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Discussion :: Spotting Errors - Section 1 (Q.No.16)

Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is 'D'. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).


(solve as per the direction given above)

[A]. Sixty miles
[B]. are
[C]. a good distance.
[D]. No error.

Answer: Option B


Sixty miles is a good distance.

Avinash said: (Jan 10, 2011)  
Sixty miles is a single word so "is" is justifiable in part B

Sasikala said: (Jul 13, 2011)  
But "are" is a word not in the sentence. So here D. No error is the answer.

Nikhil said: (Jul 14, 2011)  
"are" word is right for this sentence

Vertika said: (Aug 1, 2011)  
When a particular distance is specified, we take it as singular. For eg. Sixty miles, two kilometers.

Jitendra said: (Sep 19, 2011)  
Six is plural but sixty miles is a singular.

Purnima said: (Sep 20, 2011)  
Why did we use "is", it is plural "60 miles", so we should use "are".

Please tell me.

Priya said: (Sep 21, 2011)  
The measurement of Distance, Time and Money is done with a singular verb.

Fayas said: (Sep 26, 2011)  
Thanks friends for help me to understand this concept

Meet Vora said: (Nov 21, 2011)  
I agree with that distance, time and money is done with singular verb.

Vaibhav said: (Dec 14, 2011)  
I agree with priya.

Avinash said: (Jan 11, 2012)  
I agree with priya.

Dan-1 Of Pandemonium said: (Jan 28, 2012)  
Mesurement of distance, time always singular.

Prakash Verma said: (Mar 1, 2012)  
Sixty miles is used as a collective noun so 'are' will not be used. :-).

Priyanka_D said: (Mar 29, 2012)  
Then a sentence that says '10 minutes "is" not enough time to complete the task' is correct?

Ravi Teja M said: (Apr 13, 2012)  
Distance is followed by a singular verb..

Tarun said: (Sep 15, 2012)  
What about the question of Priyanka_D....???

Niggs Boson said: (Oct 23, 2012)  
The measurement of Distance, Time and Money is done with a singular verb.

Sakshi said: (Nov 26, 2012)  
Subjective noun in the sentence is Singular as @Priya said. So verb depends on noun.

Sinti said: (May 16, 2013)  
The measurement of Distance, Time and Money (IS or ARE ?) done with a singular verb.

Girish said: (Jun 12, 2013)  
'is' is the correct answer as distance, weight and money are treated as singular.

Saurabh said: (Jun 29, 2013)  
What should be used in case of weighing units?

Example: 10 Kg mangoes are/is bought by Ram.

Bhuvana said: (Jul 4, 2013)  

I think 10 kg mangoes are bought by Ram because here 'are' represent mangoes not kg.

Karanjot said: (Sep 2, 2013)  
Kindly someone help me with it nouns like mile rupee are always used in singular form when used with a number so a is also wrong we never say 60 miles it should be 60 mile like 100 rupee 12 dozen etc etc.

So A is also a probable answer?

Monisha said: (Sep 4, 2013)  
These are common nouns which you specified for example we say I have two eyes we don't say I have two eye but considering the verb should be used in case of quantity or degree 60 miles is, 100 rupees we can use 100 rupee note but not 100 rupee.

Abhishek said: (Jan 20, 2014)  
The measurement of any kind such as time, distance etc acts as singular.

"sixty miles is a good distance".

Provat said: (Apr 12, 2014)  

It is very simple,

Think in different way, we never say that 'Give me ten rupees notes. ' know why? because we have used the rupees for the plural form of the amount (ten).

Similarly, the answer will be sixty miles is a good distance.

Kuldeep Jain said: (Jun 12, 2014)  
Sixty miles = countable noun so it should be considered as plural.

Sreene said: (Aug 18, 2014)  
Is that you said about that the measurement of any kind such as time, distance etc as a singular are right ?

Anurag said: (Sep 7, 2014)  
Measurement of time, money, distance and weight is considered as singulars.

Sumit said: (Sep 14, 2014)  
Unit is treated as singular number. That's way B.

Md Naaj Hussain said: (Oct 16, 2014)  
There used here countable noun so my suggestion are answer is B.

Ramya Ranjan Biswal said: (Aug 2, 2015)  
In D case of distance, time and speed. All these will be deemed as singular.

Prasanth said: (Sep 22, 2015)  
60 kg is/are price of mangoes?

Dinesh said: (Feb 15, 2016)  
60 kg is price of mangoes.

Pooja said: (Apr 23, 2017)  
You are right @Priya.

Pallabi said: (May 18, 2017)  
Please tell me the difference between are and is. I didn't get it the question. Please, someone help me.

Ramanujan said: (Aug 26, 2017)  
60mile shows additions of many miles but as a whole it treated as singular so we use is.

Sathish said: (Sep 1, 2017)  
Is miles singular?

Bipin Kumar Samal said: (Oct 20, 2017)  
Some nouns are plural in nature but count as singular, for ex mathematics, economics, police etc.

Mydul Islam said: (Jan 6, 2018)  
Sixty miles is so distance is correct!

Sampad said: (Feb 22, 2018)  
To express distance and quantity, the verb always agrees with singular form.

Mazhar Ali said: (Jul 25, 2018)  
Here the person is talking about a single distance so "is" will be used instead of "are".

Here I explain with an example.

We say twenty munites are remaining not is remaining.

Another example is;
We say "all is well" we use a single verb after indefinite pronoun because we are taking " all as a whole.

Smriti said: (Aug 2, 2018)  
Five kilometers are hard to travel. Is this sentence correct?

Nirmala said: (Oct 1, 2018)  
Another example is Ten kilometres have been travelled by them.

Sagar said: (Aug 22, 2019)  
When definite numerical adjective is added before some nouns like mile, thousand, dozen, they take singular form. That's why we used 'is'.

Deepika said: (Aug 4, 2020)  
For particular measurements, we use singular verb.

Yasmeen said: (Sep 23, 2020)  
It is according to the subject verb agreement.

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