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The following questions are based on the information given below:

  1. A cuboid shaped wooden block has 6 cm length, 4 cm breadth and 1 cm height.
  2. Two faces measuring 4 cm x 1 cm are coloured in black.
  3. Two faces measuring 6 cm x 1 cm are coloured in red.
  4. Two faces measuring 6 cm x 4 cm are coloured in green.
  5. The block is divided into 6 equal cubes of side 1 cm (from 6 cm side), 4 equal cubes of side 1 cm(from 4 cm side).

How many cubes having red, green and black colours on at least one side of the cube will be formed ?
Answer: Option

Such cubes are related to the corners of the cuboid. Since the number of corners of the cuboid is 4.

Hence, the number of such small cubes is 4.

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Mustaq said:   1 decade ago
Please tel me ans clearly I couldnt understand please please.

Abc123345 said:   1 decade ago
Shouldn't the no. of corners of cuboid be 8?

Shekhar Ghate said:   1 decade ago
When one side of the cuboid is 1, there can not be 8 corners for a cuboid. In this case one will get 4 cubes having four sides painted after cutting. In the above problem the four cubes will have two opposite sides painted green, two adjascent sides painted black and red and the remaining two adjascent sides are without any colour.

If the length, breadth and height of a cube or cuboid each is more than 1, then only there could be 8 corners. In that case after cutting one can get 8 cubes having three sides painted and no cube having four sides painted.

Sairarasheed said:   9 years ago
How there is only 4 corners? In other cases having more than 1 cm height?

John Mohammed said:   9 years ago
Because the height of the cube itself is equal to the height of the cuboid a single cube includes both the corners. Hence although there are 8 corners the question demands how many cubes would have 3 different colors and because a single cube covers 2 corners, the cubes which have 3 different sides is 4. However, if the height of the cuboid is increased, or the height of the cube is halved, then there would be 8 cubes with 3 different colors.

Venkat Natesh said:   8 years ago
If all the three colours should be in a cube. We can have it only in corners.

Therefore 4 CORNERS in this diagram. So 4 cubes will get coloured in 3 different colours.

Rahul said:   6 years ago
Well said @Shekhar.

Geeta said:   6 years ago
Not able to understand. Please, anyone help me.

Garth bale said:   6 years ago
I can't understand at. Please, anyone explain this.

Medha Mukherjee said:   6 years ago
Can anybody explain to me, how it happens?

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