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Directions to Solve

In each of the following problems, there is one question and three statements I, II and III given below the question. You have to decide whether the data given in the statements is sufficient to answer the question. Read all the statements carefully and find which of the statements is/are sufficient to answer the given question. Choose the correct alternative in each question.


Question: How is the girl in the photograph related to Kunal?


  1. Pointing to the photograph, Kunal said, "She is the mother of my father's only granddaughter".
  2. Kunal has no siblings.
  3. Pointing to the photograph, Kunal said, "She is the only daughter-in-law of my mother."

Any two of the three
Only I and II
Only II and III
Either only III or only I and II
None of these
Answer: Option

From I, we conclude that the girl is either Kunal's or his brother's wife. But, according to II, Kunal has no siblings.

So, from both I and II, we conclude that the girl is Kunal's wife.

From III, we find that the girl is the only daughter-in-law of Kunal's mother i.e. she is Kunal's wife.

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Fahma said:   3 years ago
How 3 alone can determine that she is the wife of Kunal? It didn't mean Kunal has no siblings.

Pratik Pradhan said:   5 years ago
Kunal's gender is not known and this is the basic rule of BLOOD RELATION that you cannot assume someone's gender based on the name.

So this question, cannot be answered by these three statements.

Abhisek said:   5 years ago
This doesn't make sense. What if Kunal isn't married, and what if he has a brother who is married? And nobody even considers homosexuality.

Tirth said:   6 years ago
It is given that the ONLY daughter-in-law that means her mother has only one son which is Kunal.

Shubham tanwar said:   6 years ago
Yes, from 3rd alone, we can't conclude that the girl is Kunal's wife. So, the option is wrong, correct option would be 1 and 2 only.

Sreya said:   7 years ago
Yes we cannot conclude from 3 alone.

Saket said:   10 years ago
From III alone, how can one conclude that Kunal has no brother?

Phani said:   1 decade ago
How is it possible to determine from III alone, what is kunal is not married and his brother is married.

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