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In each of the sentences given below a word is printed in bold. Below it four choices are given. Pick up the one which is most nearly the same in meaning as the word printer in bold and can replaces it without altering the meaning of the sentence.


It is very difficult to retain all that you hear in the class.

[A]. keep
[B]. recall
[C]. preserve
[D]. conserve

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Hitesh said: (Feb 21, 2011)  
Why not option B ?

Ashish said: (May 21, 2011)  
It must be recall because here 'retain' deals with the information that has been provided in class & information in regards with student's memory must be recall.

Rupinderjit Singh said: (Jul 12, 2011)  
Retain means how long something can be remembered/attained by someone. So recall best suits to it, because above sentence belongs to information/knowledge delivered in class lecture and not to any thing to keep.

Inba said: (Aug 5, 2011)  
Retain means keep something. So keep is the correct answer.

Sudha said: (Sep 29, 2011)  
I think retain means returning or retriving any value or any thing. So I think "B" is correct.

Purush said: (Nov 12, 2011)  
Yeah B is d r8 answer..

Marl said: (Mar 18, 2012)  
For me retain is to "Remember" all the discussion in the class...

Amit Kumar Saha Roy said: (Feb 6, 2013)  
Pick up the one which is most nearly the same in meaning as the word printer in bold and can replaces it without altering the meaning of the sentence. Here, Keep and retain are synonyms. Recall is a good option but it changes the meaning. So keep is more appropriate answer in this sentence.

Sunny said: (Feb 13, 2013)  
Synonyms for RETAIN
keep - hold - preserve - maintain - reserve - detain

Anji said: (Dec 12, 2013)  
Retain means to keep or continue to have something. So Keep is the most suitable answer among all.

Hazelic said: (Jan 9, 2014)  
Contextual things Considered, Most appropriate answer should be RECALL.

RETAIN means keeping something. Ostensible meaning is KEEP but, We have to know of what something really means. In context, Something is information from lessons of class, subjects, disciplines. Cos, I'm sure that RECALL is Best answer.

Abdul Azeem said: (Jan 29, 2014)  
Actually the context of the sentence suits Retain, to recall, retain. Keep is not the answer for it.

Vishnu said: (Feb 25, 2014)  
Which one right either keep or recall?

Rathi said: (Aug 11, 2014)  
Retain : Continue to have(something); keep possession of.

Keep : Have or retain possession of.

Recall : Bring(a fact, event, or situation) back into one's mind, especially so as to recount it to others; remember.

So Keep is correct one.

Rahul Ranjan said: (Sep 24, 2014)  
Retain means to retrieve something. From sentence point also recall suits D best.

Priya said: (Jul 27, 2015)  
Synonyms of retain in Shabdkosh - hold, hold back, keep back, continue, keep.

For eg:

Secure and keep for possible future use or application.


- I reserve the right to disagree, keep in one's mind.

Engineer Asad said: (Sep 4, 2015)  
There is lot of synonyms for one word, and these three synonyms resembles to each other. We have to use most appropriate.

Prince said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
KEEP is the accurate answer in terms of Retaining the lesson.

Amy said: (Aug 2, 2016)  
Option B is the correct answer.

Bharati Singh said: (Nov 1, 2017)  
My point of view recall should be the correct answer. Instead of keep. So therefore option B should be the correct answer.

Mano said: (May 11, 2019)  
Option B is the correct answer.

Abdul Akher said: (May 26, 2019)  
I agree, thanks @Priya.

Charan said: (Sep 12, 2019)  
It must be option B recall.

Lakshmi Das said: (Aug 26, 2020)  
It must be recall.

Malang said: (Nov 9, 2020)  
Correct @Rathi.

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