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Directions to Solve

In each of the following problems, there is one question and three statements I, II and III given below the question. You have to decide whether the data given in the statements is sufficient to answer the question. Read all the statements carefully and find which of the statements is/are sufficient to answer the given question. Choose the correct alternative in each question.


Question: In a certain code, 'XYZ' means 'We are friends'. Which letter stands for 'We' ?


  1. 'PYN' means 'They are classmates'.
  2. 'ZMS' means 'We love them'.
  3. 'PX' means 'Hello friends',

Only II
Only I and III
All I, II and III
Either I only or II only
None of these
Answer: Option

To find the code for 'we', we need to have any of the following:

(i) 'We are friends' should have only 'We' common with another statement, as in II;

(ii) 'We are friends' should have only 'are' and 'friends' common with another single or two statements, as in I and III. Thus, we need Either II only or I and III only.

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Subhendu said:   7 months ago
Option A is the correct answer.

Blswami said:   1 year ago
Here, the Correct answer should be either I and II or III.

Laura said:   4 years ago
'PYN' means 'They are classmates'.

'PX' means 'Hello friends'.

Ashu said:   4 years ago
According to me, option A is correct.

Suhani said:   6 years ago
A is the Answer because we have to find the code for only "WE" and it is given in statement 2. So, we get the answer.

Naruto uzumaki said:   6 years ago
The answer is correct it is none of these. Because we can get the answer from 1st and 3rd statement combined, but not individually, but that's definitely not the case for the 2nd statement. Hope you understood this.


Shivam Saxena said:   8 years ago
The basic logic used in such questions are, we try to find out common terms.

Given statement says: XYZ We are friends.

Statement II says: ZMS We love them.

From both the above we can figure out common alphabet is Z and common word is We. Hence, we can definitely say that Z corresponds to We and option A should be the correct answer.

Shreya said:   8 years ago
You guys are right, actually the answer should be option B but combining all three also we are getting answer.

Therefore it should be either all or B but this is not in the option. Therefore answer is none of these.

Spandana said:   8 years ago
Yes absolutely. We can easily get the answer only with statement II. So answer must be option A.

Asirbad said:   9 years ago
Nopes. You guys are wrong.

We want to know the code of word 'we'.

So if we know the code of words 'are' and 'friends' then easily we can be able to know the code of word 'we' excluding the codes for 'are' and 'friends' from xyz.

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