ?

Asmita said: (Nov 22, 2017)  
Answer should be South East.

Ahmed said: (Jan 19, 2018)  
It can be north east also.

Fia said: (Feb 9, 2018)  
Please anyone answer me.

A and B start walking in opposite directions. A walked 2km and B walked 3km. Then each turned right and walked 4km. Then they turned right. A walked 3km and B walked 2km. How far distance apart are they at the end?

TANMOY said: (May 23, 2018)  

The answer will be 5 km.

Venuvicky said: (Jul 8, 2018)  
I could not understand will you explain properly?

Sireesha said: (Jul 22, 2018)  
I am not understanding this. Please explain me to get it.

Zaara said: (Jul 29, 2018)  
I think direction should be north - east.

Chhaya said: (Aug 12, 2018)  
The answer is correct, because If we stand at point A and look at point D, then the direction will be SOUTH-WEST.

Naveen Botsa said: (Sep 4, 2018)  

Here it is asking the direction from starting point.

According to the figure, it's S-W.

Vijay said: (Nov 10, 2018)  
The correct answer - South.

Priyanka said: (Dec 9, 2018)  
It is only south.

Manoj said: (Mar 7, 2019)  
The correct answer is south-west. I agree with the given answer.

Jhansi said: (Mar 16, 2019)  
I think the answer is South.

Nidhi said: (Jun 2, 2019)  
The answer is South, we can write S=RL because first, he moves right and then left so S=RLmeans same direction so the answer is south.

Suryamani Kumar said: (Jan 29, 2020)  
The correct answer is B South.

Harsha said: (Aug 23, 2020)  
I think the answer is South.

Gudia said: (Dec 4, 2020)  
The correct answer is South-West.

Shahid Ul Islam said: (Jan 2, 2021)  
The Right answer is B.

Anchal Kumari said: (Feb 7, 2021)  
Option B is the correct answer.

Priya Jogi said: (Nov 30, 2021)  
Answer south-west is correct because if we completely draw the directions as per the question then we will see the answer clearly.

Sajid said: (Apr 2, 2022)  
I think the correct answer is south because Right-left will cancel and man is at the same place.
i.e south.

Jegathees said: (Apr 6, 2022)  
South is the correct answer.

Pawanz said: (Apr 6, 2022)  
He is walking in the center between the south and west so the answer is correct: South-West.

Naveen said: (Apr 16, 2022)  

If we draw an inclined line joining point A and D, you can observe the southwest direction.

Arushi said: (Oct 12, 2022)  
I think option B is the correct answer.

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