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Pointing a photograph X said to his friend Y, "She is the only daughter of the father of my mother." How X is related to the person of photograph?

[A]. Daughter
[B]. Son
[C]. Nephew
[D]. Cannot be decided

Answer: Option B


'The only daughter of the father of X's mother' means mother of X.

Hence X is the son of the lady in the photograph.

Note: Still have doubt like "How X is a male?" - Let's see the discussions.

Pushpendra Singh said: (Jul 29, 2010)  
Here does not indicate that x's gender. So how can we say that its son or daughter?

Sundar said: (Jul 30, 2010)  
Hi Pushpendra Singh,

Watch this "Pointing a photograph X said to HIS friend Y....".

Here X said to 'his' --> from the word 'his' we can find X is Male.

Hope you understand it. Have a nice day!

Krishz said: (Dec 16, 2010)  
You are right Sundar! :-)

Priya said: (Dec 25, 2010)  
Thanks for your clarification Sundar :-)

Jitu said: (Aug 31, 2011)  
Good one Sundar.

Divya said: (Dec 5, 2011)  
Thanks sundar:).

Avnish said: (Jan 16, 2012)  
How X is a male?

Deepak said: (Feb 19, 2012)  
Thanks Sundar.

Sudhir Kalia said: (Feb 28, 2012)  
Sundar is right.

'His friend' reflects that X is male. If X is female then it should be 'her friend' instead of 'his friend'.

Shiva said: (Apr 12, 2012)  
"She is the only daughter of the father of my mother." what indicates

Shiva said: (Apr 12, 2012)  
"She is the only daughter of the father of my mother." what indicates

Pratapraj said: (Apr 17, 2012)  
Father of my mother=maternal grand father.
Grand father only daughter=mother.

Venkatesh said: (Apr 24, 2012)  
Yes 'his' indicates the male.

Vishnu Dev Singh said: (Jul 9, 2012)  
We can say x is male because x say to 'his friend' and 'his' is use for 'he'. Means x is a male.

Siddhuraj said: (Dec 23, 2012)  
How x is son of the photograph person ?

I think x and the photograph person are brother and sister.

That is x is brother of photograph.

Nivi said: (Jul 1, 2013)  
Since photograph personality and x's mother are same. Ie, x's grandfather have only one daughter-it reflects x is the son of the photograph person.

Suhaib Mohd Ibrahim said: (Aug 12, 2013)  
There mentioned "she" as the photograph.

Hence that might be only daughter.

Saisree said: (Aug 21, 2013)  
You have to mention the gender of that speaker then only we can specify whether the person will become Daughter or Son.

Sirajudeen said: (Sep 2, 2013)  
Awesome question which include the word "his" for knowing the gender.

Harinee said: (Sep 26, 2013)  
You just have specify the gender clearly whether it is he or she with the x and y.

Sachin said: (Dec 24, 2013)  
The person in the photograph is the only daughter of her parents so it clearly states that x is a male.

Palash Protim Boruah said: (Jan 4, 2014)  
Consider x as yourself. Now, father of mother means maternal grandfather.

Now, 'only daughter of the father of my mother means' x's mother i.e.your mother.

That means you are pointing to your mother in the photograph which implies that you are her son.

See if this helped.

Pranay Biswas said: (Aug 3, 2014)  
No in this statement it is clearly written that x said to his friend y means x is male.

Raju said: (Aug 25, 2014)  
If x is male and y is female then what is the sentence. On that time will be same "x said to his friend.". OK.

Answer is Cannot be decided.

Vikky said: (Oct 5, 2014)  
How we can know the gender of x?

Suraj Bankar said: (Nov 24, 2014)  
Answer must be can't determined because gender not given/specify.

Eijaz Khan said: (Dec 25, 2014)  
The word "he" is important in the statement.

Binuu said: (Jan 2, 2015)  
The answer is wrong original answer is cannot be determined. There is no mention of gender of x.

Devika said: (Jan 4, 2015)  
x has a boy friend but x is not necessary to be a boy because a girl can also have a boy friend right. So the option is D cannot be determined.

Md Irfan said: (Jan 14, 2015)  
"X said to his friend Y" this statement is much enough to specify the gender of x. No matter from which gender y belongs to.

Puvan said: (Apr 2, 2015)  
The option"D" is right. The answer "MOTHER" because the word "only daughter" is there!

Kiran said: (Aug 2, 2015)  
Thanks each sentence is important.

Sweety said: (Aug 27, 2015)  
How its possible? I can't understand sir please explain sir.

Gd Malana said: (Sep 3, 2015)  
'The only daughter of the father of X's mother' means mother of X.

Hence X is the son of the lady in the photograph. And it is WRITTEN that "HIS" friend that mean X is a male.

Anil Patel said: (Sep 15, 2015)  
How can you determine the gender?

Mohith said: (Sep 15, 2015)  
As per the given question x is female.

Ayushi said: (Oct 1, 2015)  
X can be a female who have a male friend. So answer should be cannot be determined.

Palash Protim Boruah said: (Oct 16, 2015)  
We don't have any connection with what the gender of Y. Since X said to his friend Y, it is clear that X is Male. "She is the only daughter of the father of my mother".

'The father of my mother' means grandfather : It implies 'only daughter of my grandfather' which means 'my-mother'.

So it is clear, since X is male and is pointing to his mother, therefore X is the son which is the answer.

Hope this clears all doubts.

Hriman Mandal said: (Oct 25, 2015)  
Here x said to his friend his indicate male so x is a male.

Angel said: (Nov 23, 2015)  
Even if x is a female and y is a male, x will call y 'his friend' only. Answer can't be decided, its wrong.

Poorvi said: (Jan 15, 2016)  
It is clearly mentioned as "HIS" friend. Hence X is a male.

Shashwat said: (Feb 25, 2016)  
His is used for boys. So X is male.

Sarika said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
Thank you @Sundar!

Somali said: (Aug 6, 2016)  
Thanks, @Sundar.

Suchandana said: (Aug 14, 2016)  
Thanks @Sundar.

Neeraj said: (Aug 16, 2016)  
How x is the son of the daughter of the father of mothers? I don't understand How?

Rahul Sharma said: (Aug 18, 2016)  
Thanks, friends to your views. I have a greater understanding by these.

Soundarya said: (Aug 22, 2016)  
Thanks, @Sundar.

Nisha said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
Thanks @Sundar, Your explanation is very simple and useful to me.

Singh said: (Aug 31, 2016)  
You are right @Sundar.

Himanshu said: (Sep 3, 2016)  
@Sundar you are right.

Sundaraman said: (Oct 7, 2016)  
You are always right! Great job @Sundar.

Omkar Asalkar said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
You are brilliant @Sundar!

Riyaz said: (Oct 27, 2016)  
Thanks for your easy clarification @Sundar.

Rajeshwari said: (Dec 7, 2016)  
I understood your answer. Thank you @Sundar.

Farhan said: (Dec 30, 2016)  
Agreed @Sundar.

Ankit said: (Jan 5, 2017)  
Good explanation. I am clear with it. Thank you all.

Kiran said: (Jan 16, 2017)  
THANKS @Sundar.

Dharmraj said: (Feb 25, 2017)  
Nice @Sundar.

Thanks you.

Satyam Kumar said: (Apr 29, 2017)  
In the question, they said " X said to (HIS) friend Y" that's why X is a male.

Poornesh V said: (Jun 24, 2017)  
Thanks @Sundar.

M.Vidhya Rani said: (Jul 2, 2017)  
Thanks to all!

Sushant said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
But if gender is not determined then we give priority to masculine gender so how can we judge that whether there is a girl or a boy?

Manish said: (Jul 28, 2017)  
Yes, I agree with you @Sushant.

I am about to type the same we do give preference to masculine gender only. If we talk generally without being sure about gender we do put masculine gender only.

Praven Negi said: (Jul 30, 2017)  
Why not Nephew?

Vasihnavi said: (Aug 10, 2017)  
Thanks @Sundar.

Venutallapudi said: (Feb 4, 2018)  
Thank you @Sundaram.

Mks said: (Feb 13, 2018)  
Can any one explain How X is the son of the photograph? In "She is the only daughter of the father of my mother" already mentioned X's mother.

Baibai said: (Feb 23, 2018)  

Father of my mother means his grandfather.

So his grandfather only has one daughter, it should be his mother.

Khalnayak said: (Mar 16, 2018)  
No it can be determined without any doubts because there is mentioned that X is said to "His" friend X is a male because his uses for male or her uses for female.

Varun said: (Apr 13, 2018)  
Answer should be option D.

Yasmeen said: (Apr 30, 2018)  
Agree @Varun. I think x is the brother of the person in photograph.

Yasmeen said: (Apr 30, 2018)  
How can we say that x is male?

Yes, he is male but pointing to it's, said she is the daughter of the only.

Chandra Sekhar Reddy said: (May 14, 2018)  
Thank you @Sundar.

Kausiga said: (Jun 29, 2018)  
According to me, the answer should be either son or daughter.

Gopal Das said: (Jul 24, 2018)  
"She is the only daughter of the father of my mother. " here she means female so answer will be Daughter.

Aniruuddh said: (Aug 30, 2018)  
Thanks @Sundar.

Vishesh said: (Oct 10, 2018)  
Thanks for the explaining the answer.

Ali Haider said: (Nov 11, 2018)  
His represent male gender. So, Son is correct.

Argha Patra said: (Jan 23, 2019)  
Thank You @Sundar.

Bikash said: (Jan 29, 2019)  
Thanks @Sundar.

Subzar Lpu said: (Feb 9, 2019)  
Thanks all.

Meena said: (May 12, 2019)  
Thanks @Sundar.

Sasikumar S said: (May 28, 2019)  
Well said @Sundar.

Kaviya said: (Jul 30, 2019)  
Thanks all for explaining this.

Sateesh said: (Aug 8, 2019)  
I think the answer is D.

Varun Sehgal said: (Aug 14, 2019)  
You are right @Sundar.

Jyotish Kumar said: (Aug 19, 2019)  
You clarify this question very well, thanks @Sundar.

Ashutosh said: (Sep 6, 2019)  
Here His means male, So he is a boy.

Saranya said: (Oct 10, 2019)  
X said to his friend - his denotes X is male so, son is the answer

Senvig said: (Nov 10, 2019)  
X must be the brother of the person in the photograph.

Infanta said: (Jan 25, 2020)  
X can either be a girl or boy the answer would be CAN NOT BE DECIDED.

Abid Khan said: (Mar 19, 2020)  
Hey, infanta sees this.
In the question, it is said that.
X said to his friend Y.
So from the word his we can say that x is a male.

Aman Kumar said: (Apr 8, 2020)  
Thank you for giving the correct answer.

Haazim said: (Jun 25, 2020)  
Thank You all.

Yunish said: (Jul 27, 2020)  
Thanks all.

Rahul said: (Jul 30, 2020)  
X said to his friend Y
Here, His word indicates that X is male.

Sani Basak said: (Oct 6, 2020)  

"x" is male because there is a hint clearly says that "his friend".

Kuldeep Sharma said: (Feb 8, 2021)  
I think option D is the right answer, because.

Pointing a photograph X said to his friend Y, -------> 'his' indicates X is a male.

But "She is the only daughter of the father of my mother. " -----> 'She' indicates the person who is getting pointed is a female.

So this complete statesments shows both the genders of X, so the answer is D.

Ram said: (Apr 2, 2021)  
X is his/her friend. So his/her defines gender of friend not of X.

I will give you examples;
1. Ram said to his friend Vishal don't be late for the game.
2. Ram said to her friend Sanjana, don't be late for the game.
Here x=Ram and there is no way to know the gender of X. So option D is correct.

Rk said: (Apr 27, 2021)  
Thanks, everyone for explaining.

Kavita said: (May 27, 2021)  
Thanks everyone for explaining.

Barkha Jha said: (Jun 7, 2021)  
Exactly @Ram; this is what I was trying to say.

In this question "his friends" shows that gender of the friend is male.

The gender of X cannot be determined.

Gorkuskeskaku said: (Jul 9, 2021)  
Thanks @Sundar.

Nanda Kumar said: (Jul 12, 2021)  
Perfect answer, Thanks @Sundar.

Kunal said: (Jul 23, 2021)  
Thanks for explaining the answer.

Hrushikesh Khare said: (Aug 5, 2021)  
You're right, Thanks for explaining @Sundar.

Poornima said: (Aug 12, 2021)  
The only daughter of the father of X's mother' means the mother of X.
Hence, X is the child of the lady in the photograph.
But we do not know about the gender of X. He could be the son or the daughter.

So, option D.

Dillip said: (Oct 6, 2021)  
D is the correct answer.

Malagam Sunil said: (Oct 22, 2021)  
Thank you all.

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