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Discussion :: Spotting Errors - Section 1 (Q.No.57)

Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is 'D'. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).


(solve as per the direction given above)

[A]. The crew were on board,
[B]. and they soon busied themselves
[C]. in preparing to meet the storm.
[D]. No error.

Answer: Option C


in preparing to face the storm

Shakil said: (Aug 28, 2011)  
Whats wrong in using "to meet the storm"?

Soumen said: (Nov 6, 2011)  
I think there is nothing wrong in "to meet the storm".

Vignesh said: (Dec 16, 2011)  
I dont think "busied themselves" is a correct usage...

Pradip said: (Dec 28, 2011)  
"busied themselves preparing for facing"..

Parul said: (Feb 17, 2012)  
I think it should be the crew was on board as it refers to a group n we use a singular tense with it.

Ankit said: (Apr 1, 2012)  
@Parul is right.

Crew refers to a group of people.

The crew was on board.

Sushant said: (Aug 22, 2012)  
I agree with Parul

Sphutch said: (Sep 3, 2012)  
I agree with Parul, 'crew' is a write usage...

Anuganesh said: (Sep 16, 2012)  
I go on with Parul...Me too think the same

Santhosh said: (Mar 27, 2013)  
There is no word like "busied" friends. Busy is an adjective. Its not a verb. So it is also a mistake in that sentence.

Himanshu Shekhar said: (Aug 5, 2013)  
Hey there is crews not crew,

Meet is suitable for living and face is more suitable than meet because they are going to face something hard on their way.

Soham Saha said: (Sep 4, 2013)  
I think the question should be choose the correct sentence.

Aashik Shrestha said: (Jun 2, 2014)  
Crew is a collective noun like team, staff etc. It is singular.

Crews refer to more than one crew so I guess "the crews" is legible.

Priyanka said: (Jul 9, 2014)  
@Santhosh busied is the simple past and past participle form of 'busy'.

Kanthi said: (Jul 12, 2014)  
It would be better if the sentence had crew instead of crews, because it is no where mentioned that way, unnecessary confusion.

Gerald said: (Sep 28, 2014)  
What is wrong in the ''in preparing to meet the storm'' not all these you people are answering, can some one help?

Salman said: (Feb 27, 2015)  
The crew were on board, they soon became busy in preparing to meet/face the storm. I think this is the perfect sentence.

Venkatesh Uppalapu said: (Jul 29, 2015)  
Yes I agree with @Salman where future tense was used with by using time clause like they soon became busy.

Sudarshan said: (Aug 31, 2015)  
There is not such 'busied' word exist. Busy is not a verb.

Varun said: (Sep 7, 2015)  
"Crews" is a plural of crew. So Crews were is correct.

And Busied is also the past of busy word so that is also correct.

Meet is what I think not suitable with storm so the answer is right I believe.

Soumi said: (Aug 5, 2016)  
According to me, Option A is correct answer.

Himanshu said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
Crews is the plural of crew according to word hippo and busied is the past form of busy, rarely used, so c is the current answer as it provides a better alternative that is fairly accepted and looks right.

Saani said: (Sep 25, 2017)  
To meet is not an appropriate word here.

To face is correct, example:'' the task has to be completed in a given time in order to meet the requirements''.

Facing means to come across some difficulties or to face any kind of situations.

Example: Facing the consequences in life.

Saani said: (Sep 25, 2017)  
Basically facing means to be ready to suffer or to answer.

Anomie said: (Oct 7, 2018)  
Crew is already a group of people. Then why they have used crews?

Rajeev Srivastava said: (Nov 13, 2018)  
Here the crew should be used in the place of crews but you can use crews when the crew is used for a different board.

Eg: Crews are available on three board or ships.

Harshit Yadav said: (May 16, 2019)  
Why not it should be Crew "was"?

Bhai said: (Sep 12, 2019)  
In preparing to face the storm.

Anonymous said: (Aug 14, 2021)  
What about "The crew were on board, and they soon made themselves busy in preparing to meet/face the storm"? Please tell me.

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