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Discussion :: Spotting Errors - Section 1 (Q.No.47)

Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is 'D'. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).


(solve as per the direction given above)

[A]. As much as I admire him for his sterling qualities.
[B]. I cannot excuse him for
[C]. being unfair to his friends.
[D]. No error.

Answer: Option A


Much as I admire him for his sterling qualities.

Venneta said: (Jul 25, 2010)  
Help me whith this Question, cannot understand why its wrong !! :'(

Chintu said: (Sep 29, 2010)  
Eventhough I admire him for his sterling qualities

Hema said: (Mar 27, 2011)  
Please explain why its wrong.

Bhavitha said: (Jun 19, 2011)  
much as=even though

Vertika said: (Aug 3, 2011)  
In place of "As much as" the answer is given "Much as".

Why is it so?

Thakur Kunwar Singh said: (Aug 28, 2011)  
"As much as" means "the same quantity as" i.e. you need two things to compare while using "as much as". Hence the sentence is wrong and much as is to be used.

Sindhuri said: (Oct 12, 2011)  
Why before 'much', 'as' is not used. Please explain me.

Upendra Jyani said: (Dec 20, 2011)  
Please explain it ?? Why 'as' is not used before 'much'.

Pradip said: (Dec 28, 2011)  
I agree with Chintu

Abhishek Kumar said: (Jan 14, 2012)  
Can't clear my confusion why As is not used.

I request Thakur Kumar Singh to please explain some more why only 'Much as' is used.

Keerthi said: (Sep 28, 2013)  
What is the difference between much as and as much as?

Akshay said: (Nov 15, 2013)  
As much as is used to compare 2 things but much as refers to even though. Hope you all are clear.

Sivaguru said: (Jan 7, 2014)  
Why as much as is wrong?

Astha said: (Mar 10, 2014)  
Why is as much as wrong?

Sumanth said: (Jul 21, 2014)  
There is a contrast in first sentence compared to 2nd one because when we like someone we will excuse him.

Dhoni said: (Sep 28, 2014)  
Hey! We don't use punctuation mark(.), we should use(,) So option 1 is correct.

Dinesh said: (Oct 19, 2014)  
Punctuation marks are not seen. Read the instruction carefully.

Rahul said: (Jul 27, 2015)  
Please anyone explain this more efficiently.

Manika said: (Oct 8, 2015)  
I didn't understand it. Why is it so?

Krishna said: (Dec 27, 2015)  
As much as' is used in sentences like below:

"I like cricket as much as I like football".

Whereas 'Much as' is used in sentences like below:

"Much as I like T20 cricket, I don't want test matches to be neglected".

Krishn said: (Dec 27, 2015)  
Just replace 'much as' with 'even though', you will understand the difference between 'much as' and 'as much as'.

Sumit Kumar said: (May 3, 2016)  
Why not it should be "as long as I admire him for his sterling qualities"?

Gaurav said: (Jul 13, 2016)  
Although (or Even though) I admire him for his sterling qualities. Is also correct.

Papai said: (Aug 7, 2016)  
Much as = although.

Ram said: (Apr 16, 2017)  
Excellent explanation, thanks @Krishna.

Nabanita said: (May 30, 2017)  
Yes, you are right. I do agree @Krishna.

As much as is used to like two things equally. Much as is different from as much as.

Reshma said: (Sep 21, 2017)  
Thank you @Krishna.

Abdul Wajid said: (Feb 8, 2018)  
As, I admire him is correct sequence.

Teri Ammy said: (Feb 21, 2018)  
Though, I admire him for his sterling qualities, I cannot excuse him for being unfair to his friends.

Gayathri K said: (Jul 14, 2018)  
Can you Please explain? How the word " much" will come in front of the sentence.

Atom said: (Aug 5, 2018)  
Much as my answer was right, I couldn't understand use of 'much as '.

Mondeep said: (Aug 28, 2018)  
I agree @Krishna.

Yash Agarwal said: (Jul 4, 2019)  
As much as is also correct. Why it's wrong here?

Shiva said: (Aug 11, 2020)  
1 st statement is wrong because "as much as" means "quantity as same as" which is wrong according to the sentence. So we can eliminate the first "as" in order to change the meaning to "even though" which is exactly right according to the context of the statement.

Dhwani Kant said: (May 21, 2021)  
"Much as" - "Even Though".

"As much As" - "One thing compared to another thing".

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