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Directions to Solve

The following questions are based on the information given below:

  1. A cuboid shaped wooden block has 6 cm length, 4 cm breadth and 1 cm height.
  2. Two faces measuring 4 cm x 1 cm are coloured in black.
  3. Two faces measuring 6 cm x 1 cm are coloured in red.
  4. Two faces measuring 6 cm x 4 cm are coloured in green.
  5. The block is divided into 6 equal cubes of side 1 cm (from 6 cm side), 4 equal cubes of side 1 cm(from 4 cm side).

How many cubes having red, green and black colours on at least one side of the cube will be formed ?
Answer: Option

Such cubes are related to the corners of the cuboid. Since the number of corners of the cuboid is 4.

Hence, the number of such small cubes is 4.

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Aayush varshney said:   3 years ago
I couldn't understand how it done. Please explain me.

Mehreen said:   3 years ago
Yes, right @Priyansh.

Priyansh said:   4 years ago
The question is saying at least one side of the cube.

It means there will be 16 cubes having colors in at least one side, isn't.

Chandan said:   5 years ago
Because dimensions in three different face or plane are different. That's why it is a Cuboid.

Gayathri said:   6 years ago
Why can't we take it as a cube?

Gamer Dev said:   6 years ago
Well, as clearly seen in the above diagram.

There are only four cubes (corner cubes) that are painted with red, green and black colors.

All the remaining cubes are painted with only two colors.

Anisha said:   6 years ago
I could not understand the concept, please help me.

Medha Mukherjee said:   6 years ago
Can anybody explain to me, how it happens?

Garth bale said:   7 years ago
I can't understand at. Please, anyone explain this.

Geeta said:   7 years ago
Not able to understand. Please, anyone help me.

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