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In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

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RAGs said:   5 months ago
Intuition means to have the ability to sense the unforeseen danger.

Kookie said:   2 years ago
Foray - to destroy.

Intuition - quickly response isn't it.

Palavalasa Karthik said:   4 years ago
Foray means destroy.

Hema said:   5 years ago
Intuition means spontaneous reaction. right?

Shilpa said:   6 years ago
Meaning of Foray is sudden attack.

Riri said:   6 years ago
Maraud is a French term.

Ritu said:   7 years ago
Maraud means in search of something to attack, Ranger and contest are irrelevant here and intuition means an ability to understand something quickly without even applying the conscious reasoning. Foray means a sudden attack.

Kishoreprudhivi said:   7 years ago
A sudden attack which may be a war, murder or a raid. A sudden raid is said to be as Maraud.

Deep said:   8 years ago
Foray - to makes a raid or brief invasion.

It is a sudden quick attack on an enemy.

Ashish said:   8 years ago
Intuition means immediate response for doing without reasoning.

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